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Morn in Quark's

Morn is a Bot in Memory Alpha. It's regularly used to set several interwiki links between the different language editions of Memory Alpha and fulfills other tasks as well.

Morn is controlled by Kobi (Talk) and based on the Python Wikipedia Robot framework with improvements made by me and Florian K to meet Memory Alpha's unique policies.

Requests can be directed either directly to Kobi or on the central Bot requests page where it might be picked up by another bot. Tasks I usually fulfill:

Special Tasks



  • no pending jobs yet

Edit summaries

Edit summaries and what they mean:

Adding, Removing, Modifying ...
Most common used in summary, the bot adds, removes or modifies a new interwiki link. You can help by having a look if the page in the other language really is about the same topic.
Cosmetic changes
This means the bot cleaned up the HTML and or wiki code. It includes removing extra lines (in lists for example) or multiple spaces. Sometimes the diff change doesn't recognise all the changes in the correct way and it looks as if the bot has removed large portions of text. However it fulfills the following tasks:
  • standardise Interwiki
  • standardise Categories
  • clean up links
  • clean up section headers
  • translate and capitalise namespaces
  • remove deprecated templates (changing {{msg:xyz}} to {{xyz}})
  • resolve html entities
  • insert valid Xhtml
  • remove extra lines between lists
  • remove useless spaces
  • remove extra line after table
  • clean category exclamation
Robot-assisted disambiguation
The bot was sent to clear disambiguation pages. Sometimes this summary is given when one redirect is changed.