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For the ENT episode with a similar title, please see "Vox Sola".

A devastating revelation about Jack alters the course of Picard's life forever – and uncovers a truth that threatens every soul in the Federation. The final battle begins as Picard and his crew race to save the galaxy from annihilation – but not without a gut-wrenching cost.



"Nothing is more elusive than a door the mind doesn't wish to open," Troi says, as Jack Crusher stares down the corridor of his mind at the red door, the song "I Can't Stop Crying" projecting through the hall. Troi can sense his reluctance and fear but assures him he is safe. She points out the vines approaching the door, but Jack says he has no idea what they mean. Troi tells him that all symbols have some kind of meaning and urges him to think. He finally recalls the Crimson Arboretum on Raritan IV, a place he had visited with his mother as a child, and also recalls she "adored" the song they were hearing as well. Troi warns him not to get lost in it and stay with her. He recalls the song being less music and more memory, a code of sorts passed from his parents down to him. He remembers seeing thousands of flowers at the arboretum, all of them different on the outside, but beneath the soil, all were connected by the vines. He admits he does not find the idea comforting, but still right and true, purposeful, perfect. As they speak, the music slows and the corridor begins to darken.

In reality, Troi is sitting in the counselor's office aboard the USS Titan-A, holding Jack's hands, deep in concentration. Outwardly, Jack looks almost haunted, while inside his mind, his expression has hardened. Troi asks if Jack seeks to make such connections like the vines, and he admits he wants to make "many" connections. The voices, foremost among them his mother's, come from the door. Troi tells him his truth lies beyond it and asks if he would like her to open it, again assuring him he will not be alone. Jack finally agrees, and Troi slowly makes her way down the corridor to the door. As she places her hand on the doorknob and opens it inside Jack's mind, in reality she suddenly awakens, totally stunned by what she has just seen. She stammers out an apology and quickly flees the office, even as he demands to know what she saw in his mind. She makes her way down the corridor to sickbay, where Picard and Beverly Crusher look up worriedly at the expression on her face, asking what happened.

Behind the red door in Jack's mind, Troi had seen a Borg cube... and heard the voice of the Borg Collective.

Act One[]

Picard and Beverly are stunned by the revelation, while also protesting it as impossible; Jack has never been assimilated by the Borg, nor are there nanoprobes in his system, nor any transceivers or receivers. Troi assures them that while her gifts are not perfect, there was no mistaking the Borg influence. Beverly knows from biology that communication does not always require words, like with a flock of birds turning in unison, or the architecture of an ant hive or a bee colony. Transceivers and receivers are sometimes organic, and so too must the technology be inside Jack. Picard is adamant that the only thing he passed to Jack was Irumodic Syndrome, but Beverly realizes he never actually had Irumodic Syndrome, which is why Altan Soong had kept his body at Daystrom Station. Somehow, he discovered, and Vadic somehow knew, that Picard had passed something to Jack, something left over from when he had been assimilated into Locutus. Beverly thinks they should tell Jack, but Picard, blaming himself as the root cause for Jack's problems, chooses to take that responsibility himself. However, Troi stops them short when she points out there are "protocols" to follow. Vadic had been looking for a weapon to use against Humanity, and that weapon was Jack; they had seen how he could control others' minds. Troi apologetically tells them their son is now dangerous.

