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Title Episode Production number Stardate US release date
"Caretaker" 1x01/02 40841-721 48315.6–48317 1995-01-16
"Parallax" 1x03 40841-103 48439.7 1995-01-23
"Time and Again" 1x04 40841-104 Unknown 1995-01-30
"Phage" 1x05 40841-105 48532.4 1995-02-06
"The Cloud" 1x06 40841-106 48546.2 1995-02-13
"Eye of the Needle" 1x07 40841-107 48579.4 1995-02-20
"Ex Post Facto" 1x08 108 Unknown 1995-02-27
"Emanations" 1x09 40840-109 48623.5 1995-03-13
"Prime Factors" 1x10 40840-110 48642.5 1995-03-20
"State of Flux" 1x11 40840-111 48658.2 1995-04-10
"Heroes and Demons" 1x12 40840-112 48693.2 1995-04-24
"Cathexis" 1x13 40840-113 48734.2 1995-05-01
"Faces" 1x14 40840-114 48784.2 1995-05-08
"Jetrel" 1x15 40840-115 48832.1 1995-05-15
"Learning Curve" 1x16 40840-116 48846.5 1995-05-22


Captain Kathryn Janeway's chief of security, Lieutenant Tuvok, has disappeared while involved in a counter-espionage mission aboard a Maquis ship, whose last known position was somewhere in the Badlands. While en route to investigate Tuvok's disappearance, the maiden voyage of the Federation starship USS Voyager ends in disaster as the ship and her crew are pulled seventy thousand light years into the far reaches of the Delta Quadrant. After locating the missing Maquis ship nearby, and learning of the enormity of their predicament, the crew ascertains that an extra-galactic entity called the Caretaker is responsible for pulling them across the galaxy in an attempt to find a compatible species to mate with. The Caretaker confides in Janeway that he is dying and requires a mate to continue caring for a species who live nearby known as the Ocampa. After witnessing the death of the Caretaker, Janeway makes the decision to destroy his technology to prevent it falling into the hands of a local malevolent species known as the Kazon. The firefight which ensues results in both the destruction of the Caretaker's "array" and the renegade Maquis ship; in an act of self-sacrifice, the only way for Voyager's crew to return to the Alpha Quadrant is lost.

After incorporating the Maquis crew, as well as a Talaxian, Neelix, and an Ocampa, Kes, Voyager sets a course for home.

Initial tension and mistrust between the opposing Starfleet and Maquis crews is explored in "Parallax", "Prime Factors", and "Learning Curve". The consequences of isolation and loss on the crew begin to develop in "The Cloud" and "Eye of the Needle", and the crew are also teased with the possibility of returning home several times throughout the first season, only to have it cruelly snatched away. The Kazon reappear and prove to be a powerful nemesis, while in "Phage" an additional threat is introduced, in the disease ravaging organ-harvesting Vidiians. Crucially, Janeway's decision to maintain Voyager as a Starfleet vessel is brought sharply into focus when a member of the former Maquis crew, Ensign Seska, is revealed to be a Cardassian spy, and in a showdown with Janeway, defects to the Kazon.

Each of the primary cast members gets a chance to develop their characters in the first season. Chakotay's heritage and relationship with Janeway are highlighted in "Parallax", "The Cloud", "State of Flux", and "Cathexis". B'Elanna Torres becomes the ship's new Chief Engineer in "Parallax", reveals more of her Klingon character in "Faces", and begins to adjust to Starfleet's code of conduct in "Prime Factors". Lieutenant Tom Paris is falsely accused of murder in "Ex Post Facto", Ensign Harry Kim experiences death in "Emanations", while Lieutenant Tuvok learns to adapt in "Learning Curve". Neelix loses a lung in "Phage" and faces up to the loss of his family, and his species' virtual genocide in "Jetrel". Kes' mental abilities begin to assert themselves in "Time and Again" and "Cathexis", and The Doctor (EMH) slowly begins to experience new emotions, and gain new rights, privileges, and responsibilities in "Eye of the Needle" and "Heroes and Demons".

Background information[]


Based Upon Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry


Also starring[]

The credits for "Caretaker" initially listed all of the "Also Starring" cast without listing their respective ranks.

The credits for "Parallax" added ranks to all of the "Also Starring" except Biggs-Dawson.

The above shown list reflects their final format presented beginning with "Time and Again".

