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Gral and Shran call a truce


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The Dominion War

...was not fought exclusively in the Alpha Quadrant. Do not add quadrant information to pages based on that page. - Archduk3 13:45, April 6, 2015 (UTC)

From Talk:Benzar:
In the episode "The Changing Face of Evil",
  • Rusot stated, "Like everyone else, I rejoiced. We were going to be rulers of the Alpha Quadrant."
  • Weyoun stated, "That the Federation will be conquered and a new era of peace and prosperity will blanket the Alpha Quadrant." [1]
I checked other episodes, The fight between the Dominion and its allies, and the Federation and its allies was over control of the Alpha Quadrant. The battles were fought in this quadrant. Based on the dialog in the episodes, I have placed Benzar in the Alpha Quadrant. The Beta Quadrant was only mentioned once in "The Sound of Her Voice") - the USS Olympia was sent on a multiyear mission to this quadrant and was returning home when it crash-landed on a planet.Lakenheath72 (talk) 03:34, April 7, 2015 (UTC)

Four questions, and I seriously want answers here: What quadrant is Qo'noS located in? Is the Kingon Empire a power involved in the Dominion War? Is it possible that the Klingon Empire is an Alpha Quadrant power in the same way that Russia is a European power? Do you know for a fact that the Dominion War was restricted to just one quadrant? - Archduk3 03:54, April 7, 2015 (UTC)

  • Question 1 - The Beta Quadrant (Star Trek Into Darkness)
  • Question 2 & 3 - It is definite. "After today the only real threat to us from the Alpha Quadrant are the Klingons and the Federation." The Die is Cast
  • Question 4a - Yes. "Believe me, I don't want to die, but I have to do everything I can to prevent the Dominion from conquering the Alpha Quadrant." The Sacrifice of Angels
  • Question4b - Yes. "The only way to achieve a lasting victory is to demolish their shipyards, their weapon plants, to force them to retreat deeper and deeper into their own territory until our ships can surround their headquarters on Cardassia Prime and they will have no choice but to surrender. I know it won't be easy. I know that we will pay a heavy price for every system we take from them. But in the end, that's the only way to drive the Dominion out of the Alpha Quadrant, and that is a goal we all share. Klingons, Humans and Romulans." Tears of the Prophets
Did I answer your questions, or would you like more examples?Lakenheath72 (talk) 04:12, April 8, 2015 (UTC)

The problem here is you are wrong, specifically with the 4th question, and you can't see it, because if I understand your condition correctly, you take everything literally, and what was said in the episodes isn't formal, it's colloquial. This is from the Beta Quadrant page: " dialogue from Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine all three powers and governments in their vicinities have been exclusively referred to as Alpha Quadrant powers. I don't need more examples of them saying things I already know they do, I need you to see that answering yes to 3 means you can't answer yes to 4. We don't take dialog from DS9 or VOY at face value in relation to the "Alpha Quadrant" because we know the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire, all the major players in the Federation Alliance, have at least some territory in the Beta Quadrant, and we know for a fact that the Klingon Empire is a Beta Quadrant power. It's impossible to tell what is actually where when we know things in the Beta Quadrant are referred to as being in the Alpha Quadrant. The Dominion War did happen in the Alpha Quadrant, we just can't say it only happened in the Alpha Quadrant.

While we're on the subject though, what are the direct references to the Alpha Quadrant for Vulcan, Andor, Andoria, Briar Patch, Betazed, Tellar Prime, Tzenketh, and any others I missed that you have added. Is it stated unequivocally that these planets are located in the Alpha Quadrant, or are the references just things like "this would be bad for the Alpha Quadrant" or similar Dominion War references? - Archduk3 05:33, April 8, 2015 (UTC)

