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Star Trek: Voyager Season 3 was released on VHS in the UK in a two-episode-per-tape format by CIC Video in 1997.


Dates in italics are approximations based on release frequency, where no exact date is available. UK products are normally released on a Monday.

CIC VideoEdit

From the makers of The Next Generation; Charting the New Frontier

CIC Video included stardates on its covers for each episode. These appeared even when no stardate was given in the episode.

Sleeve changeEdit

A slight redesign of the episode band took place for this season's releases – the band was segmented, with the two episode titles and their stardates all in separate sections.

Volume Number Catalogue Number Cover Episodes Certificate Release Date
3.1 VHR 4022 VOY 3.1 UK VHS cover
"Basics, Part II"
PG 13 January 1997
3.2 VHR 4023 VOY 3.2 UK VHS cover
"The Chute"
"The Swarm"
12 3 February 1997
3.3 VHR 4024 VOY 3.3 UK VHS cover
"False Profits"
PG 24 February 1997
3.4 VHR 4025 VOY 3.4 UK VHS cover
"Sacred Ground"
"Future's End"[1]
PG 10 March 1997
3.5 VHR 4026 VOY 3.5 UK VHS cover
"Future's End, Part II"
PG 7 April 1997
3.6 VHR 4027 VOY 3.6 UK VHS cover
"The Q and the Grey"
12 5 May 1997
3.7 VHR 4028 VOY 3.7 UK VHS cover
"Fair Trade"
"Alter Ego"
PG 2 June 1997
3.8 VHR 4029 VOY 3.8 UK VHS cover
"Blood Fever"
12 23 June 1997
3.9 VHR 4030 VOY 3.9 UK VHS cover
PG 21 July 1997
3.10 VHR 4031 VOY 3.10 UK VHS cover
"Favorite Son"[2]
PG 22 August 1997
3.11 VHR 4032 VOY 3.11 UK VHS cover
"Before and After"
"Real Life"
PG 1 September 1997
3.12 VHR 4033 VOY 3.12 UK VHS cover
"Distant Origin"
PG 29 September 1997
3.13 VHR 4034 VOY 3.13 UK VHS cover
"Worst Case Scenario"
PG 20 October 1997

Other releases featuring VOY Season 3 episodesEdit

Volume/Set Catalogue Number Cover Episodes Certificate[3] Release Date
Star Trek - Greatest Battles VHR 4732 Greatest Battles exterior
"Basics, Part II"
"The Q and the Grey"
12 16 November 1998
Star Trek: Voyager - Movies Volume 1 VHR 5071 VOY Movie 1 UK VHS cover
"Basics, Part II"[4]
"Future's End"
"Future's End, Part II"[5]
PG 14 August 2000
Star Trek: Voyager - Movies Volume 2 VHR 5072 VOY Movie 2 UK VHS cover
PG 18 September 2000
Star Trek - The Seven of Nine Collection Volume 2 VHR 5020 Seven of Nine collection Vol 2 cover
PG 11 December 2000


  1. Listed on the video cover as "Future's End, Part 1".
  2. Listed on the video cover as "Favourite Son", using the British English spelling.
  3. In the case of sets, the certificate is over the set as a whole (unless stated otherwise).
  4. In feature-length form with "Basics, Part I".
  5. In feature-length form.
  6. In feature-length form with "Scorpion, Part II", and combined with "Year of Hell".
  7. In feature-length form, with "Scorpion, Part II".
  8. This episode is something of an oddity as it does not actually feature Seven, but is needed to compliment "Scorpion, Part II".

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