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Title Episode Prodno. Stardate Original Airdate
Basics, Part II 3x01 146 50032.7 1996-09-04
Flashback 3x02 145 50126.4 1996-09-11
The Chute 3x03 147 50156.2 1996-09-18
The Swarm 3x04 149 50252.3 1996-09-25
False Profits 3x05 144 50074.3 1996-10-02
Remember 3x06 148 50203.1 1996-10-09
Sacred Ground 3x07 143 50063.2 1996-10-30
Future's End 3x08 150 50312.5 1996-11-06
Future's End, Part II 3x09 151 50312.5 1996-11-13
Warlord 3x10 152 50348.1 1996-11-20
The Q and the Grey 3x11 153 50384.2 1996-11-27
Macrocosm 3x12 154 50425.1 1996-12-11
Fair Trade 3x13 156 Unknown 1997-01-08
Alter Ego 3x14 155 50460.3 1997-01-15
Coda 3x15 158 50518.6 1997-01-29
Blood Fever 3x16 157 50537.2 1997-02-05
Unity 3x17 159 50614.2 1997-02-12
Darkling 3x18 161 50693.2 1997-02-19
Rise 3x19 160 Unknown 1997-02-26
Favorite Son 3x20 162 50732.4 1997-03-19
Before and After 3x21 163 Unknown 1997-04-09
Real Life 3x22 164 50836.2 1997-04-23
Distant Origin 3x23 165 Unknown 1997-04-30
Displaced 3x24 166 50912.4 1997-05-07
Worst Case Scenario 3x25 167 50953.4 1997-05-14
Scorpion 3x26 168 50984.3 1997-05-21


Season three begins with the departure of the Kazon. The Doctor gains freedom from sickbay in "Future's End", by way of an autonomous mobile emitter. The same episode also has Harry Kim taking command of Voyager for the first time when the four ranking bridge officers beam to 1996 Earth.

Voyager enters the Nekrit Expanse in "Fair Trade". This area of space marks the farthest extent of Neelix' knowledge and the end of his usefulness as Voyager's guide to the Delta Quadrant.

Three episodes later, "Blood Fever" features a brief introduction of the Borg to the series, the inclusion of which would have serious and far-reaching ramifications for the franchise from this point onwards. "Blood Fever" also introduced the very real possibility of a romantic interest between Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres, a relationship of singular importance not only to the development of the two characters involved, but also to the other crucial evolutionary step taken by the series in season three – the crew of Voyager as family. It is towards the end of "Fair Trade" that Janeway, while disciplining Neelix, first mentions this notion of familial allegiance.

"I'm prepared to leave the ship, captain."
"Oh no, it's not that easy. You can't just run away from your responsibilities because you made a mistake. You're part of a family now, and you have obligations."

- Neelix and Janeway

It is also around this midpoint in the season that other, more subtle changes were being made to the overall look and feel of the franchise. Stage lighting underwent significant changes, most notably in "Macrocosm" where for the first time, darkened or blacked out set pieces were used to add tension to scenes. Prior to this, Voyager's decks and corridors were always largely flood-lit except in times of emergency.

While attending a Sacramento, USA, Convention in 2003 (uploaded onto YouTube), Kate Mulgrew commented that by early season three, she felt as if she had successfully married the actress to the character, to the extent that the writers were able to "back-off."

"And when they finally allowed Mulgrew to inhabit Janeway, she took off. I'd say that was about the end of the second/beginning of the third season. Every nuance that I could give to her, all those subtle endowments that were mine, that Mulgrew brought to Janeway. That's when you fall in love. I couldn't do it without her, and she couldn't do it without me." : – Kate Mulgrew

It would therefore appear that the writers, producers, and performers had begun to find a direction and with it came a developing continuity. The Borg, introduced in "Blood Fever", popped up again in "Unity", and throughout the remainder of the series. John de Lancie returned as Q in "The Q and the Grey", providing continuity back to the suicide of Quinn in the second season episode "Death Wish". Also, the events of "Distant Origin" linked not only "Fair Trade", but also the season two finale "Basics, Part I". Writers also used events to tease the audience with what was to come in season four, namely "Before and After" and the "Year of Hell".

Possibly most significant is the season three finale "Scorpion", which sees Voyager entering a war-torn Borg space. As Voyager came of age, audience figures leaped through the roof, and within half a season the show's writing and cinematography was largely unrecognizable from its previous seasons. Certainly, once Voyager entered the Nekrit Expanse in "Fair Trade", and later traversed Borg space in "Scorpion", the franchise was never the same.

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