Guest and co-stars[]


Created by
Rick Berman
Michael Piller
Jeri Taylor
Theme by
Jerry Goldsmith
Wendy Neuss
Merri Howard
Peter Lauritson
Brannon Braga ("Parallax"–"Learning Curve")
Supervising Producer
David Livingston
Executive Producers
Rick Berman
Michael Piller
Jeri Taylor
Executive Story Editor
Kenneth Biller ("Parallax"–"Learning Curve")
Casting by
Nan Dutton, CSA ("Caretaker")
Kathryn S. Eisenstein ("Caretaker")
Junie Lowry-Johnson, CSA ("Parallax"–"Learning Curve")
Ron Surma ("Parallax"–"Learning Curve")
Original Casting by
Nan Dutton, CSA ("Parallax"–"Learning Curve")
Kathryn S. Eisenstein ("Parallax"–"Prime Factors")
Music by
Jay Chattaway ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "The Cloud", "Emanations"–"Prime Factors", "Cathexis", "Learning Curve")
Dennis McCarthy ("Parallax", "Phage", "Eye of the Needle"–"Ex Post Facto", "State of Flux"–"Heroes and Demons", "Jetrel")
David Bell ("Faces")
Director of Photography
Marvin V. Rush, ASC ("Caretaker"–"Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors"–"Learning Curve")
Joe Chess, Jr. ("Emanations")
Production Designer
Richard D. James
Edited by/Editors
J.P. Farrell ("Caretaker")
Daryl Baskin ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "Eye of the Needle", "Prime Factors", "Cathexis", "Learning Curve")
Tom Benko, ACE ("Parallax", "The Cloud", "Emanations", "Heroes and Demons", "Jetrel")
Robert Lederman ("Phage", "Ex Post Facto", "State of Flux", "Faces")
Unit Production Manager
Brad Yacobian
First Assistant Directors
Jerry Fleck ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons", "Faces", "Learning Curve")
James S. Griffin ("Parallax")
Adele Simmons ("Phage", "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux", "Cathexis", "Jetrel")
Second Assistant Director
Arlene Fukai
2nd Second Assistant Director
Michael DeMeritt ("Caretaker")
Costume Designer
Robert Blackman
Set Decorator
Jim Mees
Visual Effects Producer
Dan Curry
Visual Effects Supervisors
David Stipes ("Caretaker", "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux", "Cathexis", "Jetrel")
Philip Barberio ("Parallax")
Robert D. Bailey ("Time and Again", "Eye of the Needle")
Joe Bauer ("Phage")
Ronald B. Moore ("The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons", "Faces", "Learning Curve")
Post Production Supervisor
Dawn Velazquez
Supervising Editor
J.P. Farrell ("Parallax"–"Learning Curve")
Scenic Art Supervisor/Technical Consultant
Michael Okuda
Senior Illustrator/Technical Consultant
Rick Sternbach
Make-Up Designed and Supervised by
Michael Westmore
Art Director
Andrew Neskoromny ("Caretaker"–"Time and Again")
Michael L. Mayer ("Phage"–"Learning Curve")
Set Designers
Gary Speckman ("Caretaker"–"Parallax", "Phage", "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations")
Louise Dorton ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors"–"Learning Curve")
John Chichester ("Caretaker")
Visual Effects Coordinators
Michael Backauskas ("Caretaker", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons", "Faces", "Learning Curve")
Joe Bauer ("Caretaker"–"Parallax", "Emanations", "State of Flux", "Cathexis", "Jetrel")
Edward L. Williams ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "Eye of the Needle")
Visual Effects Assistant Editor
Arthur J. Codron ("Caretaker")
Visual Effects Series Coordinator
Philip Barberio ("Phage"–"Prime Factors")
Edward L. Williams ("State of Flux"–"Learning Curve")
Visual Effects Associate
Frederick G. Alba ("Caretaker")
Edward L. Williams ("Parallax", "Phage"–"The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto"–"Prime Factors")
Arthur J. Codron ("State of Flux"–"Learning Curve")
Script Supervisor
Cosmo Genovese
Special Effects
Dick Brownfield
Property Master
Alan Sims
Construction Coordinator
Al Smutko
Scenic Artists
Jim Magdaleno ("Caretaker"–"Parallax", "Phage", "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux", "Cathexis", "Jetrel")
Wendy Drapanas ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons", "Faces", "Learning Curve")
Jim Martin ("Caretaker")
Video Coordinator
Denise Okuda
Video Consultant
Elizabeth Radley ("Caretaker")
Video Playback Operators
Larry Markart ("Caretaker")
Ben Betts ("Caretaker")
Hair Designer
Josée Normand
Make-Up Artists
Greg Nelson ("Caretaker"–"Phage", "Ex Post Facto"–"Emanations", "State of Flux"–"Learning Curve")
Tina Hoffman ("Caretaker"–"Time and Again", "The Cloud"–"Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors"–"Heroes and Demons", "Jetrel"–"Learning Curve")
Scott Wheeler ("Caretaker"–"Parallax", "Phage"–"Eye of the Needle", "Emanations"–"State of Flux", "Cathexis"–"Jetrel")
Mark Shostrom ("Caretaker", "Time and Again"–"The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto"–"Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons"–"Faces", "Learning Curve")
Hair Stylists
Patricia Miller
Karen Asano-Myers ("Caretaker"–"Parallax", "Phage", "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux", "Cathexis", "Jetrel")