If I understand what you are saying, you are saying that I lack the capacity of distinguishing between what is formal and informal speech and I am interpretating the data incorrectly because the people are speaking not the language of computers or logic, they are speaking natural language. There is more to language than the words themselves - there is the context. Where is the dialog taking place? Is it taking place in a formal or an informal setting? What is the preponderance of evidence? What are the rules of this project?
It is stated in Memory Alpha:Resource policy, that spoken dialog takes precedence over visual material. In the dialog, it is never stated that the Romulan Star Empire is located in the Beta Quadrant. We can say that the Klingon Empire is based partly in the Beta Quadrant (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country), as Praxis, the moon of Qo'noS, explodes while the USS Excelsior was in the Beta Quadrant. In the same film, Sulu states, "I'm getting underway now. We're now in Alpha Quadrant. The chances of our reaching the conference in time are slim." He is referring to the conference at Khitomer, which is located near the Romulan border. The only source that connected the Romulan Star Empire to the Beta Quadrant is a map that allegedly appeared in Star Trek: Insurrection and production sources. However, this map is directly contradicted by dialog from "In the Pale Moonlight", and the intent of producers can be overriden by what is spoken on screen.
It is stated in the episode,
  • "I'd pick the side most likely to leave us in peace when the dust settles. Maybe you're right. Maybe the Dominion will win in the end. Then the Founders will control what we now call Cardassia, the Klingon Empire and the Federation. So, instead of facing three separate opponents with three separate agendas, you'll find yourselves facing the same opponent on every side. There's a word for that. Surrounded." Sisko from "In the Pale Moonlight"
This is supported by
  • "And with the Cardassian Fourth Order protecting their flank, the Twenty third Jem'Hadar division will begin its thrust across the Glintara Sector. They should begin the invasion of Romulus itself on the following day. Once we've taken the homeworld, organised resistance will crumble when outlying systems and colonies begin looking out for themselves. Consolidation of the entire Empire will take three months at most." "Weyoun" from "In the Pale Moonlight" (Yes, I am aware that this tape was a forgery; however, even forgeries need a basis in reality to be believable.)
In the same episode, it is stated that the Jem'Hadar are crossing the Romulan-Cardassian border and attacking Federation assets.
The Dominion enters the Alpha Quadrant from the Gamma Quadrant through the wormhole, sets up a headquarters on Cardassia Prime, and begins spreading outward throughout the Alpha Quadrant. The drive of both the Klingons and the Federation, and later the Romulans, is to push them back to Cardassia Prime and defeat them. The writers made the Dominion War a battle for the Alpha Quadrant.
My intent is to be faithful to the rules of this project. The rules are clear - spoken dialog takes precedence. The battles in the Dominion War are fought in the Alpha Quadrant. The Beta Quadrant is never invaded by the Dominion.
I have been candid, as this is how I have been raised by my mother/father Denise. I believe that candor can be a first step towards reducing misunderstanding and conflict. Yet, I don't appreciate my mental condition being used as a weapon against me. And, that is what I feel has been done here. "Oh, he has this condition. People in this condition don't think like me - they don't have my understanding of the world. So, I can play a game with him, trick him into confirming what I believe about him, and then dismiss what he is saying." I am enraged by what you have done, and I will not give the courtesy of answering any further questions. I am taking a break from this project.Lakenheath72 (talk) 14:58, April 8, 2015 (UTC)
Nobody is trying to trick you, especially not Archduk3... he's always straightforward and to the point. And nobody is using your Aspergers as a weapon, or trying to dismiss what you're saying. You know better than anyone else here that one of the traits of those with Aspergers is the strong tendency to take everything literally and an inability to to grasp nuances, irony, puns, etc. You know that you *don't* think like NTs do. So when an NT explains something to you, you need to understand they're seeing things in a different light than you, and one that most others in the world see it in as well. If you were colorblind, for example, and couldn't tell red from green, and someone who isn't colorblind tells you that a particular Santa suit is green, just because a Santa suit is normally red, you can't insist that in this particular case it's red. This is assuming the person saying it's green isn't lying or pulling your leg, of course. And I assure you... Archduk3 is *not* lying or pulling your leg. -- Renegade54 (talk) 16:28, April 8, 2015 (UTC)
I spoke with my psychologist today about this. Literatism is not my issue. Reading the emotional language of individuals and connecting with other people is my issue. I don't take things literally, principally because my mother worked with me on not being this way. My father was a literal thinker, and this drove her to the verge of madness. It was one of the reasons that they divorced. Whenever I have been given tests on reading essays, I have scored high in reading comprehension, and when I was in my early teens, I had the reading comprehension of someone who was post-college. I am justifiablly angry, with myself and with Archduk3, in that I expected much more of me and I expected him to behave more differently. He was asking trick questions. What is a trick question?
