For the mirror universe counterpart, please see V. Brown (mirror).

V. Brown was a Human male who served as a Military Assault Command Operations soldier during the mid-22nd century. In 2153, Brown was assigned to the MACO detachment aboard Enterprise NX-01 for the mission into the Delphic Expanse. After the mission was over, and Enterprise returned to Earth in 2154, Brown remained aboard as part of the MACO detachment.

Brown took part in the combat exercise between the MACO's and the Earth Starfleet officers due to difficulties between Major Hayes and Lieutenant Reed in 2153. He was also Reed's training partner and knocked by him to the ground. (ENT: "Harbinger")

In 2154, Brown was part of the MACO team which guarded the brig on board Enterprise. When the group of Augments boarded Enterprise to free Arik Soong, the MACO, including Brown, were knocked unconscious by their opponents. (ENT: "Borderland")

V. Brown was portrayed by stunt actor Yoshio Iizuka who received no credit for his appearances.
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