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Hi my name is SketchFan98 (born 1 May) and I am sorry I kept on vandalizing.

R.I.P. Dick Miller 1928-2019

R.I.P. Rene Auberjonois


Today I have made my 2000th edit on this wiki! And I am proud of it!


  • Unknown actors in Encounter at Farpoint: 113 (Sheesh)
  • Jerry Zimmer died on my Date of Birth! (May he rest in peace)
  • Landon Cary Dalton was born on the same day and same year as John F. Kennedy's baby, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy but Patrick sadly died 2 days later.

Errors on Google

  • Frank da Vinci is incorrectly labeled as still alive
    • As well as Keely Sims.
    • And Bob Morrisey (corrected)

Image uploading

What I upload for the images is that when I watch Star Trek on my computer and replace images that are like either too long or just well that haven't been updated in a while I would do what I call a "test image". It means that I put temporary images, if the image gets reverted for a certain reason that means the image was not good enough. But if it stays for a while, that means it passed the "test phase".

Similar actors

Once they have been confirmed that they are the same person, I will remove them.