Jack is pacing furiously in his quarters when the door chimes, heralding his father. He immediately demands to know what Troi saw, before raging that he is never allowing any "goddamn Betazoid" near him again. Everyone has their secrets that they are entitled to, not to be put out on "psychic display" as his had been, and he feels Troi had no right, former Starfleet counselor or no. When Picard tries to defend his former crewmate, Jack screams at him to tell him what Troi saw. Picard finally admits that 35 years ago, he had been assimilated by the Borg and was used by them to do "terrible things" before he was recovered. While he was outwardly unscarred, he had not been unchanged. Starfleet had cleared him for duty, but later diagnosed him with what was thought to be Irumodic Syndrome, which had killed him. However, the illness that led to his organic death turned out to be a "side effect" of the real cause, something that Picard has passed on to Jack, what he calls a "seed" that has taken a generation to grow. Jack wonders if that makes him like a bee, searching for a hive, for a queen, and Picard admits that perhaps subconsciously it does. Jack had always seen how the galaxy is imperfect, with broken political systems, wars, violence and bigotry, and wondered if it could be different if everyone could think with one mind, speak with one voice; perhaps a little "cybernetic authoritarianism" was the answer. But at the same time, the Borg don't feel, don't care, and yet he does; how does that factor in? Picard can only say that they have to take "precautions." Jack, furious, demands to know what Picard sees when he looks at him. Picard angrily replies that he came close to killing everyone he knew, everyone he loved, when he was Locutus. Jack doesn't know what it means to be controlled by them, what the Borg Queen could make him do… and Picard has seen what Jack is capable of. He knows of a place he thinks Jack will be safe, a research academy on Vulcan. Jack knows he's referring to Keslovar, which he condemns as a "prison" where the Vulcans would use the mind meld to "lobotomize the Borg" out of him, and refuses, choosing instead to find his own way.

As he tries to leave his quarters, however, two Starfleet security officers, phasers in hand, halt him. Jack realizes he was never going to be allowed to walk out alone. Picard sadly tells him that Starfleet protocol requires them to act in the interest of all others. Jack wonders what the protocols of a father tell him to do, or perhaps he had never been issued those? Just then, his eyes glow red, and the two security officers raise their weapons – at Picard himself. "Jack, what is this?" Picard asks him. "Futility," is Jack's answer as he leaves, the controlled security officers bodily blocking Picard from following even as calls after him.

Beverly catches up to him in the corridor, asking where he is going. He replies simply that he is going home. She urges him to let them find another way. Jack had always thought the voice in his head he was hearing was hers, but in fact it was that of the Borg Queen. If she wanted him, he would trade himself for answers. And when he gets close enough to get them, he intends to show exactly who and what he is. Ignoring his mother's desperate pleas, Jack makes his way to the shuttlebay, and preps a shuttlecraft for launch. He briefly reaches out, hearing the Queen's voice in his mind again, then sets the coordinates and disables the shuttle's transponder before pulling out of the bay. Picard and Beverly are left to watch from the viewports in the observation lounge as Jack's shuttle goes to warp. Picard sadly notes that Jack inherited the best of her, and the worst of him. Beverly laments how she lost Wesley to space, and so watched Jack more closely, so close that she didn't see what was in front of her. She is adamant there must be another way, and she intends to find it.

Picard sits alone when he is approached by Data, who reports that Jack is jamming the transponder of the shuttle. He asks if Picard would like him to say something comforting, which Picard warns might be impossible. Data is aware of this, and simply puts a hand on his old captain's shoulder to show his support. Just then, Geordi La Forge calls from sickbay, telling Picard that there is something more about Jack.

Jack's stolen shuttle comes out of warp in the midst of the storm he had "seen" behind the red door in his vision — but there is no trace of the Borg. The shuttle's computer sounds an alarm, warning of tachyon radiation pulses, neutrino emissions, and gravitational flux. He wonders if it might be a wormhole, but the shuttle's computer reports it is a transwarp conduit. Just then, Jack doubles over, clutching his head in pain, as he can hear the voice of the Collective, before looking up to find a Borg cube looming over him.

Act Two[]

Geordi explains that all Borg undergo genetic alterations so that their bodies can communicate with their cybernetic components, but Picard had undergone far more extensive alterations. The Borg had in fact written an entirely new genetic code inside him, something the crew had not been able to detect 35 years earlier. The anomaly that Dr. Soong had found in Picard's brain was in fact dormant Borg biological adaptations, which explains why Picard could still hear the Collective even after being liberated. Worf adds that this is why Vadic stole Picard's organic body from Daystrom Station: The Changelings had extracted the altered portions of his DNA, with the intent to weaponize it. While Picard as Locutus was a receiver of sorts, Jack appears to be a transmitter, able to send instructions. Picard points out that those Jack had taken control of, including the security ensigns, had never been assimilated by the Borg; how could he control them? Worf admits they do not know that yet. Beverly wonders how she had missed any sign of this, but Picard considers it a testament to her that he had resisted as long as he could. Geordi agrees, saying that while Jack is Borg, that is not all he was.

