Let me sense fear for the Rom Ulan Star Empire
Short Description
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Gender: Male
Species: Trill/Romulan hybrid
Affiliation: Romulans
Taken nationality: Swedish Sv-flag.svg
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I, Rom

Jolan True to my user-page. I have two sorts of information of me today, just choose which part to read, or both. But first you will have to read my quick-info in the Short Things About Me-section and all will be just fine. If you don't, the Tal Shiar knows where you live, traitor.



A Trill-Romulan hybrid. Born with a Romulan father and a Trill-mother.
My father was a part of Spock's unification-group and defected to the Federation. There he met my mother.
They married and i was born.
I work for the Tal Shiar as an undercover operative in Starfleet, posing as a Vulcan/Trill hybrid.


I live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I have been watching Star Trek since april 2006. It started with me watching an episode of Enterprise and that caught me. I saved and bought the first and second season of it. After Enterprise, I went on to Voyager and then Deep Space Nine. Then TOS followed with The Next Generation being last. During all that time, I also bought and watched all then movies, in no specific order (except for seeing number II, III and IV in that order). Currently, I hang around MA/en, doing some small work, and just waits for Star Trek to come.

I like science fiction movies and series. I like the old trilogy (IV,V,VI) of Star Wars, and also Red Dwarf to mention some of my favourites.

Short things about me

Pictures of my answers will be found in my Gallery

Languages spoken

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Star Trek collection

ENT: Movies Fan Collective Editions DVD Star Trek: Voyager String Theory
  1. Cohesion
  2. Fusion
  3. Evolution
Star Trek: Titan
  1. Taking Wing
  2. The Red King
  3. Orion's Hounds
Star Trek: SCE
  • Omnibus
    1. Have Tech, Will Travel
    2. Miracle Workers
    3. Some Assembly Required
    4. No Surrender
    5. Foundations
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine relaunch
  • Unity
  • World's of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, volume 2
A Time To...
  • A Time to be Born
  • A Time to Die
  • A Time to Sow
  • A Time to Harvest
  • A Time to Kill
  • A Time to Heal
  • A Time for War, A Time for Peace


This gallery shows the photos to the answers to the short list of Short things about me, and some other things i just want to show.

Images I have uploaded

This gallery shows my first, and thus far, only image contribution to MA/en.

Old account

I've changed my account-name. my old accountname was LtCmdr-Vulcan. Because of that, i will continue to act as the same person. it's like i am a Trill symbiont that have moved on to a new host, but i don't have the problem of reassociation.

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