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The person Edit

  • Location: Montreal, Quebec
  • my user page on wikipedia
  • First Trek exposure: DS9: a friend lent me the first season. I watched it in one week (and I had a full time job :-)
  • Favourite episodes (to date):
    • DS9: "Dramatis Personae". the one I find the funniest (to date)
    • TNG: "The Inner Light". A great episode on my favorite TNG character.
    • ENT: "Twilight". I'm not very original, I know. I found the Vulcan-Human difference on the way of doing thing greatly illustrated in this episode. Also a good developpement of T'Pol character.
  • Favourite characters:
    • Jadzia Dax. Wise, competent and spontaneous. Less arrogant than a Vulcan, she is nicely balanced.
    • Tuvok.
  • Favourite ship: USS Yangtzee Kiang. I like the name. It's a shame that DS9's runabouts are as expandable as TOS's crewmen.

Contributions Edit

I work mostly on episodes articles (ENT and DS9 season[567]). Summaries for the moment, I will keep an eye on them to see that they follows the standards and quality improvment over time (pictures, templates, etc). Complete list here.

I'm mainly interested in soft SF issues (philosophy, social and culture things). I am an administrator of the French version of MA, and look forward to contribute more some day.

Useful Links Edit


I permit other archivists to edit this section if they want to make a comment more visible and permanent than it would be in my talk page. I therefore make an exception to this rule, but I still keep the right to delete anything I judge innapropriate.

I think it would be cool to implement something like wikipedia's Barnstars. I suggest using ranks (tips, etc). I do not necessary _want_ something on my page, but I don't dare making modifications to other's pages for now, not wanting to be perceived as a vandal.


Firefox trickEdit

bookmark memory-alpha, then edit the bookmark's properties to

Keyword: ma

then enter "ma TNG" in the location bar (Ctrl-L) to go directly to the TNG page!

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