Hello, my name is Ottens. Welcome to my user page!

Here I will list some of the pages I worked on and am particularly proud of. Of course, all these have been edited by other users later to a certain or even considerable degree, but you will still be able to see a great portion of my original work:

I wrote the basics of this article a long time ago, and it has underwent significant revision since. Most of the text, however, is still my original, as are a majority of the graphics. The "Background" information is entirely my work, as that is after all my specialism.
This article doesn't look much like when I intially wrote the bulk of it, but that's mostly because practically all the images I originally uploaded have now been replaced with graphics of far superior quality. The text has of course underwent revision since, but most of it is still my writing.
This is one of my favourite starships and I spend a lot of time writing this one. There have been improvements since, yet the bulk of the article remains my original work which I hope is a compliment of my extensive coverage of this class. The behind-the-scenes information is practically identical to my original version, and the only thing that's really different are the newer images.
Another starship article I wrote, and this is the most recent so still a lot of my work is clearly visible here. Even though I wouldn't count the Sovereign as my favourite, it's still an excellent design and I enjoyed writing this one. I even got it featured of which I'm particularly proud.
I wrote this article about one of my favourite characters a whole while back, and in spite of a minor conflict over images I got it featured and I think that it overall makes for an interesting read. Information has been added since and some edits have improved existing texts but all with all my original writing is still mainly intact.
An article about the lost series, Phase II, of which I wrote the "Production" and "Characters" sections. At the time I was particularly interested in the history of the series-that-never-was, which reflects in the section dedicated to Phase II at my own website.
This is one of the most recent articles I did, and it's pretty much still how I wrote it though the text has been slightly reorganised since. A great portion of the article is dedicated to the design and behind-the-scenes.
This article already featured a basic summary of the film's events when I started working on it, and the "Analysis" and "Background information" sections are still pretty much how I initially wrote them, with the exception that a lot of the graphics have since been replaced. I also revised the summary slightly, but most of it was the work of others.
Perhaps the most-seen part of any Star Trek vessel, yet the article wasn't much extensive in its coverage of these sets. Added content about corridors on board different starship classes and a bulk of backgrond information.
  • Background Information
Lately I've been working on adding background information to several episodes' pages. Here are some that may be of particular interest: "Angel One", "Conspiracy", "The Neutral Zone", "Q Who", "The Best of Both Worlds".

For a collection of articles and essays about different aspects of Star Trek, please refer to my user subpage.

For more information about the production of Star Trek please visit my website, Forgotten Trek. Available there is not merely starship conceptual artwork, but also costume and make-up design, preliminary poster sketches, interviews with designers and information about the production of series and films, including never-seen material.

Thanks for taking the time to read my page here. Feel free to leave a message should you have any questions.

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