Riker asks what they will do now. Beverly thinks it is clear that the Changelings and the Borg had been working for a common purpose, and Worf reminds them that all of Starfleet is assembled at this moment on Earth: "Today is Frontier Day." The entire conspiracy has been for this one specific moment. Beverly urges them to warn Starfleet, but Riker wonders what they would be warning them about, as they don't know themselves yet; Geordi also points out that Starfleet would "blow [them] out of the water" the moment they enter the system. Picard believes they have to try, and calls to the bridge, telling Captain Shaw that they have to return to the Sol system. Shaw questions the wisdom of returning in the middle of the Frontier Day celebration with all of Starfleet there, "running exercises with our faces pinned to their dartboard" as he puts it. Picard believes it to be their only option. "Of course, it is," Shaw resignedly replies.

In Earth orbit, the USS Enterprise-F departs Sol Station under the command of Fleet Admiral Elizabeth Shelby. She addresses the fleet by saying that 250 years earlier, the Enterprise NX-01, Earth's first warp 5 vessel, made its maiden voyage. With it, a crew of 83 embarked on the journey that would eventually lead to the birth of Starfleet. As the Titan makes her way to Earth, they listen as Shelby explains Starfleet's newest advancement: "fleet formation," a new synchronistic technology that allows all Starfleet vessels to act as one, "an impenetrable armada" as she puts it. Riker notes Shelby's rise, recalling how ambitious she had been decades before, and Picard wonders how Shelby of all people could endorse something so "Borg-like." "Happy Frontier Day, everyone," Riker sums up sarcastically; Seven of Nine adds they will be crashing "one hell of a party." Sidney La Forge reports from the helm that they will arrive in Sector 001 in less than an hour. Shaw wonders what will happen next.

Meanwhile, Jack beams aboard the Borg cube, where the Borg Queen's voice welcomes him home. She refers to him as her child, her flesh and blood. "For all my darkness, you are light," she tells him. "For all my suffering, you are life." Jack admits he is not sure what he is, but is sure he is not hers. The Queen replies that he is, and that she had thought of many names: "Regenerati," or perhaps "Puer Dei." Jack notes her fondness for Latin, but replies that he is neither her "rebirth" nor a "child of God." She replies that this is why he was Vox: not Locutus, "the one who speaks," but the voice itself. She knows he has felt it too and urges him to believe in it. He raises his phaser, saying he believes in mercy, and intends to grant a "mercy" of sorts. The Queen is suspended above him, telling him that she sees in him what Vadic also saw: An end, the vindication of both their species: "To take everything back from those who live their lives like shattered glass." She laughs, saying that if it were possible for him to kill her, he would have already. Jack screams in impotent rage at his predicament, before finally dropping his phaser. The Queen urges him to end his struggle and join her, reminding him that "resistance is futile." Cables descend from the ceiling and connect into Jack, turning his eyes a featureless black.

Aboard the Titan, Geordi explains to Beverly that he and Data have been looking over the intel that Musiker recovered from the Shrike before its destruction and have discovered Starfleet code inside Picard's DNA – more specifically, Data adds, transporter code. Beverly tells the computer to cross-reference the code with the transporter system of the Titan. The computer finds that the code is part of the transporter architecture. Data explains that to simplify the processing of millions of data points, the system stores coding common to all species, and Picard's Borg-altered DNA is now considered common biology in the transporter system. Beverly realizes this is what the plan was: Using the Changelings to infiltrate starships to introduce this code into the transporter system, to add the new Borg DNA into everyone, of every species, whoever uses a transporter. The Borg have essentially been assimilating the entire fleet without anyone ever knowing it.

