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Star Trek: Voyager Season 1 was released on VHS in the UK in a two-episode-per-tape format by CIC Video in 1995-1996.


Dates in italics are approximations based on release frequency, where no exact date is available. UK products are normally released on a Monday.

CIC VideoEdit

From the makers of The Next Generation; Charting the New Frontier

CIC Video included stardates on its covers for each episode. These appeared even when no stardate was given in the episode.

Although each cover of the two-episode tapes in this season have the titles of its two episodes arranged horizontally, with one title next to the other, some consideration went into arranging the titles vertically, as evidenced by a preliminary VHS cover printed in Star Trek Monthly issue 5.

The first season release was unusual, in that it contained the four episodes originally filmed for the season that were held back to become part of season two. It therefore represents the original production order of the season, rather than the season as broadcast.

Volume Number Catalogue Number Cover Episodes Certificate Release Date
1.1 VHR 4200[1] VOY 1.1 UK VHS cover
PG 26 June 1995
1.2[2] VHR 4002 VOY 1.2 UK VHS cover
"Time and Again"
PG 10 July 1995
1.3 VHR 4003 VOY 1.3 UK VHS cover
"The Cloud"
PG 7 August 1995
1.4 VHR 4004 VOY 1.4 UK VHS cover
"Eye of the Needle"
"Ex Post Facto"
PG 28 August 1995
1.5 VHR 4005 VOY 1.5 UK VHS cover
"Prime Factors"
PG 11 September 1995
1.6 VHR 4006 VOY 1.6 UK VHS cover
"State of Flux"
"Heroes and Demons"
U 25 September 1995
1.7 VHR 4007 VOY 1.7 UK VHS cover
PG 9 October 1995
1.8[3] VHR 4008 VOY 1.8 UK VHS cover
"Learning Curve"
PG 6 November 1995
1.9[4] VHR 4009 VOY 1.9 UK VHS cover
PG 4 December 1995
1.10[4] VHR 4010 VOY 1.10 UK VHS cover
"The 37's"
PG 2 January 1996

Other releases featuring VOY Season 1 episodesEdit

Volume/Set Catalogue Number Cover Episodes Certificate[5] Release Date
Star Trek - The Four Beginnings   Four Beginnings collection exterior
PG 1995
Star Trek - 30th Anniversary Trial Pack   No image yet.
15[6] 2 January 1996
Caretaker special release[7] VHR 4435 Caretaker UK special edition VHS cover
PG 9 December 1996

Planned releaseEdit


  1. This volume receives a special catalogue number, out of sync with the rest of the season one releases.
  2. Early proofs of the cover for this volume – showing a slightly different design – appeared in Star Trek Monthly issue 5. The cover carried the episode titles of "Parallax", and, inexplicably, "Intrepid, Part II".
  3. The last volume containing episodes broadcast in season one.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Contains episodes broadcast as part of season two.
  5. In the case of sets, the certificate is over the set as a whole (unless stated otherwise).
  6. This rating (provided by appears anomalous – all four pilot episodes individually are rated no higher than PG.
  7. One of three feature-length videos (along with "Best of Both Worlds" and "The Way of the Warrior") released to tie in with the premiere of Star Trek: First Contact.

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