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Title Episode Prodno. Stardate Original Airdate
Scorpion, Part II 4x01 169 51003.7 1997-09-03
The Gift 4x02 170 51008 1997-09-10
Day of Honor 4x03 172 Unknown 1997-09-17
Nemesis 4x04 171 51082.4 1997-09-24
Revulsion 4x05 173 51186.2 1997-10-01
The Raven 4x06 174 Unknown 1997-10-08
Scientific Method 4x07 175 51244.3 1997-10-29
Year of Hell 4x08 176 51268.4 1997-11-05
Year of Hell, Part II 4x09 177 51425.4 1997-11-12
Random Thoughts 4x10 178 51367.2 1997-11-19
Concerning Flight 4x11 179 51386.4 1997-11-26
Mortal Coil 4x12 180 51449.2 1997-12-17
Waking Moments 4x13 182 51471.3 1998-01-14
Message in a Bottle 4x14 181 51462 1998-01-21
Hunters 4x15 183 51501.4 1998-02-11
Prey 4x16 184 51652.3 1998-02-18
Retrospect 4x17 185 51658.2 1998-02-25
The Killing Game 4x18 186 Unknown 1998-03-04
The Killing Game, Part II 4x19 187 51715.2 1998-03-04
Vis à Vis 4x20 188 51762.4 1998-04-08
The Omega Directive 4x21 189 51781.2 1998-04-15
Unforgettable 4x22 190 51813.4 1998-04-22
Living Witness 4x23 191 Unknown 1998-04-29
Demon 4x24 192 Unknown 1998-05-06
One 4x25 193 51929.3 1998-05-13
Hope and Fear 4x26 194 51978.2 1998-05-20


Season four furthered and even embellished upon the changes to the franchise already seen by the middle to end of season three.

"Scorpion, Part II" concluded the season three finale and—most crucially to the future of the series—introduced a new character, Seven of Nine. One episode later, Jennifer Lien left the cast and Kes departed Voyager, not to return until the season six episode "Fury".

Seven of Nine had plenty of character development on which to catch up when compared to the other principal actors. Season four could be described as the "Seven of Nine season", heavy with episodes centering solely on developing Jeri Ryan's new character. Relationships between Seven of Nine and all the other main characters needed to be quickly established, and so conflict between Seven and B'Elanna Torres was introduced in "Day of Honor", and Harry Kim's infatuation with Seven became a hallmark of the season in "Revulsion". The Doctor, for so long a student under Kes' tutelage, turned teacher to Seven in "Prey", kinship with Tuvok was explored in "Hunters" and, quintessential to the remainder of the series, Seven's relationship with Janeway took center-stage in "The Gift", "The Raven", "Retrospect", "The Omega Directive", and the season finale, "Hope and Fear". However, with audience figures ballooning, it appeared that the producers of Voyager had finally found a character that appealed to the crucial 16-24-year-old male demographic.

Prior to season four, story writers had given Voyager six thwarted opportunities to return to the Alpha Quadrant, aside from the series premiere "Caretaker". However, as the series continued to mature, episodes presenting the Voyager crew with the possibility of returning home were absent throughout season four, until the finale "Hope and Fear". Instead, making large jumps closer to Earth became a regular occurrence. Kes' "gift" at the start of the season provided Voyager with its first big jump, knocking 10,000 light years and 10 years off their journey, as well as placing them well outside Borg space. These "jumps" would continue throughout the remainder of the series, getting Voyager out of danger while simultaneously removing years from their journey. Consequently, fewer opportunities to return to Earth in one "giant leap" were presented for this and remaining seasons, with season five's "Timeless", season seven's "Inside Man" and the series finale "Endgame" being notable exceptions.

Alongside this change of pace, the concept of the crew as "family" and Voyager as "home" started in season three was continued in season four and script writers clearly made a conscious effort to include these references in their scripts. Examples of this can be found scattered throughout many season four episodes:

"So, how's the newest member of our family?"

- Janeway, to The Doctor ("The Gift")

"This ship has become our home, it's part of our family."

- Janeway, to Tuvok ("Year of Hell, Part II")

"We do not stand alone. We are in the arms of family."

