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I'm Marjolijn Bijnens. I am a big Star Trek Fan, especially Voyager, so most of my edits and creations on Memory Alpha revolve around that show. Although I have tried my hand on a few Next Gen articles but nothing important, just editing language and spelling mostly.

I've edited and created a few things already, most notably of which would be "Someone to Watch Over Me", Dark matter proto-comet, "Basics, Part II" and It Can't Be Wrong and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember as I write this.

I'm also a big fan of Trek based Fanfiction, especially femslash, so I'm currently trying to add more articles on Memory Alpha's sister Wiki ST.EU. So far I've only been able to create a partial page on Gina L. Dartt's Just Between Series and it's sequel Star Trek Millennium. I'm hoping to one day create a full overview of those series but I have a busy schedule in the real world so it's hard to find the time.

I also like to add sound files on Memory Alpha and have added quite a few so far. I added all the songs from "Someone to Watch Over Me", "The Swarm" and "The Killing Game". I also created the page on the Swarm species language and Delta Quadrant cytoplasmic lifeform language and added the samples of both the languages. This last one sure did get a long name, I know. But I couldn't think of another way of calling it, the species was never named in the show and the only thing that differentiated it from other cytoplasmic lifeforms was the fact that in lives in the Delta Quadrant. Hey who knows, maybe it'll be awarded the title of longest article name on Memory Alpha.

My most notable piece of work is probably the expanding of the article on the Voyager episode ("Virtuoso"). I don't think I've ever spent so much time on creating a more thorough rendition of anything on MA before. I think I've done all I can so far on it. I kinda need a break from working on it. After writing most of the article itself, uploading nearly every song featured on it, uploading a couple of images and even adding a big bunch of smaller articles for the songs and other stuff featured in the ep, I think I've done enough for awhile. I'm really grateful for all the help Sulfur has given me. I truly can't believe how fast that guy is, I don't know how he does it. Plus he's always ready to give advice and aid, but never to much. He's cool enough to let others give their own contribution to the whole before stepping in to improve and refine it and fixing the minor errors others make. Funny thing about all this work I put into it is that... I don't even really like this episode. I only liked the music but I couldn't upload it until a more thorough article and supporting articles had been written. Ah well, at least it makes me laugh and since I was able to add nearly all the music I'd say I got what I wanted out of it.

I'm nearly done adding all the music featured on Voyager. I've still got a bunch of recording just sitting on my computer waiting to be added. More are coming, I promise. I want to add all songs featured on Voyager (and I'm nearly done) and since this doesn't take as much time as editing and writing full articles that's what I'll be doing most in the future. I'll also add songs from the other shows, if I happen to come across any while watching an episode. I'm thinking about also adding important pieces of dialog here and there. But it'll be hard to choose which a good enough for that.

I also like to add references to the Background information parts of articles. Mostly my additions revolve around Janeway and Seven based subtext, of which I am a big believer and supporter. But also around clarifying misunderstandings and adding tiny bits of information to make it all more complete.

Lately I've been trying to create some unwritten pages in the wanted section. Done a few already.

In the real world I'm a college student, female and born in 1986. I'm blond, 1.68m in height and weigh around 60kg. I'm a member of the biggest Belgian Star Trek fanclub, the Belgian Voyage Club. They're the best.

In my spare time I'm endeavoring to become a writer one day. Unfortunately I only discovered my passion for writing recently and seeing that I've nearly completed my current education I guess I'm gonna have to finish that before I can study to become a real writer.

I'm a fanfiction writer but I haven't published anything on the net so far. I will be soon so I'll let you know when I do. I'll add some links then.

Keep on Trekking. Bold text

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