  • "An inquiry having no correct answer, or one asked for the sole purpose of starting controversy or eliciting certain responses. Basically, a no-win situation." ( For example, for this definition, "Girlfriend asks: do I look fat in this? (trick question) If you tell her she does, she'll throw a fit and tell you how insensitive you are. If you tell her she doesn't she'll call you a liar and go off on a tangent about how "all men are the same" or some nonsense like that."
  • "if someone asks you a trick question, they ask you a question which is very difficult to answer, for example because there is a hidden difficulty or because the answer that seems obvious is not the correct one." (
Archduk3 asked a series of trick questions, knowing that I would answer them as I did, and then telling me that I was wrong. Years ago, I lived with a roommate. He had loaned me a pillow that I hadn't been taking care of. One night, while driving me home, he described a hyptothetical situation and asked me what would I do in that situation. I responded with an ethical answer. He was describing the situation as it existed and I returned the pillow to him; I learnt something that night and I was not angry. In fact, I was impressed by what he had done. I am open to being challenged. I believed that a man had raised his hands and was surrendering when a cop killed him. I had come to believe this. When it was revealed that wasn't the reality, I had a period of adjustment and I accepted the new reality. The point is that Archduk3 and Renegade54 believe that all Aspies suffer from the same condition - being literate - and can never change. (A person can't change their colorblindness; it is a physical trait.) The weapon is this stereotype view. Stereotypes are a powerful weapon and can do more damage than physical damage. I have seen on the news and have read in history how stereotypes have influence the actions of individuals and of nations. People who have stereotypes are in many cases not even aware that they have them. I do divide the world into Aspie and NT - this is how we think. We are dualistic creatures; even our epigenes are binary, with on-off switches. However, I work hard everyday at not forming stereotypes about NT's. I work hard to see them as like me - they are biochemical computers with programmed software. An Aspie can change through love and guidance, and by the Aspie being open to challenge and pushing the boundaries.Lakenheath72 (talk) 01:07, April 9, 2015 (UTC)
I was thinking about a time as a young teen when two black teens slammed me into a wall and told me that I wasn't welcome into the neighborhood. I didn't take it personally; I respected that they weren't happy I was in the neighborhood. They were acting upon their beliefs about whites and where their place was. I kept a low profile until I was able to leave. I feel that I have body-slammed again into a wall - this time, by two admins. I feel and think that if I do much more editing, which is a high profile act, that I will be body-slam into the wall again. They, like the black teens, are acting upon their beliefs. It makes me wonder, if I was like them, would they approach me differently on this issue? I can't help but think they might.
If I answer Archduk3's questions where I got the location information for the named planets, will these be more trick questions? I feel that he knows the answer - he is now waiting for me to answer the questions. If I do answer his questions, will he say I am wrong? Where he quote again from a background information section, which I don't believe is accurate to the written words of the episodes and films? Slowly, like the beach eroding under the constant tide, the production material and background sources will become unavailable as web pages are taken down and books become out-of-date and are not printed. This material won't be available as a resource. What will he do then?Lakenheath72 (talk) 03:40, April 9, 2015 (UTC)
I've only skimmed this discussion and have little to add, but before this spirals away from the issue at hand even further, could you please pause for a second to answer Archduk3's question, "what are the direct references to the Alpha Quadrant for Vulcan, Andor, Andoria, Briar Patch, Betazed, Tellar Prime, Tzenketh,..." so we have that information no matter where this goes next? -- Capricorn (talk) 04:17, April 9, 2015 (UTC)
Why does it really matter? For Archduk3 to determine who added the quadrant reference, the admin literally had to go through the history of each page. This takes dedication. This quadrant information has been on some of the pages for three years. Some editors, for example like Pseudohuman, who were more stringent in observing canon didn't have an issue with the quadrant information. It has become an issue since it has become known that I am an Aspie. I don't know Archduk3 motive's for what he did. He asked questions which were for his own agenda, whatever that is. The effect is that it has created doubt about and negativity toward this project. Lakenheath72 (talk) 17:48, April 9, 2015 (UTC)
This page violates Memory Alpha:Etiquette rules. The public forum page has become a message board, largely dominated by my thoughts, and has become, using Capricorn's words, "derailed". I don't intend to answer any of Archduk3's questions. And, if you and he have an issue with the pages listed, don't bring me in. Just fix them. This project has ceased to be fun.Lakenheath72 (talk) 20:49, April 9, 2015 (UTC)
After your game, I refuse to play along with you. As you have the time, which you seem to have demonstrated by your diligence in finding that I added Alpha Quadrant to those planet pages as Throwback, then you have the time to change the pages to your point of view.Lakenheath72 (talk) 21:35, April 9, 2015 (UTC)
From Talk:Benzar:
