Zeromaru would normally write up the best biography of himself that he could, but he has to go to Chemistry. Perhaps he will write it at a later time.

Zeromaru got eventually back from Chemistry, but he was never good at writing autobiographies.

He plans to go on a journey of self-enlightenment starting the second Tuesday of next week.

This journey never occurred, unfortunately, so now he spends all his time wallowing over women on his blog. If you're truly resourceful, you can find it.

In fact, if you do find it, post a comment letting me know that you found me from Memory Alpha, and I will mail you a candy cane, with a red ribbon, and a shiny Canadian quarter.

It also seems that certain users here are biased towards letting people vanadalize their own articles. This was a psychosocialogical test of mine to see how much respect wiki-goers give to a user's own article. Since no-one removed my vandalism, I can only conclude that the level is respect is, indeed, very high.

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