Shawn McKay ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons", "Faces", "Learning Curve")
Wardrobe Supervisor
Carol Kunz ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons", "Faces", "Learning Curve")
Camille Argus ("Parallax", "Phage", "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux", "Cathexis", "Jetrel")
Sound Mixer
Alan Bernard, CAS
Camera Operator
Joe Chess, SOC ("Caretaker"–"Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors"–"Learning Curve")
Ron High, SOC ("Emanations")
Chief Lighting Technician
Bill Peets
First Company Grip
Bob Sordal
Key Costumers
Tom Siegel ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons", "Faces", "Learning Curve")
Camille Argus ("Caretaker")
Matt Hoffman ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors", Heroes and Demons", "Faces", "Learning Curve")
Jamie Thomas ("Caretaker"–"Parallax", "Phage", "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux", "Cathexis", "Jetrel")
Kimberley Shull ("Parallax", "Phage", "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux", "Cathexis", "Jetrel", credited as Kimberly Thompson-Shull until "Emanations")
Music Editor
Gerry Sackman
Supervising Sound Editor
Bill Wistrom
Supervising Sound Effects Editor
Jim Wolvington
Sound Editors
Miguel Rivera
Masanobu Tomita
Ruth Adelman
Assistant Editor
Lisa De Moraes ("Caretaker")
Post Production Sound
Modern Sound (credited as Modern Sound Hollywood, CA in "Caretaker")
Production Coordinator
Diane Overdiek
Post Production Coordinator
Cheryl Gluckstern
Production Associates
Kristine Fernandes
Kim Fitzgerald ("Caretaker")
Zayra Cabot
David Rossi
Sandra Sena ("Parallax"–"Learning Curve")
Pre-Production Coordinator
Lolita Fatjo
Casting Assistant
Libby Goldstein ("Caretaker")
Casting Executive
Helen Mossler, CSA
Stunt Coordinator
Dennis Madalone ("Caretaker"–"Time and Again", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto", "State of Flux"–"Faces", "Learning Curve")
Transportation Captain
Stewart Satterfield ("Caretaker")
Location Manager
Lisa White ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "State of Flux")
Science Consultant
Andre Bormanis
Main Title Design by
Santa Barbara Studios
Dan Curry
Re-Recording Mixers
Chris Haire, CAS ("Caretaker")
Doug Davey ("Caretaker")
Richard Morrison, CAS ("Caretaker")
Filmed with Panavision ® Cameras and Lenses
Motion Control Photography
Image G
Digital Optical Effects
Digital Magic ("Caretaker"–"Jetrel")
Pacific Ocean Post ("Learning Curve")
Computer Animation
Amblin Imaging ("Caretaker", "Phage")
Santa Barbara Studios ("The Cloud")
Computer Generated Effects
Amblin Imaging ("Eye of the Needle", "Emanations")
Special Video Compositing
CIS, Hollywood
Editing Facilities
Unitel Video
Matte Paintings
Illusion Arts ("Caretaker")
Eric Chauvin ("Caretaker")
Tony Meininger ("Caretaker")
Wonderworks ("Caretaker")
Don Pennington ("Caretaker")
Tony Doublin ("Caretaker")
Copyright © MCMXCV By Paramount Pictures
Dolby Surround
Paramount® A Viacom Company


  • Patric J. Abaravich – Camera Electrician ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Greg Agalsoff – 2nd Unit Sound Mixer ("Caretaker"–"Emanations", "State of Flux"–"Cathexis")
  • John Agalsoff – Mike Operator ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")/Sound Mixer ("Time and Again", "The Cloud")/2nd Unit Sound Playback Operator ("Phage"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • M. Anderson – Playback Machine Operator ("Caretaker")
  • Fred Apolito – Propmaker ("Caretaker")
  • Karen Asano-Myers – Hair Stylist ("Time and Again", "The Cloud", Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons", "Faces", "Learning Curve")/2nd Unit Hair Stylist ("Phage"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Jane Aull – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Michael Backauskas – Cover Visual Effects Supervisor ("Caretaker")
  • Bales – 2nd Unit Extra Grip ("Time and Again"–"The Cloud")
  • Philip Barberio – Visual Effects Coordinator ("Caretaker")
  • Marilyn Basaker – Costume First Hand ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Kathleen Barrett – DGA Trainee ("Caretaker"–"Time and Again")
  • Jeffrey Baxter – Special Effects Artist/Digital Compositor ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Richard J. Beban – Extra Camera Assistant ("Emanations", "Jetrel")
  • Pamela Berggren – Key Costumer ("Caretaker", "Emanations"–"Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons", "Jetrel")/2nd Unit Costumer ("Caretaker", "Phage"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • David Bernard – Sound Cable Person ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Bernstien – 2nd Unit Lamp Operator/Electrician ("Phage"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Ben Betts – Video Operator ("Parallax"–"Learning Curve")/2nd Unit Video Playback Operator ("Time and Again"–"Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux"–"Cathexis", "Learning Curve")
