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Name: Terran Officer
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: September ##, 1984
Age: 24
Height: 5'6" (Five feet, six Inches)
Origin: Maine, USA
Education: High School Graduate
Interest: Star Trek, Movies, Music, Books, Games, RPG'ing


My Subpage, in which I currently am using to store the work in progress of articles that I am either revamping, or simply working on.

To Do

A list of things I want to work on

  • My User Page (A clean up, reorganization, etc...)
  • Mirror T'Pol (In Progress, See Subpage)
  • Mirror Starfleet (I've Started, but need to do some touchups)
  • Mirror Starfleet Uniforms (Needs reorganization, methinks)
  • Mirror Starfleet Ranks (Some Info here better in Uniforms, Reorganization needed)

About Me

Well, I can expand my stats I guess. I like star trek (Obviously) I like to RPG a lot (This site is usually my source for star trek RPG's) More to come later.

Favorites (Star Trek)

This is a list of my favorites in Star Trek


Here is a list of my favorite people in trek, in no real particular order...



Here are some of my favorite episodes of Star Trek.

Star Trek: Enterprise

Season One

Season Two


My contributions to this wiki

Current Work/To Do

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