The United Timeship DeLorean (NX-400710) is the first official Federation timeship. Converted from the old Sovereign-class starship, it uses the experimental Flux-Warp Drive, as well as temporal shielding, to travel through time with relative safety. The ship also has a cloaking device to remain hidden while in the past.


Commanding Officer: Captain Bit
Executive Officer: Commander Sean Masters
Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Kirby Oak
Chief Historical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Saari Dax
Chief Medical Officer: Doctor (Lieutenant) Marin Kel

Flux-Warp Drive

The Flux-Warp Drive is the finished product of years of work by scientists working for Section 31. Starting in the 22nd century, when the Enterprise NX-01 became involved in events that were part of a Temporal Cold War, Section 31 had tried to develop time travel technology. As time went on, they gained more resources, including: the USS Enterprise's many temporal excursions; interrogations of Berlinghoff Rasmussen; studies of the Bajoran Orb of Time and the time portal found on Golana; the USS Voyager's contact with future Federation time travelers; and information on the Borg's time travel technology.

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