Bullshit. The matter is rather is that the placement of those pages was never explained, and you somehow feel above the need for accountability, disruptively refusing to explain edits that you didn't bother explaining then and that as a result people are confused by today. It matters because dedicatedly checking if pages are correct is part of our core business. You say you don't know Archduk3's motives, but at the same time make it clear you believe you are prosecuted, while all people are doing is trying to shed light on a valid potential issue, as they should. Let it be clear that I asked answers just because I am interested in knowing if there might be errors in those pages, and I've never judged aspies for being aspies in my life. -- Capricorn (talk) 04:33, April 10, 2015 (UTC)
First off, I don't have hard feelings toward you. Secondly, It took me time to understand what you said. For me, this is three years ago. I don't remember what happened yesterday - you are asking me to remember what I did three years ago. The issue is this, this wasn't an issue for three years. Then, it became an issue because of a belief that Archduk3 has about Aspies, that we interpret things literally and we are incapable of speaking in colluquailism. When I was younger, my mother hated how literal I was and worked with me not to be literal. She thought it was a trait I had picked up from my father, not knowing it was part of my condition.
What Archduk3 did was research to a point about Aspies, wrote questions that benefited his agenda, and, when I did what Aspies do, which is to answer the questions truthfully, he then told me I was wrong. A weakness for me is that I expect the other person to be truthful and transparent. When the person isn't, it can be felt as a betrayal. He never considered that I have an extensive reading background, that I have consistently scored high on reading comprehension, and have a different interpretation of what is being said. To me, if someone says, drive the Dominion out of the Alpha Quadrant, this means the Dominion has rooted in the quadrant and they have to be pushed back to where they came from - the Gamma Quadrant. They haven't advanced into the Beta Quadrant; they have been fighting for control of the Alpha Quadrant for two years. It did not help his causes when he quotes a sentence or two from the background section from the Beta Quadrant, which is not canon. I attempted to follow the rules and was getting the hang of the rules, when this incident arose. How can I possibly prove my point when the person I have to convince has already closed their mind? I am at the point where the Doctor, from Doctor Who, decided that living as a Time Lord on Gallifrey stopped being fun.
Let's talk about those pages. You have been a member here for a long time. During those three years, you had oppurtunities to address the issues raised by Archduk3. I don't remember you doing so. (You could have - I just don't remember it.) I attemmpted to educate you that spy satelite and surveillance satellite are the same word for the same thing. You refuesed to be taught, describing it as a "clever observation". It is a fact, if you read the page and done research. I feel that you have likewise closed your mind to what I have to say.
For the pages listed above, if it's a bee in your bonnet, then fix it. By the way, the only person who is confused is you, because I haven't seen any other person on this page since the admins left. There is just me, the lunatic, and you. The rest of the web site goes on its merry way blithely igrnorant of what is happening here. Lakenheath72 (talk) 07:48, April 10, 2015 (UTC)
Firstly, I have for years removed every speculative bit of location data I found upon as soon as I saw it, thank you very much. Probably one or two that were added by you too. As for the specific ones raised, they only now came to my attention. What am I supposed to do, ignore them because I didn't see them when they were added?
Secondly, your reading comprehension skills do not make you infallible, but you seem to bring them up as an argument that you don't even have to explain yourself anyway. If you want to be involved in a collaborative project, you should damn well try to collaborate. As far as I'm personally concerned, this particular tantrum constituted disruptive behavior. It's also very hard for people to presume you're good at interpreting things when in various past discussions you went on tangents about how your issues with understanding rules and guidelines are making things hard for you. (again, rather then bothering to adres the points of the discussion). Though in fairness, you've also implied at times that the the problem was with those rules, not you. Anyway, you're pleading for understanding in one sentence and take offense for being treated differently in the other.
Which brings me to point number three: I see no closed minds in this discussion except the one that was unwilling to even consider their wrong based on the iron conviction that they were being messed with. "You refused to be taught", really?? You complain that others are closeminded and you talk like a cult member in a bad movie. (by the way, I just haven't gotten to answering there yet, mainly because your argument made sense but I see another issue. again, don't assume bad faith) If people have really abandoned this discussion, I imagine it was because out of experience they knew the discussion was probably salvageable once you interpreted it as being personal. I don't remember what I did three years ago isn't a great answer (if an understandable one), but had you had not refuse to answer at all this discussion might have been fine. Instead it has derailed, as many have been derailed by this same process before. I'm starting to get pretty tired of this.