  • Billy Blackman – Gang Boss ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Dustin Blauvelt – Extra Camera Operator ("Caretaker")
  • Rob Bloch – Animal Trainer/Wrangler: Critters of the Cinema ("Caretaker", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto")
  • T. Blue – 2nd Unit Mike Operator/Blue Box ("Faces")
  • Robert Bonchune – Visual Effects Artist: Miniatures – WonderWorks, Inc. ("Caretaker")
  • Cathy Bond – Additional Second Assistant Director ("Caretaker")
  • Jason Bond – Color Compositor ("Emanations")
  • Boris – Greensperson ("Caretaker", "Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons", listed as "Goris" on the latter two)
  • Grant Boucher – CGI Supervisor: Amblin Imaging ("Emanations")
  • Roger Bourse – Electrician/Lamp Operator ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")/Assistant Chief Lighting Technician ("Emanations", "State of Flux")
  • Janice D. Brandow – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Richard Briere – 2nd Unit Extra Grip ("Caretaker")
  • M. Brown – Extra First Assistant Camera ("Caretaker")
  • Belinda Bryant – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker"–"Phage", "Heroes and Demons", "Faces", "Learning Curve")
  • Randy Burgess – 2nd Grip ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")/2nd Unit Key Grip ("Time and Again"–"Emanations", "State of Flux"–"Learning Curve")
  • Burton – Second Assistant Camera Operator ("Prime Factors")
  • Christian H. Burton – Second Assistant Visual Effects Camera Operator ("Parallax")
  • Sal Butera – Pool Technical Adviser ("The Cloud", "Jetrel"–"Learning Curve")
  • Byers – Electrician ("Caretaker")
  • John Calvin Byrd – Promotions Coordinator ("Learning Curve")
  • Ron Calvaruzo – Grip ("Caretaker"–"Parallax")
  • Carlucci – Special Effects Labor Artist ("Caretaker"–"Prime Factors")
  • John Carroll – On-Line Editor
  • Adolfo Castanon – Greensman ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Violet Cazanjian – Additional Second Assistant Director ("State of Flux"–"Heroes and Demons", "Learning Curve")/Second Assistant Director ("Emanations")
  • Vartan Chakarian – Craft Service ("Caretaker")/2nd Unit Craft Service ("Caretaker", "Time and Again"–"Eye of the Needle", "Learning Curve")
  • Chambers – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Joe Chess – 2nd Unit Director of Photography ("Time and Again–"Emanations", "State of Flux"–"Jetrel")
  • Ian Christenberry – Electrician/Lamp Operator ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Richard Chronister – Special Effects Artist ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")/2nd Unit Special Effects Artist ("Phage"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Clairmont – Power Pod Technician ("Caretaker")
  • Clark – Swing Gang ("Caretaker"–"Parallax")
  • Caryl Codon – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker", also listed as Caryl Codon-Tharp)
  • Richmond G. Cogswell – Video Operator ("Caretaker")
  • Lisa Collins – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • George Colucci – Stunt Safety ("Caretaker", "The Cloud")
  • Armando Contreras – Grip/Key Grip ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")/2nd Unit Crab Dolly Grip ("Caretaker"–"Parallax", "State of Flux"–"Cathexis")
  • Cooley – Electrician ("Parallax")
  • Brian Cooper – Electrician/Lamp Operator ("Caretaker", "Phage"–"Learning Curve")/2nd Unit Assistant Chief Lighting Technician ("Caretaker")
  • Cynthia Coulter – Animal Trainer: Critters of the Cinema ("Ex Post Facto")
  • Cremin – Special Effects Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Ruth Ann Crudup – Studio Teacher ("Time and Again")
  • Dan Curry – Cover Visual Effects Supervisor ("Caretaker")/2nd Unit Director ("Caretaker"–"Time and Again")/2nd Unit Visual Effects Producer ("Caretaker", "Phage"–"Emanations", "State of Flux"–"Faces")
  • Joshua Cushner – Motion Control Camera Operator: Image G ("Caretaker")
  • Dick D'Angelo – Swing Gang ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • D'Aquino – Grip ("Caretaker")
  • Jim Davidson – Additional Miniatures ("Caretaker")
  • Davis – Electrician ("Caretaker")
  • Andrea F. Davis – Propmaker ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Robert De La Garza – Swing Gang ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Michael DeMeritt – Second Assistant Director ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")/2nd Unit Second Assistant Director ("Parallax"–"Emanations", "State of Flux"–"Learning Curve")
  • Rebecca De Morrio – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Jay Devlin – Grip/Rigging Grip/Extra Grip ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • David Dittmar – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Jon Djanrelian – Craft Service ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Daren Dochterman – Production Illustrator ("Caretaker")
  • Chris Doyle – Stunt Safety ("Caretaker")
