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The Original Series
Title Highlights
"The Devil in the Dark" Best alien costume ever
"Mirror, Mirror" The original evil twin goatee

The Next Generation
Title Highlights
"Contagion" Iconian planets and probes and gateways! Oh my!
"Q Who" Intro to the Borg, Guinan's people's history
"Yesterday's Enterprise" Alternate timeline war, ship, and uniforms
"The Best of Both Worlds" / "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" Assimilation is what made laser pointers evil
"Redemption" / "Redemption II" Klingon Civil War, Rise of Chancellor Gowron
"I Borg" Guinan's and Picard's reactions to Hugh's individuality
"Timescape" Be happy, experience temporal narcosis
"Parallels" How many Worfs does it take to fix spacetime?
"The Pegasus" Phasing cloaking device, Riker's moral crisis
"All Good Things..." "The trial never ends." - Q

Deep Space Nine
Title Highlights
"Improbable Cause" / "The Die is Cast" Battle of the Omarion Nebula
"The Way of the Warrior" Enter Worf, First Battle of Deep Space 9
"Our Man Bashir" The pretend spy and the real spy team up
"In Purgatory's Shadow" / "By Inferno's Light"
"Call to Arms" Second Battle of Deep Space 9
"Sacrifice of Angels" Operation Return
"In the Pale Moonlight" Sisko's moral crisis, Garak at work
"Tears of the Prophets" First Battle of Chin'toka
"The Changing Face of Evil" The Breen show off not just once but twice, Damar starts his rebellion
"Tacking Into the Wind" Fall of Gowron, Rise of Chancellor Worf er... Martok
"Extreme Measures" Bashir turns the table on Sloan
"The Dogs of War" Damar, the Legend
"What You Leave Behind" Battle of Cardassia, Sisko fulfills his role
(more to come)

Title Highlights
"Meld" Brad Dourif as Suder, Tuvok strangles and kills a holographic Neelix
"Basics, Part I" / "Basics, Part II" Brad Dourif returns as Suder
"Worst Case Scenario"
"Scorpion" / "Scorpion, Part II" Enter Seven, Borg-Species 8472 War
"Year of Hell" / "Year of Hell, Part II" The Year of Hell, All the fun with temporal technology
"Waking Moments" Harry gets seduced and beaten-up by Seven all in one episode
"Message in a Bottle" Holograms vs. Romulans
"Hunters" Meet the Predator rip-offs, Responses from Alpha Quadrant
"Living Witness" Warship Voyager and its crew of thugs
"Hope and Fear" Quantum slipstream, Part 1
"Timeless" Quantum slipstream, Part 2
"Relativity" A chase through multiple time periods
"Equinox" / "Equinox, Part II" Good ship vs. Bad ship, The Doctor's and Seven's "Duet"
"Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy" ECH, ...Seven posing ;)
"Pathfinder" Barclay runs rampant
"Shattered" Nine episodes in one
"Author, Author" Photons Be Free, Paris' altered version
"Renaissance Man" The Doctor runs rampant
"Endgame" Combining the most used plotlines: Borg and Time travel

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