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'''StAkAr Karnak''' is a user that migrated over from [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:StAkAr_Karnak Wikipedia].
Although initially venomously opposed to Memory Alpha, SK acquiesced in time. His apprehension was due to an unrealistic desire for Wikipedia to be a universal reference work. Unfortunately, much of the detail possible at MA is considered [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fancruft fancruft] at WP, so MA is a necessary evil.
Unsettling were SK's initial attempts to contribute to MA, as he chafed at the existing protocol. Labeling the atmosphere '[http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Deletionism deletionist]', he was discouraged from contributing much. Over time, he came to understand and respect the reasoning behind the protocol, and now contributes regularly. Before [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Be_bold_in_updating_pages being bold], he endeavors to discuss changes on talk pages.
Having seen over 720 of the 726 episodes of ''Trek'', and reading hundreds, if not thousands, of pages worth of production-related material, SK considers himself to have an above-average amount of insight into canon ''Star Trek''. This knowledge is tempered with a humility and willingness to be corrected on points of misunderstanding. Still, SK enjoys a good argument.
SK's proudest wikiTrek achievement is the series of articles comprising the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronological_list_of_Star_Trek_stories Chronological list of Star Trek stories] at Wikipedia. It is an attempt to list every officially licensed Trek story from every form of media in order.
==Areas of interest==
StAkAr enjoys behind-the-scenes information. Though some feel that it "takes away from the magic," he feels that it enhances appreciation to see all of the hard work and creativity that went into the finished product. He is currently very interested on defining "Roddenberry canon". Having great respect for creator's rights and intent, he wishes to know what the Roddenberry ideals and visions were, as well as how much of his vision was realized. He also is interested in defining how much of TOS and TNG were hammered out by other creators, and how heavily each contributed. Does Roddenberry deserve all the credit he gets, or are there unsung creators who should share credit as equals?
I threw together this template with elements from other userpages. If anyone knows how to balance out the format and would like to, please do.
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! colspan="7"| Favorites
| style="text-align: left" | Series
| style="text-align: left" | TOS
| style="text-align: left" | TNG
| style="text-align: left" | DS9
| style="text-align: left" | VOY
| style="text-align: left" | ENT
| style="text-align: left" | Film
| style="text-align: left" | [[Star Trek: Deep Space Nine|Deep Space Nine]]
| style="text-align: left" | "[[The Conscience of the King]]"
| style="text-align: left" | "[[Darmok (episode)|Darmok]]"
| style="text-align: left" | "[[Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges]]"
| style="text-align: left" | "[[Author, Author]]"
| style="text-align: left" | "[[Cogenitor (episode)|Cogenitor]]"
| style="text-align: left" | "[[Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Special Edition)|The Undiscovered Country (SE)]]"
! colspan="7"| Runners up
| style="text-align: left" |
*[[Star Trek: Enterprise|Enterprise]]
| style="text-align: left" |
* "[[Let That Be Your Last Battlefield]]"
* "[[A Piece of the Action]]"
* "[[The Trouble with Tribbles]]"
* "[[The City on the Edge of Forever]]"
| style="text-align: left" |
* "[[The Inner Light]]"
* "[[Frame of Mind]]"
* "[[The Measure Of A Man]]"
* "[[Sarek (episode)|Sarek]]"
| style="text-align: left" |
* "[[Far Beyond the Stars]]"
* "[[In the Pale Moonlight]]"
* "[[Rapture]]"
* "[[Rocks and Shoals]]"
| style="text-align: left" |
* "[[Living Witness]]"
* "[[Counterpoint]]"
* "[[Ashes to Ashes]]"
* "[[Meld]]"
* "[[Revulsion]]"
| style="text-align: left" |
* "[[Dear Doctor]]"
* "[[Home]]"
* "[[Future Tense]]"
* "[[Shuttlepod One]]"
| style="text-align: left" |
* [[Star Trek Generations|Generations]]

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