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{| class="wiki-sidebar"
| class="odd" | '''Favorite [[TOS]]:'''
| class="even" | "[[The Conscience of the King]]"
| class="odd" | '''Favorite [[TNG]]:'''
| class="even" | "[[Darmok (episode)|Darmok]]"
| class="odd" | '''Favorite [[DS9]]:'''
| class="even" | "[[Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges]]"
| class="odd" | '''Favorite [[VOY]]:'''
| class="even" | "[[Author, Author]]"
| class="odd" | '''Favorite [[ENT]]:'''
| class="even" | "[[Cogenitor (episode)|Cogenitor]]"
| class="odd" | '''Favorite Film:'''
| class="even" | ''[[Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Special Edition)]]''
| class="odd" | '''Favorite Guest Star:'''
| class="even" | [[Marc Alaimo]]
| class="odd" | '''Favorite Starship Class:'''
| class="even" | [[Xindi-Aquatic cruiser]]
| class="odd" | '''Favorite Alien Race:'''
| class="even" | [[Cardassian]]s
==And there came a day...==
StAkAr Karnak is a user that migrated over from [ Wikipedia].
Although initially venomously opposed to Memory Alpha, SK acquiesced in time. His apprehension was due to a desire for Wikipedia to be a universal reference work. He believed that whatever was being done at MA could be done at Wikipedia. Unfortunately, much of the detail possible at MA is considered [ fancruft] at WP, so MA is a necessary evil.
==The spirit of Memory Alpha==
Unsettling were SK's initial attempts to contribute to MA, as there was a considerably [ bureacratic] atmosphere there, rife with [ politicking] and [ red tape]. This made it quite a production to contribute anything, given rampant [ deletionist] mentalities. With this discouragement in mind, and the lack of will to justify every single edit, SK's contributions to MA are restricted to a absolute minimum.

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