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Minister Satok of Vulcan Security

For other agencies referred to as "Vulcan Security", please see Security Directorate.

The V'Shar, also known as Vulcan Security, was one of the security and intelligence agencies responsible for the security of Vulcan and its people. In 2370, the V'Shar was headed by the Minister Satok.

In 2370, T'Paal, a member of the Vulcan Isolationist Movement, posed as an undercover member of the V'Shar to Captain Jean-Luc Picard while seeking out the Stone of Gol. When Commander William Riker later contacted the V'Shar regarding the mission, Minister Satok confirmed the V'Shar had no operatives aboard any mercenary ships. (TNG: "Gambit, Part II")


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According to the script, V'Shar was pronounced: "vuh-SHAR".[1]

The Last Unicorn RPG sourcebook The Way of Kolinahr treats the V'Shar as one of the Vulcan Ministry of Security's two components, serving as an intelligence agency alongside the V'Kor (Vulcan police.) The V'Shar had historically been tasked with gathering scientific, technological, and economic intelligence across the galaxy. (p.33-34)

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