  • Doug Drexler – Production Illustrator/Scenic Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Durling – Electrician ("Caretaker")
  • Hank Edds – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • David Emmerichs – Steadicam Operator ("Caretaker", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto")
  • English – Body Makeup Artist ("Eye of the Needle")
  • Estes – Video Operator ("Caretaker")
  • Lennie Evans – Extra Camera Operator ("Caretaker")
  • Robert Eyslee – Electrician/Lamp Operator ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")/Assistant Chief Lighting Technician ("Caretaker", "Phage"–"Ex Post Facto", "Learning Curve")/2nd Unit Assistant Chief Lighting Technician ("Phage"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Ted Fay – 2D Animation Supervisor ("Caretaker")
  • Feld – Still Photographer ("Prime Factors")
  • Alfred T. Ferrante – ADR Mixer ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • L. Fife – Studio Teacher ("Time and Again", "Learning Curve")
  • Sue Forrest-Chambers – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Fox – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Fox – 2nd Unit Lamp Operator ("Caretaker")
  • Edward French – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker", "Eye of the Needle")
  • Dino Ganziano – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • James A. Garrett – Assistant Editor ("Parallax", "The Cloud", "Emanations", "Heroes and Demons")
  • B. Gary – 2nd Unit Script Supervisor ("Caretaker", "Time and Again"–"Emanations", "State of Flux"–"Cathexis")/Script Supervisor ("Ex Post Facto")
  • Rusty Geller – Extra Camera Operator ("Emanations", "Jetrel")
  • George – Extra Assistant Camera Operator ("Caretaker")
  • Jeff Gersh – Sound Editor ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • John E. Glassco – Medical Adviser ("Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux")
  • Graf – 2nd Unit Lamp Operator/Electrician ("Phage"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Don Greenberg – Visual Effects Compositing Editor: Digital Magic ("Caretaker")/Visual Effects Compositor ("Parallax", "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux", "Cathexis", "Jetrel")
  • J. Griffin – 2nd Unit First Assistant Director ("Caretaker")
  • John Gross – Computer Graphics Supervisor: Amblin Imaging ("Caretaker", "Phage")
  • John Grower – Effects and Animation Supervisor: Main Title: Santa Barbara Studios ("Caretaker")
  • Eric Guaglione – Main Title Animation Supervisor: Santa Barbara Studios ("Caretaker")/Animation Supervisor: SBS ("The Cloud")
  • John Guiterrez – Electrician ("Caretaker")/2nd Unit Lamp Operator/Electrician ("Time and Again"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Dennis Hammermeister – Sound Engineer ("Caretaker")/2nd Unit Mike Operator ("Time and Again"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Hammond – Electrician ("Caretaker")/2nd Unit Kamp Operator/Electrician ("Time and Again"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Michael Haney – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker", "Phage")/2nd Unit Makeup Artist ("Time and Again"–"Phage")
  • Peter Hapke – Extra Camera Operator ("Faces")/Camera Operator ("Learning Curve")
  • Harkin – Extra Camera Operator ("Caretaker")
  • Stan Harrison – Cogswell Video Operator ("Faces"–"Jetrel")
  • Hartley – Crab Dolly Grip ("Caretaker")
  • June Haymore – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Heather – Electrician ("Caretaker")
  • Jaime Heintz – Grip ("Caretaker", also listed as "Heinz" and "Hinds")
  • David E. Hengstellar – Electrician ("Caretaker")
  • Herrera – Set Security ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Rick Hester – Special Effects Labor Artist ("Prime Factors"–"Learning Curve")
  • Ron High – Extra Camera Operator ("Time and Again"–"The Cloud", "Prime Factors", "Cathexis")/Camera Operator ("Ex Post Facto")
  • Matt Hoffman – Set Costumer ("Parallax", "Phage", "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux", "Cathexis", "Jetrel")
  • Tina Hoffman – Makeup Artist ("Phage", "Emanations", "Cathexis"–"Faces")
  • Robert Hollocks – International Marketing ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Adam Howard – Visual Effects Animator: Digital Magic ("Caretaker")
  • William Howard – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • J. Hughs – Electrician ("Caretaker")
  • Darrell Huntsman – Greensperson ("Time and Again")
  • Nancy J. Hvasta – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker", "Cathexis"–"Jetrel")
  • D. Isaac – Sideline Musician ("Prime Factors")
  • D. Jackson – Teleprompter Operator: Q-TV Paramount Promo 2nd Unit ("The Cloud")
  • M. Jennings – 2nd Unit Playback Machine Operator ("Caretaker")/2nd Unit Mike Operator ("Parallax")/2nd Unit Sound Cable Person ("Time and Again"–"Eye of the Needle")/Boom Operator ("The Cloud")
  • David Jones – CGI Animator: Amblin Imaging ("Emanations")