The Titan comes out of warp in Earth orbit, as Shelby continues her summation of the new Fleet Formation system, which Riker thinks is more like a firing squad. The computers then blare out a warning, and Mura reports that it is just as expected: the fleet is trying to commandeer their systems. Shaw calls for countermeasures, but Esmar reports that the automation is shutting them down, and they are about to lose communications. Picard orders emergency hailing frequencies to the entire fleet. He reports the Changeling infiltration that has made them vulnerable to the Borg. Shelby hails directly, and he urges her to trust him, even if the message sounds desperate. However, the connection is lost, and Mura reports a massive energy spike.

The Borg cube activates, sending out a signal that causes Seven to double over in pain; she is able to detect it through her remaining implants. Data examines the simulation data, showing that the Borg genetic material did not propagate in species past a certain point in its developmental cycle. Beverly knows that for Humans, this is around age 25, when the frontal cortex stops development – which meant it will not affect them, but it will affect the younger members of the crew. Geordi is immediately worried about his two daughters. On the bridge, Shaw calls for red alert, but Mura does not respond to his repeated commands. Nor does Sidney, as both of their faces writhe with Borg nanoprobes. Sidney turns, and emotionlessly speaks with the voice of the Collective. Geordi then tries to find his daughter Alandra, but the computer responds her life signs no longer register as Human: She too has been affected. Communications return for a brief moment, and Shelby frantically reports that something is happening to her crew as well. Two members of the Enterprise crew immediately shoot her dead, before the connection is again lost. Shaw and Picard both realize that Starfleet has been assimilated. The bridge crew all begin droning "eliminate all unassimilated." Seven quickly disarms and disables one officer about to fire on Riker, and Shaw takes up a phaser, ordering weapons to stun only as they quickly flee the bridge.

Geordi frantically tries to get to his daughters, but Data quickly halts him, saying they need a plan first. The controlled crew marches through the corridors, firing on anyone they find, all while droning "eliminate all unassimilated." Esmar, speaking for the crew, reports to the Collective that they now have control of the Titan.

Act Three[]

In the turbolift, Shaw wonders why they haven't been assimilated, and Seven replies that with all the "gray hair" between them, it must have "skipped a generation." Picard knows they cannot save the ship, or the rest of the fleet, from inside; Riker agrees, they have to escape from the Titan. The lift stops on deck 4, in the midst of a firefight. Shaw urges Seven to close the door and proceed to Deck 11, which she does in time before the drone officers can reach the turbolift. As they do, an emergency transmission comes in on channel 99 Delta from Captain Benbassat of the USS Excelsior, who reports he and his crew have managed to retake their bridge. However, to his sudden shock and horror, the automated system takes the ship out of formation, right into the crosshairs of the rest of the fleet. The captain is requesting that whoever is listening tell his family about him before the Excelsior is destroyed. The Collective voices report the Excelsior as "eliminated" and the fleet-wide assimilation complete. Picard angrily demands the communications be terminated. Riker wonders how Benbassat was able to get a message out. Shaw recognizes 99 Delta as a maintenance channel. An idea suddenly comes to him, and he changes the destination of the turbolift to the maintenance deck. No guards, and thus no drones, are posted there, and there is a repair shuttle they could use to escape. Picard reaches out to anyone who may be listening to meet them on the sub-level maintenance corridor. The fleet, now joined by the Titan, sends a transmission to Earth, calling on the "weak and willful" to submit, as their strongest, all of Starfleet, are now Borg.

As the lift halts at its destination, they are met by Geordi, Data, Beverly, Musiker, Troi, and Worf; the latter four all have phasers in their hands. Troi is relieved, half-joking that she has never been so glad to see "so many wrinkles." Geordi is trying to get the door to the repair shuttle bay open, and also worries about his daughters. Picard assures him they will be saved, but first, they have to get off the ship immediately. Riker worries about the fleet taking over the shuttle, but Data points out the shuttles are autonomous, not affected by the new system. Seven agrees with the "robot" (at which Data looks mildly put out) that it is the only way. Worf questions how a single shuttle can take on the entire fleet, but Geordi has a better idea. As he returns to work on the door, Worf warns of incoming. Shaw and Seven move to cover their escape. Geordi is able to get the door open, and he and Data power up the shuttle. Geordi hopes the shuttle has enough power to get them there, but Data wonders how Geordi is sure "there" hasn't already been destroyed. When Geordi asks him to think more positively, Data half-jokingly replies that he hopes they die quickly.