Fourthly and finally, and this ties in with the closed minds business, again I honestly and absolutely don't believe Archduk3 was fucking with you. And for what my word is worth to you today, neither am I.
And ps, if you feel the need to write something like "Someone fucks with me, I fucking cut them loose", you might want to take a breather instead. It kind of clashes with all the nice life stories you told. -- Capricorn (talk) 12:16, April 10, 2015 (UTC)
This discussion has drifted off course so much that I'm not even sure what the issue is here(and it doesn't really matter what it is). Lakenheath, I think Capricorn's suggestion of a break is a good idea, at least from this page if not MA in general. I would encourage you to do so. 31dot (talk) 12:29, April 10, 2015 (UTC)
I'm done trying to explain things to him. Even if you try to be on his side, or explain things nicely to him, he refuses to understand and feels he's being picked on and/or discriminated against. He feels he's always in the right, and no amount of discussion seems to change that. See my talk page for more info. -- Renegade54 (talk) 14:01, April 10, 2015 (UTC)
This form of communication - this Internet communication - doesn't work for me. I need the complexity of "skin" communication. There is so much in that communication that is missing in on-line communication. Recently, I have read and heard of the misogny in Twitter-dom. It is so very easy to forget that there is an individual who writes these words and that there is an individual who reads these words. I have discovered that communicating on the Internet is a skilled art. On one page, I read the audience of the Internet are "viewers", not "readers". I write as I am writing for a reader. This is an unexpected, not unsurprising, added layer of complexity. 7 totally epic rules for writing on the internet
I believe that each of us carries emotional baggage. Capricorn used an analogy of me as talking like a cult member in a bad movie. That analogy doesn't resonate with me. This analogy resonates with me. I was reading about the Holocaust yesterday. When the survivors of the camps arrived in Israel, the Jews living in that land, who lived in a culture of warriors, believed that their European brethren were "sheep to the slaughter". A person will evaluate and judge another based on their cultural associations, life experiences, and level of knowledge.
I recognize that you believe that what Archduk3 did was appropriate. I don't think you have an experience of being, in a classroom full of students, ostracized by a teacher for being different in your behavior or abilities. Of being called stupid, of being separated from the other students and placed at the front of the classroom as an example of not what to be. Or, even more personal, my father bought a remote controlled R2-D2 unit when I was six. He spent hours learning how to navigate this toy around plastic cups on a driveway. When I was given the toy at my birthday party, he said that I should do the same thing and, when I failed on the first try, he called me stupid. Childhood trauma never goes away - it stays with you for life. When a person triggers an emotional resonance with someone's emotional scars, it is like ripping the wound open again. I attempted to explain in the Benzar talk page why I feel that what Archduk3 did was inappropriate.
There are paths that an individual takes. Archduk3 could have simply said that there was no canonical basis for Benzar being in the Alpha Quadrant. He could have included proof that supported his assertion. Instead, he took the path he did. I recognize what he was doing, based on my own experiences, and still I answered his questions. When he posted his post after I answered the questions, I was enraged.
  • "The problem here is you are wrong, specifically with the 4th question, and you can't see it, because if I understand your condition correctly, you take everything literally, and what was said in the episodes isn't formal, it's colloquial." - Archduk3
Think about that sentence carefully. I am wrong because of my condition. Why bring my condition into the discussion? It was insensitive. I can conceptualize to a degree what he was trying to achieve; however, I don't associate the Internet as being the place for teaching people how to live in a community, how to interpret data, how to write, and how to be sensitive to others. I associate the world outside the Internet as being the place where these things are taught. Teaching requires a dynamic relationship between the teacher and student. Part of teaching is negotiating the barriers that individuals have created around themselves. The Internet is one more layer of barrier.
It is hard for me to see how my words are perceived by others, unless I am in a room with them, and it is hard for me to read the words of others. As the communication is failing, I rage. I believe that I am communicating clearly, and, when I feel that I am not, I become more frustrated. I can conceptualize derailment - I see a train falling off the rails. When you are the train, you can't see that you are derailing until it happens.
I am drawn to this web site like a moth to the light. And, like the moth, I am constantly damagaed by the experience and, when I do enter into a discussion, it derails every time. I have been struggling and failing with communicating on-line for nearly two decades. I am less angry then I was five years ago, when I was permanently banned from the Mass Effect wikia. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
I don't know what to do next. I leave the decision on what the next step should be to you.Lakenheath72 (talk) [consolidated from posts made on 23:32, April 10, 2015 (UTC) and 03:15, April 11, 2015 (UTC) and last edited on 04:38, April 11, 2015 (UTC)]
