This page is a timeline-based list of the confirmable differences between Star Trek’s past and our own present/past. As such, Flint—for example—is not listed since it is not certain (however unlikely) that he does not really exist.

In addition the whole of our world’s Star Trek franchise is also left out as it obviously does not exist in Trek’s past.

 Date(s) Star Trek History Real World History
18th century HMS Defiant is part of the Royal Navy There was no HMS Defiant
19th century Royal Navy’s Captain Cray commands the only ship to survive a typhoon. HMS Calliope, only ship to survive an 1889 hurricane.
1902 The Anthracite strike lasted eleven months, and was led by Sean Aloysius O’Brien The United Mine Workers strike only lasted five months, and was led by John Mitchell.
1928 The Graystone Hotel is in Chicago. No Graystone Hotel in Chicago.
1930s The Big Good-Bye and The Long Dark Tunnel by Tracy Tormé were published. No such author.
1957 Velcro was secretly sold to humans by Vulcans T'Mir and Mestral Velcro was invented by George de Mestral in the 1940s.
1958 Shannon O’Donnel-Janeway born. No such people.
1967 Berman’s Rainbow Dreamers performed at the Behr Theater in San Francisco. No such band.
19671996 Chronowerx Industries accelerates Earth’s computer development. No such company.
1968 Apr. The U.S. launches an "orbital nuclear weapons platform" which detonates above Asia, resulting in a new and stronger ban on such weapons. No such events.
1969 The Isograted circuit is introduced by Chronowerx Industries "Large-Scale" Integrated circuits are introduced in 1970.
1976 July The Enterprise (OV-101) is named to honor the ships of the U.S. Navy. The Space Shuttle Enterprise is named to honor a fictional starship.
1987 Apr. 24 Gabriel Bell born. No such person.
1987 Plexicorp invents transparent aluminum. (the manager did say it would take years to understand) Real transparent aluminum is developed in the 2000s.
1992 Chicago Mobs of the Twenties published in Chicago. No such book.
19931996 Khan leads one side of the Eugenics Wars. No Khan, no Eugenics Wars
1994 Cryonics are popular, and a cryonic satellite is launched into Earth orbit. Cryonics exist, but not popular, and no related space launch.
1998 Oct. 31 Buck Bokai is born in Marina Del Rey, California. No such person.
1999 Voyager VI probe is launched by NASA. Only two Voyager probes were launched.
2002 Nomad probe is launched by NASA. No such probe.
2003 Lt. McMillan & Shannon O’Donnel work for NASA. No such people.
2004 Hostage crisis at a Detroit blood bank. No such event.
20012012 The 1000-meter Millennium Gate is constructed. The 828-meter Burj Dubai comes close.
2015 The London Kings have a good season. No such team.
2018 Sublight propulsion advancements make sleeper ships obsolete. We don’t even have sleeper ships.

So Chronowerx is the key difference. Earlier differences were Easter eggs (HMS Defiant), humor (velcro, etc.), or slight changes to avoid copyright/libel (fictional books and people). But from the 1960s on the Trek universe moves ahead of ours in space travel and related technology, but not enough to change the lives of everyday citizens until the impending WWIII.

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