Name: Zequist
Gender: Male
DOB: 1978
Origin: San Francisco, Old Earth
Current Location: Eastern United States
Occupation: Librarian
Favorite Series: The Original Series
Favorite Episode: The Doomsday Machine
Favorite Movie: ST II: The Wrath of Khan

Q&A with Zequist:

Q: How long have you been a Star Trek fan?
A: I was introduced to the original series when I was six, through the miracle of syndication. First episode I ever saw was "Operation -- Annihilate!" and it hooked me right away.

Q: Why do you still prefer the original when the later ones are so much more sophisticated?
A: Granted. But if you're going to emotionally invest yourself in a series, you have to bond with the characters, and there was no set of characters that ever captured my heart again the way the first cast did.

Q: Do you like any of the other series?
A: I watched the first two seasons of Next Generation and the first few episodes of season 3 when that debuted and gave up on it. People told me later that it finally hit its stride in season 4, so I've been slowly catching up with the later seasons on G4. And they're right, it did get noticeably better. So I think I can say I do like TNG now, but still not as much as the original.

Q: So you're not a hardcore Trekker, then?
A: By most standards, probably not. I have my areas of interest, but I've only seen three of the five series (I also watched VOY for a few years), only read a few of the books, and I've never really been part of the "fandom." In fact, I've never even been to a convention!

Q: Okay, what are your "areas of interest"?
A: Primarily the original series, of course, the episodes, characters, and people involved with that. My other main area of interest is the Star Fleet Universe. I learned how to play Star Fleet Battles when I was ten, and I'd probably still be playing if I had anyone to play with.

Q: What made you decide to join Memory Alpha?
A: I felt like I had worthwhile contributions to offer in both of those areas I just mentioned, especially SFU information.

Q: Favorite characters? Favorite episodes?
A: Sulu and Spock in TOS, Worf and La Forge in TNG, Neelix in VOY. Favorite TOS episodes: "The Doomsday Machine", "The Immunity Syndrome", "The Galileo Seven", "Obsession", and "Balance of Terror" (as you might expect from an SFB player!). Favorite TNG episodes of the ones I've seen: "Tapestry", "Cause and Effect", "Disaster", "Parallels", and "Sins of the Father". I've seen about half the TNG episodes now, and of my original top five when I answered this question, only "Cause & Effect" is still on the list! Tells you how unfamiliar I was with the series.

Q: Thanks for your time!
A: My pleasure.

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