As for the answers, I am concerned that whatever I write will come off as different to you. What a person writes might not be what the reader reads. I speak in a strange language, not in your langauge. What I can tell you is this - I did a search for two words, say, "Vulcan" + "Alpha Quadrant" or "Vulcan" + "Alpha" at the transcript site. A list is generated. I check each episode to see if there is a connection between the two. When I see a connection, I said that this planet is in this quadrant. As is evident now, I lack the ability of comprehending the documents in the same way as you do, due to the fact that I am according to an expert (you) on my condition, I am a literal thinker and I am incapable of speaking colluquial - which in the expert's (you) opinion is the language of the episodes and films. I suggest that you double check those connections to see if they accord to the rules of this community.Lakenheath72 (talk) 12:04, April 11, 2015 (UTC)
I imagine myself in a room surrounded by spectres. I was here under many names - Airtram3, Throwback, Lakenheath72, I came here because I was fascinated by these documents I had learned about. I found a community bound by rules that instruct them on how to respond to these documents that hold great importance for them. They write on sheets information that is learned from these documents and they share what is learned with the others. This is all in accordance with the rules. The rules are incomprehensible for me - they are written in the spectres' language. I do, over time, come to have an understanding of them, if they are written in plain language.
For eight long years, I am a member of the community. I fail more than I succeed. When I fail, I attempt to explain myself. I fail in both my words and my delivery on many countless occassions. Many times, I learned that I present the appearance of someone who thinks themself to be always right, to be always not listening to others, to be someone who comes off thinking they are persecuted, to be someone who comes off as self-righteous, and so many other things I can't remember now. I attempted to fit in more by doing more of what they do, hoping that a spectre would not tell me I am wrong again. I had come to expect to see a courier telling me I had a new message. The messages had become a litany of what I was doing wrong.
I explain to them that I am not like them - that I am not one of them. I describe who I am. When I do a thing, a thing which I believe is faithful to the community's mission, one of them quizzes me on my knowledge of the documents. When I answer his questions, the spectre tells me I am wrong because I am not like them in that I don't think like them and that I won't be able to fully understand the documents. The documents have a language of their own - a language the spectre tells me I can not read, yet they can read for it is written in their language. This language is known as colloquialism; he tells me I speak a formal, literal language. I am filled with doubt - will I ever be able to understand these documents and will what I learned from them meet the needs of this community? - and rage. I am more angry at myself than him. I believe that by giving this spectre knowledge of me, this spectre had a tool at hand to demonstrate how he is closer to the intention of the documents' writers than I am. I don't believe this spectre would have taken the path he did if he had not known of my history. Before this, I was feeling alienation from the community. Now, I feel alienation from the documents themselves. My body fills, as a jar is filled with water, by the energy of anxiety and uncertainity when I am in this room.
I have glimpsed into the past. I see that I have marginally improved - I don't have the intensity of rage I once did. Marginal improvement in eight years is a track record of failure. I agree with the spectre 31dot that is time for me to leave. I request that this spectre lock the door behind me permanently, by blocking the ISP address.Lakenheath72 (talk) 11:37, April 11, 2015 (UTC)
I have asked for a permanent ban from one of the administrators. This should be one less thing on your list that wearies you.
As for the answers, I am concerned that whatever I write will come off as different to you. What a person writes might not be what the reader reads. I speak in a strange language, not in your langauge. I recollect you calling it the language of a cult member from a bad movie. This analogy has meaning to you - it has none for me. What I can tell you is this - I did a search for two words, say, "Vulcan" + "Alpha Quadrant" or "Vulcan" + "Alpha" at the transcript site. A list is generated. I check each episode to see if there is a connection between the two. When I see a connection, I said that this planet is in this quadrant. As is evident now, I lack the ability of comprehending the documents in the same way as you do, due to the fact that I am according to an expert on my condition, I am a literal thinker and I am incapable of speaking colluquial - which in the expert's opinion is the language of the episodes and films. I suggest that you double check those connections to see if they accord to the rules of this community.Lakenheath72 (talk) 12:00, April 11, 2015 (UTC)
I don't even know what to say anymore; first you attack people for suggesting you might be a literal thinker, now suddenly you are. Maybe people just caught you in a bad mood or something. Oh well, your contributions will be missed by me. For what it's worth, the bad movie statement only referred to the strong selfrighteousness wording you used to describe what happened on the spy satellite discussion. -- Capricorn (talk) 12:29, April 11, 2015 (UTC)
[What I Need] is a long break from MA.Lakenheath72 (talk) 17:02, April 11, 2015 (UTC)
I had written a load of rubbish earlier on your page, which I subsequently erased. If you do read it, please disregard my request. Thanks. :)Lakenheath72 (talk) 17:13, April 11, 2015 (UTC)

