I AM the Platypus Man


Hey everybody (I say as if anyone else is actually ever going to read this). Here on Memory Alpha, I don't have much to say. I found this from Wikipedia and have since found it to be the most comprehensive Star Trek resource available. I like to add information, correct grammar, create actor pages (if they didn't do much & have an image, I'll make 'em a page), welcome new users, & watch the Recent Changes page and see if anything strikes my fancy.

My first ever exposure to Trek was when I was about six or so. The episode "Genesis" was on TV, so I watched some of it. All I remembered from that was that in one scene, the captain was chased by something that used to be a person through some sort of a tube. Years later, I watched Voyager every night in syndication, which reintroduced me. Since then, I've really liked Trek. Eventually, I did see "Genesis" again; I understood it better the second time around.

If anyone is just dying to know, my favorite Trek is Voyager (I have all seven seasons on DVD). To me, it combines much of the exploration that was good in TOS, but sometimes felt lacking in TNG, with much of the personal relations that is essentially what DS9 is made of. Enterprise did some of this, but I don't think it was quite as good as the best of Voyager, although Voyager was not lacking in crap-tastic episodes ("Threshold", anyone?).

I also like Enterprise (I like all of them to a degree, but that is beside the point). Hey, speaking of Enterprise, I found some alternate title sequence here. It's got the monolog (with "where no Human has gone before") and the ending credits theme. I think it's pretty good. They should have used it. Of course, everyone else has probably already seen it.

Here is a limerick I wrote for the Borg:
"Resistance is futile," they'd say,
And come to take you away,
You have been fated,
To be assimilated,
Forever, Borg you shall stay.

For more on me, see my page on Wikipedia here.

Pages I've CreatedEdit

I've created plenty of pages (by some counts; few by other counts). Here are the pages I've created, in the order of creation, not counting talk pages or redirects:

  • It was phased out with a system upgrade, but I still had it...
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