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Fandom editor of the month

Hey Alan, how are you? I don't know if you had noticed or were otherwise contacted about it already, but I just wanted to let you know that you were named Fandom's editor for October 2020 in the Movies/TV vertical. You can read more about it in this blog. Apart from wanting to let you know, I also just wanted to drop by to congratulate you myself, as this a definitely deserved. You're on of those users who basically owns the RecentChanges feed so it's no wonder that you get recognition for that. So congrats and take care! Lady Lostris / 9?cb=20190922130322 SOAP 18:04, 6 February 2021 (UTC)

News to me. Thanks for the attaboy. –Gvsualan (talk) 18:15, 6 February 2021 (UTC)

Hehehe, I'm at least glad I got to bring it to your attention than. Pat on the shoulder, for whatever it's worth, is always nice to give to deserving people (and nice to receive as well, I hope :-p). Lady Lostris / 9?cb=20190922130322 SOAP 18:23, 6 February 2021 (UTC)


Could your bot, or whoever’s, change [Doctor|Dr.]s for Dr.? Been changing them as I've found them but it’s now doing my head in so this'd be useful – if it's felt it needs to happen.  Tried to add this to bot request page but couldn’t sign for some reason. ThanksArcher4real (talk) 11:13, 13 February 2021 (UTC)

Thank you :-)Archer4real (talk) 12:03, 13 February 2021 (UTC)

Polite request about a somewhat patronising indents comment

"figures someone wouldn't follow indents properly"

I try to follow a +1 indent from whatever it's replying to approach, a pretty typical one. If MA has a special rule regarding indents, why not tell me it, or link me to it, as opposed to saying that it "figures" that I of all people wouldn't know how to follow it? :) AnotherOddity (talk) 22:46, 16 February 2021 (UTC)

MA:TALK: '~keep your original indent.' I'm sure it has been mentioned on that talk page and it's archive a dozen times; but then again, people tend to only see what they want to see.
Additionally, your attempt to "shame me" by linking my name to your comments as if I, rather than yourself, was the one out of line, is bordering on violating MA:POINT. You can't add a variable to a sidebar that doesn't exist in the template, and to be clear, that has ZERO to do with the article's other "issues"; but then again, people tend to only see what they want to see. –Gvsualan (talk) 23:15, 16 February 2021 (UTC)

While one person was, frankly speaking attacked for imperfect indentation in the talk page/archive, it was not me, and the "dozen times" were once, though as you said, I suppose "people tend to only see what they want to see".

Furthermore I pretty typically try to always link the name of a person in the comments, it helps it stand out to them if they have been mentioned, sadly MA lacks a ping feature as far as I can see. MA:POINT really does not apply there though. Me mentioning your name is within a comment pertaining in part to you does not prove any point, not is it really any disruption.

My reversion is rather sound though, Sulfur provided an explanation for their change, but one which was grossly inaccurate and irrelevant (again, MA:RESOURCE has no bearing on sidebar formatting). Thus given the absence of an actual explanation, and the fact this was a point of contention, such an edit looked highly suspicious, as my edit summary and commentary offered. In fact at the time it looked very much like User:Sulfur was simply refusing to "get the point" by ignoring consensus decisions.

That said your change on indentation does not follow MA:TALK and while there have been some cases of me not following it (indenting in a reply to myself), I was replying to User:BenBernake so unless you are accusing us of sockpuppetry, which would be rather false I should say, then the case of indentation which you "corrected" was in fact originally correct, and it is your change which is violating policy. AnotherOddity (talk) 11:42, 17 February 2021 (UTC)

What Gvsualan is trying to say is that if your first post had an indent of 3 colons, then each post you make in that thread needs to have an indent of 3 colons, regardless of who you're replying to. In this particular thread, you're the first poster so you shouldn't have any colons at all and I've corrected your second post accordingly. I've heard that this is different to how Wikipedia and most other wikis do it, but it's pretty easy to learn. --NetSpiker (talk) 12:05, 17 February 2021 (UTC)

Ah, what a curious and unusual structure. I appreciate you taking the time to actually explain it though NetSpiker! This is all it needed, a simple explanation! AnotherOddity (talk) 16:40, 17 February 2021 (UTC)

Well I'm glad I have this talk page here for your pleasure. –Gvsualan (talk) 17:14, 17 February 2021 (UTC)

Thank you

Thank you for improving the wording of my recent edit. why did you remove "france"? the style truly was like the france style in musketeers? NoCircumciseBaby (talk) 15:01, 11 March 2021 (UTC)

YW, and because it was referenced in the script as "although they do not exactly reproduce any period in Earth's past, are sufficiently reminiscent of Charles II's England to give the impression that this is a corresponding period in the planet's past," and to add France would technically be speculative, or at least, allowing that observation would allow or encourage other people to add whatever they feel it like it resembled as well. The other alternative would be to remove any reference to it, I just kept the one that was best supported. –Gvsualan (talk) 15:10, 11 March 2021 (UTC)
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