Howdy, my name is Zachary (obviously) ;) I'm a fan of Star Trek, almost enough to consider myself a Trekker. I started watching TNG when I was, oh, about eight years old I suppose. That was a long time ago (1992, I guess that's not too long ago).

I stuck through Voyager and Deep Space Nine too, but didn't really get interested in Enterprise (until recently, I've seen all the episodes now). I would have to say that my favorite series is Voyager, followed closely by TNG.

But now, I'm older and grumpier, but no less of a Star Trek fanatic!

       (___)      _|_|_|_      (___) USS Enterprise; NCC-1701-D

I edit other wikis too. I mainly edit Wikinews, on which I am an administrator; for a list of other Wikis I frequently edit, see this page on

Questions, comments, concerns, please visit my talk page and leave a message.

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