The term "V'tosh ka'tur" referred to "Vulcans without logic." In Vulcan, it was used by elders to refer to anyone who disagreed with ancestral teachings. Around 2143, a group of these Vulcans left Vulcan aboard the starship Vahklas. The crew of Enterprise NX-01 encountered the Vahklas in 2151, while en route to the Arachnid Nebula. The Vulcan captain, Tavin, requested some assistance in the repair of their propulsion and life support.

In truth, these Vulcans hadn't abandoned their logic but had simply learned to exist without the need to continually suppress their emotions. They still believed that logic was an essential part of Vulcan existence, but that it had to complement emotions, not exclude them. After eight years of experimentation, they claimed to have finally managed to find a balance between the two, through constant discipline and meditation. (ENT: "Fusion", "Stigma")

In the first draft script of "Fusion" (which had the working title "Equilibrium"), Szon (a V'tosh ka'tur character who, as the episode developed, was ultimately renamed Tolaris) hoped that he and his shipmates would someday return to Vulcan to share all they had learned. He also claimed to T'Pol, "You may not believe it… but there's a groundswell building back home. Many are dissatisfied with the status quo," to which T'Pol skeptically replied, "You're right… I don't believe it." It is unclear if this discussion pertained to the Va'tosh ka'tur movement.
The ideas of the V'tosh ka'tur apparently never caught on with the majority of Vulcans and it is unclear if their movement survived into the 23rd or 24th centuries, though Sybok presumably would be considered a V'tosh ka'tur. It is possible that their ideas were further discredited by the discovery of Surak's true teachings in the Kir'Shara. Immediately following ENT Season 1, Brannon Braga was unsure if the V'tosh ka'tur would return to the series, but was doubtful they would. He remarked, "The whole movement obviously went nowhere by the time Kirk's era came along. They definitely didn't have an impact as they had hoped." (Star Trek: Communicator issue 139, p. 26) In VOY: "Random Thoughts", Tuvok claims that "all members of the Vulcan race learn to inhibit emotions," leaving little space for V'tosh ka'tur in the 24th century.

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