As the firefight continues, Shaw urges Beverly and Riker to go. Worf follows not long after. As Shaw then tells Picard to go, he takes a phaser blast to the chest. Seven tells Picard to leave, but he refuses to depart without everyone. Seven urges him to "find a way out of this," and Musiker backs her up, also choosing to stay behind. As Seven tries to reach out to her captain, Shaw tells her it is not his ship anymore, but hers. "You have the conn, Seven of Nine," he says as he dies.

As the shuttle leaves the Titan, the fleet targets Sol Station, and prepares to eliminate all of Earth's defenses.

Act Four[]

Worf, William Riker, and Beverly Crusher look at the Enterprise-D

"She's beautiful, Geordi."
"Will she fly?"

The shuttle arrives at the Fleet Museum on Athan Prime, and approaches Hangar Bay 12. Geordi knows they need an older ship, one not affected by the new automation system. He had been intending this as a surprise but decides there is no time like the present. Inside the hangar, much to the shock of Picard and the others, a familiar shadow is lit up as the hangar's floodlights activate: a reconstructed USS Enterprise-D. As he guides the shuttle to the stern to access a shuttlebay, Geordi explains that the saucer was recovered from Veridian III per the Prime Directive, so as not to influence the inhabitants of the system. He has spent the past twenty years rebuilding the secondary hull, including engines and nacelles taken from the USS Syracuse, and repairing the damage to the saucer after it crashed, still somewhat scorched and scratched. Data finds it strange that he is having an emotional reaction to seeing the old ship again, and Troi assures him he is not the only one. Geordi points out they cannot use the USS Enterprise-E, and all eyes turn to Worf, who retorts that what happened to her was not his fault. Geordi warns there is still some hull work to be done, and the port nacelle cover is problematic, but both Riker and Beverly assure him she is still "beautiful" all the same. Worf asks if she can fly, and Geordi turns to Picard, who is quite convinced she can.

Picard addresses crew aboard restored USS Enterprise-D

"We are the crew of the USS Enterprise. But more than that, we're your family."

Picard leads his old crew out of the turbolift onto the darkened bridge for the first time in thirty years, and as Geordi activates the lights, they take in the old but familiar sight: their bridge as they knew it best, before the last refit of 2371. Riker ponders if the bridge seems smaller than it was, but Beverly confirms that it's the same size. Worf remarks that he preferred the additional weapon systems on the Enterprise-E, but, after Troi admonishes him, he admits the work Geordi has done is "perfect." Data approaches the ops station and greets his old chair before worriedly looking back and asking if Geordi is sure she is not connected to the Starfleet mainframe. Geordi assures him that he is positive: The Enterprise-D is the only functioning ship left in the fleet that is not. As Picard approaches the dedication plaque, he wistfully mentions how it was not until that moment, with all of them there, that he realizes what he had missed most: the carpet, earning laughs from the others. Geordi assures Worf that he is having the torpedo bays loaded by drones as they speak and gives Picard the honors. Picard calls for the computer to initiate system reactivation procedures, and the computer acknowledges, reporting with its out-of-date crew manifest that the Enterprise is under the command of Captain Picard, who happily accepts the "field demotion." He looks to his old shipmates, saying he is reluctant to call on them to face this foe again, but Riker reminds him that they are the crew of the Enterprise, and not only that, but they are also his family. Troi adds that Jack, Sidney, and Alandra are their family too. "Jean-Luc, wherever you go, we go," Riker assures him.