So, let's get the business out of the way first:

  • I've consolidated this into one "timeline" from multiple sources, as noted, so I could put all of this into context, and respond accordingly.
  • "Archive, don't delete" and "Avoid context swizzling." Deleted posts have been restored while edited posts have been retained, but remain in their original position in this "timeline".
  • I've permanently blocked this user, per their own request, and all known alias (the Throwback account is closed by wikia and Airtram3 is now blocked) including the most used IP address. That IP address' talk page remains editable.

With that said:

First off, I'm consistently saddened by the lack of imagination in the "evil schemes" I'm supposed to have concocted. If I had wanted to "play a game" with this user to "drive them away" by using "trick questions", I would only have had to ask one: "Yes or no, did you request to be permanently blocked for your own good?" Since the only factual answer for that is yes, we would have ended up in the same placed, and it would have saved us all the thousands of character written in the last few days. Of course, none of this was my intention, and if I had actually had the time in the last few days to write, proofread, rewrite, proofread, rewrite, proofread, and then post the many replies that would have been required in that time, maybe this could have been avoided, but here we are, again.

So let's "start" with the questions, which were asked in an attempt to find out why this user would think "any Dominion War location = Alpha Quadrant". Since this user had complained, a lot, about how what we do here isn't communication and would only hurt them, I decided that terse "orders" would be better than standard communication if something had to be said, since our rationals for things seemed to be the problem. Once it was clear that this information wasn't being added simply based on Dominion War page's sidebar, I had to determine why the possibility of the Beta Quadrant was so soundly rejected. It was possible that this user didn't know Qo'noS was in the Beta Quadrant, or that the Klingons were attacked by the Dominion during the war, instead of just supporting the Federation. It was also possible that, if this user knew those two things, that they hadn't considered that the Klingon Empire was only in the Alpha Quadrant in the same way that Russia is in Europe, which is to say only a small fraction of it is. The fourth question was simply asked to see if answering the previously three would even raise the possibility that when someone in DS9 or VOY said "Alpha Quadrant", what they were talking about could contain parts of the Beta Quadrant. Only question one wasn't a simply yes or no question, so when I didn't get yes or no answers, it was clear that this user wasn't actually answering my questions, but was making assumptions about what those questions were and then answering those assumptions. It was now clear that my "painful" rational would have to be stated.

What followed that rational is days of ranting and raging about how much of an asshole I am, how most of us just dismiss anyone with this users condition, and non-straight line comparisons with other incidents in this users life. All of this came directly from him. The anger, frustration, and persecution you felt Lakenheath72 is you', only you. You made the assumptions about what I was doing, answered based on those assumptions, and then got the response you wanted, which was something you could use as nails for the fucking cross you seem to want to be hung on. You've done nothing but project you're issues with you're condition on us.

I can't say I'm surprise all fucking hell broke loose though, since this had literally just happened in February with eerily similar circumstances, but I can say it is extremely regrettable that it did. I'm sorry I wasn't here to at least try and derail this self destructive mental train you've been running the last few days, and probably more come, but I'm not going to hold myself responsible the version of me you've constructed in your head, because I don't recognize it at all.

Lakenheath72, the block placed on you is not primary to protect us, or even the project, though the latter does factor in, you are blocked here to protect you. I've left your IP address capable of editing its own talk page for if and when you come around to wanting to return, but I, for one, will not lift the block or knowingly allow you to edit here unless a certified, verifiable mental health professional not only recommends it, but is fully aware of the implications. Anything less than that would be negligence on our part. Instructions on how that person can contact me or another an admin will be given if and when the time comes. Best of luck. - Archduk3 22:01, April 11, 2015 (UTC)

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