"My sacrifice will be a rallying cry to those who value logic above all. Vulcans will soon recognize and withdraw from the failed experiment known as the Federation."
– V'Latak to Sarek, 2256 ("Lethe")

Adjunct V'Latak was a male Vulcan who lived in the 23rd century. He was a member of an extreme faction, the logic extremists, who were opposed to the integration of Humans into Vulcan society.

In 2256, V'Latak was assigned to pilot a Vulcan cruiser carrying Sarek on a diplomatic mission to Cancri IV. He attempted to assassinate Sarek by turning his body into a bomb; though Sarek survived, the ship was disabled inside the Yridia Nebula. (DIS: "Lethe")

V'Latak was played by Luke Humphrey.

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