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As of today, I have seen every Star Trek:TNG episode, in full. Nmajmani 01:32, 22 April 2007 (UTC)

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My Fascination in Star Trek

I have always been fascinated in Star Trek. I love space travel and sci-fi, and Star Trek, in my opinion, does them both quite well.

The first time I ever saw anything in dealing with science-fiction, I was sitting on my couch and saw Back to the Future for the first time on Television. So, naturally, the first piece of science fiction I saw dealt with time travel, which may explain my great interest in time travel episodes and movies.

The next little bit of science fiction I saw was Star Wars, which I still do not have a strong ambition for. When I heard of Star Trek, I did not watch for years because I thoght it was to similar to Star Wars.

After four years, I saw Star Trek, and I fell in love with it. Unlike Star Wars, which I now like, It had a bit of adventure in it. I now love Star trek.

Informartion about my other ambitions can be found at my webpage, located at www.povuser.org

Inventory and favorites

The following is my current inventory of Star Trek media which I own on DVD.



Of the above, these are my favorites.



Articles I have Contributed largely to

Image Screencaps

Ever since I got my Star Trek DVD's, I wanted to take screenshots. However, to my great frustration, I could not take them because the screencapture software that comes with a macintosh, known as Grab, was disabled whenever DVD player (the equivilant to windows' Itervideo winDVD). So I went all over the internet until I found a software called Snapz Pro, which did allow for screencaps of DVD. I bought the slightly more expensive version, which came with a treat. I was already aware that the software could take video clips of my screen, but never tested it with DVD's. I now had the ability to capture not only still images, but video clips to be stored on my computer. This is a map of the directory that contains the images. If a name is tabbed, that is a subdirectory in the forder above. It should be noted that under the seasons, I did not include the names of each episode, being to long a list to fit on a decent sized page.

Star Trek Snapshots

Opening Credits
TNG Episodes
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7
Star Trek IV
Star Trek Generations
Star Trek First Contact
Star Trek Insurrection
Star Trek Nemesis

If you would like any images of an episode or movie in my inventory, I would be more than glad to e-mail one to you. They are, on average, about 150-200 kb. If it is a 4x3 tv epsiode, it is usually close to 1066 by 800 pixels in size. Widescreen images vary in height, but are always 1280 pixels in width. My computer screen is 1280x800, so this is the maximum size I can get.

However, because of copyright laws, I cannot give you movie files. It would be direct infringement of the most basic movie laws. Even on my website, I do not post movies because of this copyright.

P.N. Because I get very limited time to take snapshots between all my work, it may take a few days if I do not already have them.

My Personal Star Trek Facts

Most Favorite Episode: "Far Beyond the Stars"/"Timeless" I liked both so much that I can't decide between them.

Least Favorite Episode: "Masks"

Most Favorite Male Character: Jake Sisko

Most Favorite Female Character: Jadzia Dax

Funniest Episode: "Trials and Tribble-ations"

Most Boring Episode: "Shades of Gray"

Most Watched Episode: "All Good Things..."

First Star Trek Footage Seen: The end of the episode "Lower Decks", when Picard makes the announcement of Sato Jaxa's death

First Full Episode Seen: "The Hunted"

Articles of my Creation

Teaser;Dimensional shifter

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