The Vedek usually considers himself a happy camper.

Vedek Dukat is a mostly-retired editor who has regrettably become too busy for Memory Alpha.

Memorable Quotes

"Knowledge, sir, should be free to all."

- Mudd (I, Mudd)

"You really do love [Quark], don't you?"

"Please, keep your voice down! He doesn't even know I'm a female."

"You're a woman!?"

- Dax and Pel; very subtle proof that homosexuality is OK in Trek (Rules of Acquisition)

"Why is it so dark in here? Somebody turn on the lights."

- Culluh's take on on red alert (Basics, Part I)

"Romulans. So predictably treacherous!"

- Weyoun (Image in the Sand)

"I can't imagine just watching the story and not being a part of it."

"That's because you've been spoiled by the holodeck. There's something to be said for non-interactive stories like this, being swept away in the narrative."

- Harry Kim and Kes on television (Future's End)
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