A critic-style Trekkie (maybe even a Warsie but there's only six of those) from the UK, preferring the action over the character-driven stories. I got into the entire Star Trek phenomenon during BBC2's TOS run of 1991 - 1993 (around those dates anyway). Since then, (apart from the odd episode of VOY S7, ENT S3 and TAS), I've seen all the episodes of star trek. I discovered the Memory Alpha site in July 2005, starting off editing Worf, and this is where my major edits stem from.

Major Contributions

Wormhole relay station - (now featured)
Nog - (now featured)
Julius Caesar

Minor contributions

Sword of Kahless (image)
"Call to Arms"

If you were wondering where my episode lists went, the favourite episode reviews have moved to here, and the most hated episode reviews has moved to here.

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