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Star Trek: Voyager Season 4 was released on VHS in the UK in a two-episode-per-tape format by CIC Video in 1998. Inserts for the Star Trek Latinum Card were included with this season's releases.


Dates in italics are approximations based on release frequency, where no exact date is available. UK products are normally released on a Monday.

CIC VideoEdit

Charting the New Frontier

Sleeve changeEdit

The sleeve underwent a redesign for this season - dropping the "From the makers of The Next Generation" portion of the tagline, as well as the stardates on the episode band.

Volume Number Catalogue Number Cover Episodes Certificate Release Date
4.1 VHR 4622 VOY 4.1 UK VHS cover
"Scorpion, Part II"
"The Gift"
PG 2 February 1998
4.2 VHR 4623 VOY 4.2 UK VHS cover
"Day of Honor"
PG 2 March 1998
4.3 VHR 4624 VOY 4.3 UK VHS cover
"The Raven"
PG 6 April 1998
4.4 VHR 4625 VOY 4.4 UK VHS cover
"Scientific Method"
"Year of Hell"
PG 4 May 1998
4.5 VHR 4626 VOY 4.5 UK VHS cover
"Year of Hell, Part II"
"Random Thoughts"
PG 1 June 1998
4.6 VHR 4627 VOY 4.6 UK VHS cover
"Concerning Flight"
"Mortal Coil"
PG 15 June 1998
4.7 VHR 4628 VOY 4.7 UK VHS cover
"Waking Moments"
"Message in a Bottle"
PG 6 July 1998
4.8 VHR 4629 VOY 4.8 UK VHS cover
PG 10 August 1998
4.9 VHR 4630 VOY 4.9 UK VHS cover
"The Killing Game"
PG 7 September 1998
4.10 VHR 4631 VOY 4.10 UK VHS cover
"The Killing Game, Part II"
"Vis à Vis"
PG 5 October 1998
4.11 VHR 4632 VOY 4.11 UK VHS cover
"The Omega Directive"
U 2 November 1998
4.12 VHR 4633 VOY 4.12 UK VHS cover
"Living Witness"
PG 7 December 1998
4.13 VHR 4634 VOY 4.13 UK VHS cover
"Hope and Fear"
PG 28 December 1998

Other releases featuring VOY Season 4 episodesEdit

Volume/Set Catalogue Number Cover Episodes Certificate[1] Release Date
Star Trek - The Seven of Nine Collection Volume 1 VHR 4939 Seven of Nine collection Vol 1 cover
"Hope and Fear"
PG 1 November 1999
Star Trek: Voyager - Movies Volume 2 VHR 5072 VOY Movie 2 UK VHS cover
"Scorpion, Part II"[2]
"Year of Hell"
"Year of Hell, Part II"[3]
PG 18 September 2000
Star Trek - The Seven of Nine Collection Volume 2 VHR 5020 Seven of Nine collection Vol 2 cover
"Scorpion, Part II"[4]
"Scientific Method"
PG 11 December 2000
Star Trek: Voyager - Movies Volume 3 VHR 5073 VOY Movie 3 UK VHS cover
"The Killing Game"
"The Killing Game, Part II"[5]
PG 5 February 2001
Star Trek - Voyager Season 4 Box Set[6]   VOY s4 UK VHS boxset
Repackaging of CIC Video's volumes 4.1-4.13 as a single set.
PG 2 April 2001


  1. In the case of sets, the certificate is over the set as a whole (unless stated otherwise).
  2. In feature-length form with "Scorpion".
  3. In feature-length form.
  4. In feature-length form, with "Scorpion".
  5. In feature-length form, combined with "Equinox".
  6. Released by Paramount Home Entertainment.

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