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Star Trek: Voyager Season 5 was released on VHS in the UK in a two-episode-per-tape format by CIC Video in 1999. Season 5 was the final season to be released by CIC - the company dissolved at the end of the year, and distribution of Star Trek and other Paramount releases was brought under the control of Paramount Home Entertainment.


Dates in italics are approximations based on release frequency, where no exact date is available. UK products are normally released on a Monday.

CIC Video

Charting the New Frontier

Sleeve change

The sleeve underwent a major redesign for this season - the episode band was moved up towards the middle, and a character montage of (from left to right) Tuvok, The Doctor, Janeway, Seven of Nine and Chakotay placed beneath it.

Volume Number Catalog Number Cover Episodes Certificate Release Date
5.1 VHR 4791 Cover of VOY 5.1
BBFC - Parental Guidance 1 March 1999
5.2 VHR 4792 Cover of VOY 5.2
"Extreme Risk"
"In the Flesh"
BBFC - Parental Guidance 12 April 1999
5.3 VHR 4793 Cover of VOY 5.3
"Once Upon a Time"
BBFC - Parental Guidance 3 May 1999
5.4 VHR 4794 Cover of VOY 5.4
"Infinite Regress"
"Nothing Human"
BBFC - Parental Guidance 24 May 1999
5.5 VHR 4795 Cover of VOY 5.5
"Thirty Days"
BBFC - Parental Guidance 7 June 1999
5.6 VHR 4796 Cover of VOY 5.6
"Latent Image"
"Bride of Chaotica!"
BBFC - Parental Guidance 21 June 1999
5.7 VHR 4797 Cover of VOY 5.7
BBFC - Parental Guidance 5 July 1999
5.8[1][2] VHR 4798 Cover of VOY 5.8
Reverse cover of VOY 5.8.
"Dark Frontier"[3]
BBFC - Parental Guidance 2 August 1999
5.9 VHR 4799 Cover of VOY 5.9
"The Disease"
"Course: Oblivion"
BBFC - Parental Guidance 6 September 1999
5.10 VHR 4800 Cover of VOY 5.10
"The Fight"
"Think Tank"
BBFC - Parental Guidance 4 October 1999
5.11 VHR 4801 Cover of VOY 5.11
"Someone to Watch Over Me"
BBFC - Parental Guidance 18 October 1999
5.12 VHR 4802 Cover of VOY 5.12
BBFC - Parental Guidance 22 November 1999
5.13 VHR 4803 Cover of VOY 5.13
BBFC - Parental Guidance 27 December 1999

Other releases featuring VOY Season 5 episodes

Volume/Set Catalog Number Cover Episodes Certificate[5] Release Date
Star Trek - The Seven of Nine Collection Volume 1 VHR 4939 Cover of Seven of Nine collection volume 1
"Infinite Regress"
BBFC - Parental Guidance 1 November 1999
Star Trek - The Seven of Nine Collection Volume 2 VHR 5020 Cover of Seven of Nine collection volume 2
"Dark Frontier"
"Think Tank"
BBFC - Parental Guidance 11 December 2000
Star Trek: Voyager - Movies Volume 3 VHR 5073 Cover of VOY Movie 3
BBFC - Parental Guidance 5 February 2001
Star Trek: Voyager - Movies Volume 4[7] VHR 5074 Cover of VOY Movie 4
"Dark Frontier"[8]
BBFC - Parental Guidance unknown


  1. This volume features a reversible sleeve - the standard Voyager layout on one side, a special "Feature Length TV Movie" design on the other, "featuring the return of the Borg Queen".
  2. A limited edition, numbered card case version was also produced, exclusive to HMV stores. At least 1604 copies were produced.
  3. The video sleeve gives the episode title as "Dark Frontier, Parts I & II", although the feature-length version of the episode is present on the tape.
  4. The video sleeve gives the episode name as "Equinox, Part 1".
  5. In the case of sets, the certificate is over the set as a whole (unless stated otherwise).
  6. In feature-length form with "Equinox, Part II", combined with "The Killing Game".
  7. This release was exclusive to WH Smith. In different packaging to the other three volumes - advertised as "Feature Length TV Movie Double Bill"
  8. Combined with "Unimatrix Zero".

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