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THOR, himself

General Information


I've found myself interested in working on and fleshing out all of the crewmen articles I can. (See Below)

I was initially prompted by someone writing a vandalistic article under the name of Ethan Novakovich. I saw the bogus entry and saw what was obviously junk information, but it piqued my curiosity as to whether it was a real person or not. Turned out to be, but w/o an entry; so I decided to research him and write him a real and informative article -- the article that's up there now.

Being an enlisted person myself, I felt sorry for the peon-esque "crewmen" who never get their due in the series'; because you know it's the poor trodden-on, never mentioned crewmen who keep all our favourite starships and spacestations running as they do.


With my working full-time, a burgeoning educational career, and my wife whom I worship more than she says I should; I don't really have a pleathora of time to put toward working on articles. Most of my time on MA tends to be just snippets of time here and there while I'm free at work or while wireless at appointments or meetings. As such, I can still contribute, but usually in a nit-picky, annoying fashion that results in my username showing up a gajillion times in the Special:Recentchanges page.

Usually I'm just doing piddling changes like fixing typos, adding wiki, adding {{stub}}s & {{pna-incomplete}}s, deleting irrelevant content, voting on deletions or featured article nominations, etc. But as such it makes me look primarily like a detractor or complainer who just picks on other people's work and articles w/o actually contributing anything on my own. This is here to explain that, and hopefully to prevent others from getting the wrong impression.


Major Articular Contributions

bolded articles indicate featured article inductees

Image Contributions

Lost Pages

pages I always seem to lose track of and/or forget their names.

Help Needed



Places for Problem Pages


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