- Tuvok, to the crew ("Mortal Coil")

"It's time to meet your new family."

- Janeway, to Harry Kim ("Demon")

Other notable developments in season four included the cementing of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres' relationship in "Day of Honor", the Krenim conflict (hinted at in season three's "Before and After") and the opening of Voyager's new astrometrics lab in "Year of Hell". Additionally, "Demon" introduced "grey mode" in which all non-essential ship functions are shut down to conserve power.

However, one of the biggest developments for the series arc as a whole occurred midway through the season in "Message in a Bottle" when The Doctor is transported back to the Alpha Quadrant using alien technology and makes Voyager's first contact with Starfleet since being stranded. Voyager's use of the alien technology has unforeseen consequences however, as the crew are introduced to the Hirogen, a hunting species who would re-assert themselves throughout the remainder of the season in "Hunters", "Prey", and "The Killing Game", and at least once in each subsequent season. By the end of the series, the Hirogen joined the Kazon, the Borg, and the Vidiians as one of the few species to interact regularly with Voyager and whose interactions often created or furthered a particular story arc involving that species.

It is fair to say that by mid-season four, the introduction of Seven of Nine, the departure of Kes, and the new "jump" method of moving Voyager closer to home meant the series had become quite different from the previous three seasons.

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Additionally, an "Also Starring" credit for "Jennifer Lien as Kes" was displayed following the title card for the first two episodes, "Scorpion, Part II" and "The Gift"; after which she left the series.

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Executive Producers

Associate Producer: Dawn Velazquez
Executive Story Editor: Lisa Klink

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  • Jay Chattaway ("Scorpion, Part II", "Scientific Method", "Random Thoughts", "Hunters", "Retrospect", "Unforgettable", "One")
  • Dennis McCarthy ("The Gift", "Day of Honor", "The Raven", "Year of Hell", "Year of Hell, Part II", "Concerning Flight", "Prey", "Vis à Vis", "Living Witness", "Hope and Fear")
  • David Bell ("Nemesis", "Revulsion", "Waking Moments", "The Killing Game", "The Killing Game, Part II", "Demon")
  • Paul Baillargeon ("Mortal Coil", "Message in a Bottle", "The Omega Directive")

Director of Photography: Marvin V. Rush, ASC
Production Designer: Richard D. James
Editor: Daryl Baskin
Unit Production Manager: Brad Yacobian
First Assistant Director: Adele Simmons
Second Assistant Director: Arlene Fukai

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Original Casting by: Nan Dutton, CSA
Casting Executive: Helen Mossler, CSA
Costume Designer: Robert Blackman
Set Decorator: Jim Mees
Visual Effects Producer: Dan Curry
Visual Effects Supervisor: David Takemura
Scenic Art Supervisor/Technical Consultant: Michael Okuda
Senior Illustrator/Technical Consultant: Rick Sternbach
Make-Up Designer/Make-Up Supervisor: Michael Westmore
Art Director: Louise Dorton
Set Designer: Greg Hooper
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Visual Effects Coordinator: A.Y. Dexter Delara
Visual Effects Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Castro
Visual Effects Associate: Chad Zimmerman
Script Supervisor: Cosmo Genovese
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Construction Coordinator: Al Smutko
Scenic Artist: Wendy Drapanas
Video Supervisor: Denise Okuda
Hair Designer: Josée Normand

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Camera Operator: Judd Kehl
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Supervising Sound Editor: Bill Wistrom
Supervising Sound Effects Editor: Jim Wolvington

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Production Coordinator: Diane Overdiek
Post Production Coordinator: April Rossi

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Pre-Production Coordinator: Lolita Fatjo
Assistant to Producers: Michael O'Halloran
Stunt Coordinator: Dennis Madalone
Science Consultant: André Bormanis
Main Title Design by: Dan Curry


Main Title Design by: Santa Barbara Studios
Post Production Sound: Modern Sound
Filmed with: Panavision cameras and lenses
Motion Control Photography: Image "G"
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Special Video Compositing: CIS Hollywood
Editing Facilities: Unitel Video
Computer Generated Effects: Foundation Imaging

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