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Title Episode Prodno. Stardate Original Airdate
Caretaker 1x01/02 101 (721) 48315.6-48317 1995-01-16
Parallax 1x03 103 48439.7 1995-01-23
Time and Again 1x04 104 Unknown 1995-01-30
Phage 1x05 105 48532.4 1995-02-06
The Cloud 1x06 106 48546.2 1995-02-13
Eye of the Needle 1x07 107 48579.4 1995-02-20
Ex Post Facto 1x08 108 Unknown 1995-02-27
Emanations 1x09 109 48623.5 1995-03-13
Prime Factors 1x10 110 48642.5 1995-03-20
State of Flux 1x11 111 48658.2 1995-04-10
Heroes and Demons 1x12 112 48693.2 1995-04-24
Cathexis 1x13 113 48734.2 1995-05-01
Faces 1x14 114 48784.2 1995-05-08
Jetrel 1x15 115 48832.1 1995-05-15
Learning Curve 1x16 116 48846.5 1995-05-22


Captain Kathryn Janeway's chief of security, Lieutenant Tuvok, has disappeared while involved in a counter-espionage mission aboard a Maquis ship, whose last known position was somewhere in the Badlands. While en route to investigate Tuvok's disappearance, the maiden voyage of the Federation starship USS Voyager ends in disaster as the ship and her crew are pulled seventy thousand light years into the far reaches of the Delta Quadrant. After locating the missing Maquis ship nearby, and learning of the enormity of their predicament, the crew ascertains that an extra-galactic entity called the Caretaker is responsible for pulling them across the galaxy in an attempt to find a compatible species to mate with. The Caretaker confides in Janeway that he is dying and requires a mate to continue caring for a species who live nearby known as the Ocampa. After witnessing the death of the Caretaker, Janeway makes the decision to destroy his technology to prevent it falling into the hands of a local malevolent species known as the Kazon. The firefight which ensues results in both the destruction of the Caretaker's "array" and the renegade Maquis ship; in an act of self-sacrifice, the only way for Voyager's crew to return to the Alpha Quadrant is lost.

After incorporating the Maquis crew, as well as a Talaxian, Neelix, and an Ocampa, Kes, Voyager sets a course for home.

Initial tension and mistrust between the opposing Starfleet and Maquis crews is explored in "Parallax", "Prime Factors", and "Learning Curve". The consequences of isolation and loss on the crew begin to develop in "The Cloud" and "Eye of the Needle", and the crew are also teased with the possibility of returning home several times throughout the first season, only to have it cruelly snatched away. The Kazon reappear and prove to be a powerful nemesis, while in "Phage" an additional threat is introduced, in the disease ravaging organ-harvesting Vidiians. Crucially, Janeway's decision to maintain Voyager as a Starfleet vessel is brought sharply into focus when a member of the former Maquis crew, Ensign Seska, is revealed to be a Cardassian spy, and in a showdown with Janeway, defects to the Kazon.

Each of the primary cast members gets a chance to develop their characters in the first season. Chakotay's heritage and relationship with Janeway are highlighted in "Parallax", "The Cloud", "State of Flux", and "Cathexis". B'Elanna Torres becomes the ship's new Chief Engineer in "Parallax", reveals more of her Klingon character in "Faces", and begins to adjust to Starfleet's code of conduct in "Prime Factors". Lieutenant Tom Paris is falsely accused of murder in "Ex Post Facto", Ensign Harry Kim experiences death in "Emanations", while Lieutenant Tuvok learns to adapt in "Learning Curve". Neelix loses a lung in "Phage" and faces up to the loss of his family, and his species' virtual genocide in "Jetrel". Kes' mental abilities begin to assert themselves in "Time and Again" and "Cathexis", and The Doctor (EMH) slowly begins to experience new emotions, and gain new rights, privileges, and responsibilities in "Eye of the Needle" and "Heroes and Demons".

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Also Starring

The credits for "Caretaker" initially listed all of the "Also Starring" cast without listing their respective ranks.
The credits for "Parallax" added ranks to all of the "Also Starring" except Biggs-Dawson.
The above shown list reflects their final format presented beginning with "Time and Again".

Guest and co-stars


Theme by: Jerry Goldsmith
Co-Producer: Wendy Neuss


Supervising Producer: David Livingston

Executive Producers

Executive Story Editor: Kenneth Biller (all episodes except "Caretaker")

Casting by
Original Casting by
Music by
  • Jay Chattaway ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "The Cloud", "Emanations", "Prime Factors", "Cathexis", "Learning Curve")
  • Dennis McCarthy ("Parallax", "Phage", "Eye of the Needle", "Ex Post Facto", "State of Flux", "Heroes and Demons", "Jetrel")
  • David Bell ("Faces")
Director of Photography
  • Marvin V. Rush, ASC ("Caretaker"–"Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors"–"Learning Curve")
  • Joe Chess ("Emanations"; credited as Joe Chess, Jr.)