  • Ian Jones – Grip/Memory Head: Digital Filmworks ("Caretaker")
  • Tammy Kalka – First Aid ("Caretaker")
  • Karnes – Special Effects Artist ("Caretaker"–"Parallax")
  • Ted Katzoff – Sword Technical Adviser ("Heroes and Demons")
  • Virginia Kearns – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Brian Q. Kelley – Electronical Editorial – Video Segments ("Heroes and Demons")
  • Nina Kent – Makeup Artist ("Emanations")
  • Michael Key – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker", "State of Flux", "Faces"–"Jetrel")
  • Janie Kleiman – Production Executive ("Caretaker"–"Parallax")/2nd Unit Unit Production Manager ("Caretaker", "Time and Again"–"Eye of the Needle")/2nd Unit Assistant Unit Production Manager ("The Cloud"–"Emanations", "State of Flux")/Assistant Unit Production Manager ("Prime Factors"–"Learning Curve")
  • Douglas Knapp – Camera Operator ("The Cloud", "Emanations")/Extra Camera Operator ("State of Flux")
  • Spencer Knapp – Digital Effects Artist: Digital Magic ("Heroes and Demons")
  • Barry R. Koper – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker", "State of Flux", "Faces", "Learning Curve")
  • Kevin Koster – DGA Trainee ("Learning Curve")
  • Andrzej Kozlowski – Production Assistant ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Nina Kraft – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker", "Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons")
  • Kruger – 2nd Unit Assistant Chief Lighting Technician ("Phage"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Kruger – Makeup Artist ("Prime Factors")
  • Steve Kruzlock – 2nd Unit Second Grip/2nd Unit Crab Dolly Grip ("Caretaker"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Yvonne Kubis – Key Costumer ("Caretaker")
  • Joe Kudlack – Grip ("Caretaker", also listed as "Kudach" and "Kudlach")
  • Carol Kunz – Costumer Foreperson ("Parallax", "Phage", "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux", "Cathexis", "Jetrel")
  • Erwin H. Kupitz – Wig Designer ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Rick Lamb – Assistant Camera Operator ("Caretaker", "Ex Post Facto")
  • Steve LaPorte – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Lasher – First Aid ("Caretaker")
  • Daryl Lathrop – ADR Recordist ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Lavine – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • John Leamer – Casting Associate ("Caretaker")
  • Leavitt – Costumer ("Caretaker", "Time and Again")
  • Stephen Lebed – Motion Control Operator ("Caretaker")
  • Don Lee – Digital Colorist/Compositor: CIS Hollywood ("Caretaker")
  • Jessica W. Leung – DGA Trainee ("Emanations"–"Learning Curve")
  • Audrey Levy – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Lippman – Body Makeup Artist ("Caretaker", "Prime Factors")
  • Stephanie Lipsky – Key Costumer ("Caretaker", "Time and Again")
  • David Livingston – Cover Director ("Caretaker")/2nd Unit Director ("Time and Again"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Logan – Grip ("Caretaker")/2nd Unit Extra Grip ("Phage"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Lombardi – Costumer ("Prime Factors")
  • Lott – Electrician ("Caretaker")
  • J. Lowe – Location Manager ("Caretaker")
  • Lucas – Grip ("Caretaker")
  • Norman Ludwin – Musician: Bass ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • F. Macchia – Sideline Musician ("Prime Factors")
  • C. Mack – Choreographer ("Caretaker")
  • Chuck Madalone – Stunt Safety ("Caretaker")
  • John Maffe – Executive in Charge: Q-TV Paramount Promos ("The Cloud")
  • John Maldonado – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker", "Emanations")
  • Malinovik – Electrician ("Caretaker")
  • Larry Markart – 2nd Unit Video Playback ("Jetrel")
  • Mather – 2nd Unit Lamp Operator ("Caretaker")/Lamp Operator ("State of Flux")
  • Michael L. Mayer – Art Director: Re-shoots ("Caretaker")/2nd Unit Art Director ("Time and Again"–"Emanations")
  • Mayhew – 2nd Unit Second Grip ("Time and Again"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Tania McComas – Makeup Artist ("Emanations")
  • Shawn McKay – Hair Stylist ("Parallax", "Phage", "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux", "Cathexis", "Jetrel")
  • Scott McKnight – Assistant Chief Lighting Technician ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")/2nd Unit Chief Lighting Technician ("Caretaker"–"Emanations", "State of Flux"–"Learning Curve")/Lamp Operator: Re-shoots ("Caretaker")
  • Michael Meinardus – Extra Camera Operator: Steadicam ("Heroes and Demons"–"Cathexis")
  • Richard Craig Meinardus – Extra Camera Operator: Steadicam ("Heroes and Demons"–"Cathexis")
  • Meyer-Arnold – Dialect Coach ("Learning Curve")
  • Ed Miarecki – Propmaker ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • S. Middleton – Extra Assistant Camera Operator ("Caretaker", "Time and Again"–"Phage", "Ex Post Facto", "Learning Curve")/2nd Unit Second Assistant Camera Operator ("Caretaker", "Time and Again"–"Eye of the Needle")/Second Assistant Camera Operator ("Time and Again"–"Phage", "Ex Post Facto"–"Emanations", "State of Flux"–"Heroes and Demons", "Faces"–"Jetrel")
