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The Turbolift in Star Trek V explained

My state of mind on Star Trek Edit

I love errors. They are the best thing to Star Trek. Most fans see error as a problem. I how ever do not. An Error is not a Star Trek problem, but rather our lack of understanding on how the Star Trek universe operates. There are many debate's I have started and sometimes I feel, they are trying to make Star Trek there vision, not realizing that it is not Star Trek that is in Error, but them. No insult meant.

The problem is your lack of understanding. I for one believe that TOS is the base canon, and all series has to build on that. If you throws away TOS facts, you are throwing away your base, and your whole structure collapse.

So do not throw away facts rather assume you are the one in error. Let me close with a line from Captain Kirk: "There is no such thing as the unknown -- only things Temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood."

About me Edit

I am an expert on all things TOS. Some of my knowlage does fly in the face of accepted facts. but I'll keep away from adding it to any main pages. Some of the things I have already added before setting up my account, are Ganymede, Preservers and the Month of Star Trek 5.

did you know The TOS Zephram Cochrane never met the Vulcans, he only vaguely knew of them.

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