Production Designer: Richard D. James

  • J.P. Farrell ("Caretaker")
  • Daryl Baskin ("Caretaker", every third episode after and including "Time and Again")
  • Tom Benko, ACE (every third episode after and including "Parallax")
  • Robert Lederman (every third episode after and including "Phage")

Unit Production Manager: Brad Yacobian

First Assistant Directors

Second Assistant Director: Arlene Fukai
Costume Designer: Robert Blackman
Set Decorator: Jim Mees
Visual Effects Producer: Dan Curry

Visual Effects Supervisor

Post Production Supervisor: Dawn Velazquez
Supervising Editor: J.P. Farrell (all episodes except "Caretaker")
Scenic Art Supervisor/Technical Consultant: Michael Okuda
Senior Illustrator/Technical Consultant: Rick Sternbach
Make-Up Designed and Supervised by: Michael Westmore

Art Director
Set Designers
  • Gary Speckman ("Caretaker", odd-numbered episodes from "Parallax" through "Emanations")
  • Louise Dorton ("Caretaker", even-numbered episodes from "Time and Again" through "Prime Factors", "State of Flux" – "Learning Curve")
  • John Chichester ("Caretaker")
Visual Effects Coordinators
  • Michael Backauskas ("Caretaker", even-numbered episodes from "The Cloud" through "Learning Curve")
  • Joe Bauer ("Caretaker", "Parallax", odd-numbered episodes from "Emanations" through "Jetrel")
  • Edward L. Williams ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "Eye of the Needle")
Visual Effects Series Coordinator
  • Philip Barberio ("Phage" – "Prime Factors")
  • Edward L. Williams ("State of Flux" – "Learning Curve")
Visual Effects Associate
  • Frederick G. Alba ("Caretaker")
  • Edward L. Williams ("Parallax", "Phage", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto" – "Prime Factors")
  • Arthur J. Codron ("State of Flux" – "Learning Curve")

Script Supervisor: Cosmo Genovese
Special Effects: Dick Brownfield
Property Master: Alan Sims
Construction Coordinator: Al Smutko

Scenic Artists

Video Coordinator: Denise Okuda
Hair Designer: Josée Normand

Make-Up Artists
  • Greg Nelson ("Caretaker" – "Phage", "Eye of the Needle" – "Emanations", "State of Flux" – "Learning Curve")
  • Tina Hoffman ("Caretaker" – "Time and Again", "The Cloud" – "Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors" – "Heroes and Demons", "Jetrel", "Learning Curve")
  • Scott Wheeler ("Caretaker", "Parallax", "Phage" – "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations" – "State of Flux", "Cathexis"–"Jetrel")
  • Mark Shostrom ("Caretaker", "Time and Again" – "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto" – "Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons" – "Faces", "Learning Curve")
Hair Stylists
Wardrobe Supervisors

Sound Mixer: Alan Bernard, CAS

Camera Operator
  • Joe Chess, SOC ("Caretaker"–"Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors" – "Learning Curve")
  • Ron High, SOC ("Emanations")

Chief Lighting Technician: Bill Peets
First Company Grip: Bob Sordal

Key Costumers
  • Tom Siegel ("Caretaker", even-numbered episodes)
  • Camille Argus ("Caretaker")
  • Matt Hoffman ("Caretaker", even-numbered episodes)
  • Jamie Thomas ("Caretaker", odd-numbered episodes)
  • Kimberley Shull (odd-numbered episodes from "Parallax" through "Jetrel") (credited as Kimberly Thompson-Shull until "State of Flux")

Music Editor: Gerry Sackman
Supervising Sound Editor: Bill Wistrom
Supervising Sound Effects Editor: Jim Wolvington

Sound Editors

Post Production Sound: Modern Sound (credited as "Modern Sound - Hollywood, CA" in "Caretaker")
Production Coordinator: Diane Overdiek
Post Production Coordinator: Cheryl Gluckstern

Production Associates

Pre-Production Coordinator: Lolita Fatjo
Casting Executive: Helen Mossler, CSA
Stunt Coordinator: Dennis Madalone ("Caretaker" – "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto", "State of Flux" – "Faces", "Learning Curve")
Location Manager: Lisa White ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "State of Flux")
Science Consultant: André Bormanis

Main Title Design by

Filmed with: Panavision Cameras and Lenses
Motion Control Photography: Image G

Digital Optical Effects
Computer Animation
  • Amblin Imaging ("Caretaker", "Phage")
  • Santa Barbara Studios ("The Cloud")

Computer Generated Effects: Amblin Imaging ("Eye of the Needle", "Emanations")
Special Video Compositing: CIS Hollywood
Editing Facilities: Unitel Video

Credited only in "Caretaker"

2nd Second Assistant Director: Michael DeMeritt
Visual Effects Assistant Editor: Arthur J. Codron
Illustrator: Jim Martin
Video Consultant: Elizabeth Radley

Video Playback Operators
Assistant Editor
Re-Recording Mixers

Casting Assistant: Libby Goldstein
Transportation Captain: Stewart Satterfield

Matte Paintings

Uncredited crew

Hair Styling

Makeup department

Special/visual effects

Media releases

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