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Welcome to the user page of SmokeDetector47; real name Nick. I've been a member of Memory Alpha since August 2004 and an admin since May 2005. Feel free to leave any questions or comments on my talk page! You can also reach me through e-mail at smokedetector47(AT) I also occasionally drop in to the TrekBBS under the user name Smoke Detector (although very infrequently). If you're curious about my unusual user name, it's a combination reference to my interests in fire safety and firefighting and the ubiquitous number 47 which seems to be omnipresent.

Favorite articlesEdit

My first major contributions dealt with my favorite character, Beverly Crusher. Since then, many other editors have made tweaks and additions to make that article even better. I also made major contributions to an article on another of my favorite characters, William T. Riker. Some of my other edits can be found on Katherine Pulaski, Natasha Yar, Boothby, Alyssa Ogawa, and Selar. I've also enjoyed watching the evolution of other articles based on TNG characters which I've not edited at all, specifically Jean-Luc Picard, Data, and Guinan.

I also significantly expanded the article on my favorite starship, the USS Enterprise-D, which I think is a character in its own right. Other technology-themed articles I watch are sickbay, Ten Forward, tricorder/medical tricorder, and saucer separation.

Like one of my fellow archivists, AJHalliwell, I've taken an interest in some of the minor background players in TNG and VOY. Tarik Ergin's Lieutenant Ayala from VOY is hands-down my favorite; he was the first extras whose appearances I attempted to chart as I made my way through the VOY DVDs. There were many more than I anticipated! Another of my favorites is Tracee Lee Cocco's (unfortunately) unnamed character from TNG and its films, as I remember watching for her during the first run of TNG over twelve years ago. I'd like to next tackle Guy Vardaman's background character of Darian Wallace from all seven years of TNG.

Some other neat articles which may get overlooked: elements, Star Trek birthdays, Star Trek deaths

Pet peevesEdit

This section will list some factual pet peeves I've encountered quite frequently; not necessarily very often on Memory Alpha but sometimes on Wikipedia and the web in general.

Status of the Galaxy classEdit

Somehow, the destructions of the Yamato, Odyssey, and Enterprise within six years of one another seems to have given the poor Galaxy-class a bad rap. Many fanon websites insist on claiming that the warp core of the Galaxy class is incredibly vulnerable, completely ignoring the fact that the loss of the three ships all occured under extraordinary circumstances; the Yamato was infected by a computer virus; the Odyssey had a huge hulk of its hull smashed to pieces; and the Enterprise was sucker punched when Data, Geordi, Beverly, and Worf all had a lapse in judgement and somehow forgot to examine Geordi's VISOR before he went strolling into Main Engineering. No other starship would've performed any better in those situations. I've also noticed that some believe that the Sovereign-class was designed to replace the Galaxy class, which doesn't really make that much sense apart from the fact that a Sovereign class Enterprise replaced a Galaxy class one. Behind the scenes sources have suggested that the Sovereign is more of an Excelsior-class replacement. Furthermore, we've seen a large number of Galaxy class ships in DS9 and VOY and still only one Sovereign class, even seven years following its launch.

Nemesis deleted scenesEdit

I'm unsure about the inclusion of deleted scenes and cut lines on Memory Alpha; while I think deleted scenes are useful for determining things such as full character names or other trivial details like age and the like, I'm not sure if it's completely wise to create articles on things which were eliminated from the final cut, such as Martin Madden or another USS Reliant (which couldn't have even been in a deleted scene based on the final cut of the episode). For that reason, I've been trying to keep deleted scenes from Star Trek Nemesis from influencing primary articles too much, specifically Beverly Crusher's article. The script (and a scene which is supposedly included on the upcoming special edition DVD) states she, too, left the Enterprise to head up Starfleet Medical. As this was not in the final version of the film (or any official recut), I've been adamant about keeping that point as background information. And I'll admit: it's partially a personal reason because I don't want to see my favorite crew fractured any more than they already were. :)

Resources availableEdit


I own the following DVDs and can get screenshots from them... if you're really desperate post a note on my talk page and I'll see what I can do. However, I bow to the authority of Defiant and Gvsualan in these matters, and you'd probably be better off with them. :)


I can also provide screencaps and media from the following CD-ROMs, although an appropriate screencap from an episode or film should always be used before these if possible.

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