  • Middleton – 2nd Unit Extra Grip ("Phage"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Glen David Miller – Digital Artist ("Caretaker")
  • P. Miller – 2nd Unit Cable Person/Blue Box ("Jetrel"–"Learning Curve")
  • Andrew Millstein – Motion Control Camera Operator: Image G ("Caretaker")
  • Minsky – Extra First Assistant Camera Operator "B" ("Caretaker")
  • Barbara Minster – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Susie Money – Key Costumer ("Caretaker")
  • Michael Moore – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker", "Phage")
  • Michael Moore – Propmaker ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Tom Moore – Grip ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")/2nd Grip ("Eye of the Needle"–Emanations", "Learning Curve")
  • Robert Morey – Extra Camera Assistant ("Time and Again"–"Phage")
  • Moseley – Electrician ("Caretaker")
  • Gil Mosko – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker"–"Phage", "Eye of the Needle"–"Learning Curve")
  • Murphy – Electrician ("Caretaker")
  • Bill Myer – Makeup Artist ("Faces")
  • Greg Nelson – Makeup Artist ("The Cloud", "Prime Factors")
  • Janet Nemecek – Assistant Script Supervisor
  • John Nesterowicz – Set Assistant Property Person ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")/2nd Unit Property Person ("State of Flux"–"Cathexis")
  • A. Novis – Sideline Musician:Banjo ("Caretaker")
  • Frank O'Hea – Painter ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Oliver – Sideline Consultant ("Caretaker")
  • Rose Ordile – Animal Wrangler: Criiters of the Cinema ("Caretaker")
  • Orr – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Barbara Pace – Location Contact ("Caretaker")
  • Maurice Palinski – Costumer ("Caretaker", "Heroes and Demons")
  • John Palmer – Special Effects Project Supervisor: WonderWorks ("Caretaker")
  • John Parenteau – Computer Animator: Amblin Imaging ("Caretaker")
  • Peirano – Greensperson ("Caretaker")
  • Brian Penikas – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Lowell Peterson – 2nd Unit Director of Photography ("Learning Curve")
  • Janna Phillips – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Phillips – Special Effects Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Catherine Pittman – Animal Wrangler: Critters of the Cinema ("Caretaker")
  • Domi Piturro – Supervisor 3D Modeling and Scanning ("Caretaker")
  • Dwayne Platz – Grip ("Caretaker")
  • Gloria Ponce – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Brick Price – Visual Effects: Miniatures: WonderWorks ("Caretaker")
  • Price – Film Loader ("State of Flux")
  • David Quashnick – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker", "Faces")
  • Elizabeth Rabe – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Scott Rader – Visual Effects Compositing Editor: Digital Magic ("Caretaker")
  • Maricella Ramirez – First Assistant Camera Operator ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Randsdell – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • J. Rathbun – 2nd Unit Property Person ("Caretaker"–"Emanations", "State of Flux", "Jetrel"–"Learning Curve")
  • Craig Reardon – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Katherine Rees – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Mark Reilly – Electrician/Film Loader ("Caretaker")/Second Extra Camera Assistant ("Cathexis", "Learning Curve")
  • Renich – Swing Gang ("Caretaker"–"Heroes and Demons")
  • Riley – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Michael Risner – DGA Trainee: Re-shoots ("Caretaker")/DGA Trainee ("Time and Again"–"Prime Factors")
  • Robbie Robinson – Still Photographer ("Caretaker", "Phage"–"The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto"–"Learning Curve")
  • Jill Rockow – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker", "Emanations")
  • Romero – Makeup Artist ("Heroes and Demons")
  • Joshua D. Rose – Computer Animator ("Caretaker")
  • Julia Rose – Production staff ("Caretaker")
  • Karen Rose – Production staff ("Caretaker")
  • Wally Rose – Stunt Safety ("Caretaker")
  • Rosenberg – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Charlie Russo – Assistant Property Master/Set Property Person ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Barry Safley – Digital Effects Artist: VisionArt ("Caretaker")
  • George Santo Pietro – Dolly Grip ("Parallax"–"Learning Curve")
  • Stewart Satterfield – Transportation Captain ("Parallax"–"Learning Curve")
  • Chris B. Schnitzer – Motion Control Technician ("Caretaker")
  • Bob Scribner – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Tony Sears – Art Department Assistant ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Fernando Sepulveda – Swing Gang Lead Person ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Daren Sherman – Second Second Assistant Director/Additional Second Assistant Director: Re-shoots ("Caretaker")/Second Assistant Director ("Time and Again"–"Ex Post Facto")
