Hi-de-ho, I'm Steve Mollmann. Not only do I waste my time here, but I am also a co-author of an upcoming Star Trek: S.C.E. novella, The Future Begins.

After reading Memory Alpha for months I decided to contribute at last. I was frustrated by the Xindi arc information available and decided to remedy the situation.

However, there was actually very little Star Trek: Enterprise information available, so I decided to rememdy that first. I created a basic framework by importing a lot of research I did on the Broken Bow novelization for the abortive Star Trek Novel Encyclopedia, carefully filtering out the novelization's original additions. I also did the same with the novelizations of "Shockwave" and "Shockwave, Part II" and "The Expanse"/"The Xindi".

After doing that I started acquiring Xindi arc episodes and wringing every little fact I could out of them. I did:

Since I now have a DVD-ROM, I can easily do research on episodes I have on DVD, starting with TOS:

I am so cool that some articles I substantially contributed to have even been featured articles!

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