Sloan in his Section 31 uniform.
Location: Kansas City
Occupation: Paper pusher
Favorite series: DS9
Favorite character: The Doctor
Favorite movie: First Contact

Comparing TOS to anything is like critiquing the Bible, but other than that, TNG/DS9 are my favorites. My name comes from Luther Sloan, but it's also been the name of several bad guys in various movies.

You know, for a series that didn't get much exposure, DS9 sure seems to have a lot of fans on here. I'm not complaining, mind you, but it's odd that it ranks about 8,000 hits above the closest competitor in page views.


Most people list their contributions and stuff, and I think my primary contribution was a collaborative effort with zsingaya that resulted in Luther Sloan being elevated to featured status. Other than that, I don't really have much time for MA, but I have done a couple episode summaries.

Babel thing

Since I don't have a pimped-out profile like a lot of people, I can't do the Babel templates and a side bar, so I'll put it on the left-hand side I guess. (Disclaimer: Level 1 German means I took two years of it in high school and don't remember much other than "Das ist ein braunerhund," or "That's a brown dog," one of the most basic phrases they teach you.)

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