  • Mark Shostrom &Ndash; Makeup Artist ("Parallax", "Eye of the Needle", "State of Flux", "Jetrel")/2nd Unit Makeup Artist ("Phage"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Tom Siegel – Costumer ("Parallax", "Phage", "Eye of the Needle", "Emanations", "State of Flux", "Cathexis", "Jetrel")
  • Debbie Silverman – Animal Wrangler: Critters of the Cinema ("Caretaker")
  • Judith Silverman – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Adele Simmons – 2nd Unit First Assistant Director ("Time and Again"–"Eye of the Needle")
  • Adam Richard Sklena – Extra Camera Assistant ("The Cloud")
  • B. Smith – Grip ("Caretaker")
  • Smith – Extra Camera Operator ("Caretaker")
  • Richard Snell – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker")
  • L. Spadaccin – Teleprompter Operator: Q-TV 2nd Unit Paramount Promo ("The Cloud")
  • Tim Stell – Motion Control Camera Operator: Image G ("Caretaker")
  • Mark Stimson – Special Effects Artist ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")/2nd Unit Special Effects Person ("Learning Curve")
  • Phil Stirling – 2nd Unit Boom Operator ("Time and Again", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto"–"Emanations", "State of Flux"–"Cathexis")/Sound Cable Person ("Jetrel")/Mike Operator ("Learning Curve") (also listed as "R. Stirling")
  • B. Stradling – 2nd Unit Camera Operator ("Time and Again"–"Eye of the Needle")/Extra Camera Assistant ("The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto"–"Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons", "Faces")
  • J. Stradling – 2nd Unit Second Assistant Camera Operator ("Caretaker")
  • Michael Stradling – 2nd Unit First Assistant Camera Operator ("Caretaker"–"Emanations", "State of Flux"–"Jetrel")/First Assistant Camera Operator/Film Loader ("Caretaker")/Second Assistant Camera Operator ("Caretaker"–"Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors"–"Learning Curve")
  • Robert Stromberg – Matte Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Surika – Grip ("Caretaker")
  • Thomas E. Surprenant – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker", "Phage", "Learning Curve")
  • Ken Suzuki – Electrician/Lamp Operator ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Gerald Szillinsky – Crab Dolly Grip ("Caretaker"–"Heroes and Demons")
  • Tandy – Electrician ("Caretaker")
  • S. Tate – 2nd Unit Extra Camera Operator ("Time and Again"–"The Cloud")
  • Taylor – Electrician ("Caretaker")
  • Jamie Thomas – Costumer ("Time and Again", "The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons", "Faces", "Learning Curve")
  • Kimberly Thompson – Costumer ("Caretaker", "Time and Again", "The Cloud", Ex Post Facto", "Prime Factors", "Heroes and Demons", "Faces", "Learning Curve")
  • Wil Thoms – Special Effects Artist ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Erik Tiemens – Main Title Storyboard/Design: Santa Barbara Studios ("Caretaker")
  • Toral – Craft Service ("Caretaker")
  • Nancy P. Townsend – Additional Second Assistant Director ("Caretaker")
  • Chris Trent – Foley Mixer ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Jerry Trent – Foley Artist ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Barry Tugendhaft – Greensperson ("Prime Factors")
  • Donna Turner-Culver – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Pernell Youngblood Tyus – Camera Operator ("Time and Again", "Phage"–"The Cloud", "Ex Post Facto")
  • Faith Vecchio – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Patricia Vecchio – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker"–"Parallax")
  • Patrick J. Vitolla – Grip ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • S. Volpe – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Walker – First Assistant Camera Operator ("Cathexis")
  • Lazard Ward – Set Security ("Caretaker"–"Learning Curve")
  • Wyatt Weed – Visual Effects: Miniatures ("Caretaker")
  • Mark Wendell – Digital Effects Artist: Santa Barbara Studios ("Caretaker", "The Cloud")
  • Karen Westerfield – Makeup Artist ("Caretaker", "Heroes and Demons")
  • Scott Wheeler – Makeup Artist ("Time and Again", "Ex Post Facto", "Heroes and Demons", "Learning Curve")
  • White – Hair Stylist ("Caretaker")
  • Joe White – Visual Effects Artist ("Caretaker")
  • Chris Whitman – Electrician/Lamp Operator ("Caretaker"–"Parallax")
  • R. Wilbar – 2nd Unit First Assistant Camera Operator ("Learning Curve")
  • J. Williams – 2nd Unit Sound Video Blue Box Operator ("Emanations", "State of Flux")/Boom Operator ("Ex Post Facto")
  • Natalie Wood – Lens Tech ("Faces"–"Jetrel")/Makeup Artist ("Jetrel")
  • Edmond Wright – 2nd Unit Key Grip ("Caretaker"–"Parallax")
  • Brad Yacobian – Line Producer ("Parallax")

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