USS Enterprise-D departs Athan Prime

The Enterprise-D returns to service

Picard orders his old crew to stations – Worf at tactical, Data at ops, Geordi at the helm, and Riker and Troi on either side of him. Beverly reports systems ready, and Worf reports the same for weapons, though they are limited. Riker knows they will have to run, shoot, or hide, and they will need every bit of power to the deflector shields. As they clear the old spacedock, Picard has Data set a direct course for Earth, and gives the order from his captain's chair: "Engage."

Memorable quotes[]

"Vadic was searching for a weapon against Humanity. That weapon was Jack. You both saw him enter the minds of others and control them. Forgive me, but as of this moment, your son is dangerous."

- Troi, to Picard and Beverly Crusher

"He inherited the best of you… and the worst of me."
"I gave Wesley space and I lost him to it. So, I watched Jack closer. So close I couldn't see what was right in front of me."

- Picard and Beverly Crusher, after Jack Crusher flees the Titan

"I have thought of so many names for you. Regenerati. Puer Dei."
"A fondness for Latin, I see. But I am neither your rebirth, nor a child of God."
"That is why you are Võx. Not Locutus, the one who speaks. You are the voice itself."

- Borg Queen and Jack

"250 years ago today, the Enterprise NX-01, the first warp five capable vessel to be constructed by Human hands, made its maiden voyage. With it, a crew of 83 souls embarked on a journey. One of bravery, perseverance, and sacrifice that would lead to the birth of what we know today as Starfleet."

- Shelby, aboard the USS Enterprise-F as Frontier Day commences

"There it is, right from the mouth of Admiral Elizabeth Shelby."
"The irony of her endorsing something so Borg-like."
"Happy Frontier Day, everyone."

- Riker and Picard, after Shelby demonstrates Fleet Formation, which allows every ship in Starfleet to function as one

"I've never been so happy to see so many wrinkles."

- Troi, after seeing Picard, Riker, Seven, and Shaw in the turbolift

"Data, could you try being a little more positive?"
"I hope we die quickly."

- Geordi La Forge and Data

"It's – it's not my ship anymore. It's yours. You have the conn... Seven of Nine."

- Shaw's dying words

"Well, I was gonna save this as a surprise one day but… guess there's no time like the present."

- Geordi La Forge, revealing the rebuilt USS Enterprise-D in Hangar 12 at the Fleet Museum

"And obviously, we can't use the Enterprise-E."
"That was not my fault."

- Geordi La Forge and Worf

"You know, it wasn't until this moment, reunited with all of you... I realize what I miss most. The carpet."

- Picard, to his former crew while on the bridge of the Enterprise-D

"Computer, initiate system reactivation procedures."
"Authorization acknowledged. USS Enterprise now under command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard."
"Well, I hereby accept the field demotion."

- Picard and the Enterprise Computer

"We are the crew of the USS Enterprise. But more than that, we're your family."
"Jack, Alandra, Sidney, they're our family too."
"Jean-Luc, wherever you go, we go."
"Thank you, Number One. Stations, please."

- Riker, Troi, and Picard

"Mr. Data, set a direct course for Earth. Maximum warp."
"Aye, captain. Course laid in, sir. She's ready."

- Picard, ordering Data to take the Enterprise-D to Earth to confront the Borg

Background information[]


  • 6 April 2022: Title publicly revealed by Wil Wheaton in TRR: "Surrender".
  • This is one of seventeen Star Trek episodes with titles derived from Latin.
  • The spelling of "Võx" in the title is unusual, as the Latin word would usually be written either with a macron — vōx — or more commonly with no diacritic, such as in ENT: "Vox Sola".


  • Two starship classes from Star Trek Online make their on-screen debut in this episode, namely the Alita-class and the Edison-class. Vessels of the Odyssey-class, Pathfinder-class and Pioneer-class also appear for the first time, after previously making their debuts as photographs and computer graphics earlier in the season.
  • Ship names, registry numbers and class names for several starships seen during Frontier Day were provided by Dave Blass on Twitter and Instagram.
  • The USS Enterprise-D bridge was an entirely new set. The only legacy component of the set was the dedication plaque which was an original prop used during the filming of seasons 5-7 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The plaque was removed from the set each day after filming, for fear of it being stolen. [1] [2]

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