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This is a list of actors and actresses who filmed scenes for Star Trek: Voyager, but whose material was cut from the final aired version. Some of them still remained in the end credits.

Carissa Hernandez

Carissa Hernandez (born 31 January 1979; age 41) is an actress and dancer who filmed scenes as a member of Kelis' species, who portrayed a Klingon during a scene in the ancient Greek theater in the Star Trek: Voyager sixth season episode "Muse". She had three lines of dialogue and was wearing prosthetics. Her scenes were cut out from the final aired episode and she remained uncredited.

Born as Carissa Adrianna Hernandez in San Antonio, Texas, she started studying dance at the age of three and became a dance instructor in 1996, with performances and appearances in several dance companies and tours around the world, including performances and tours in Spain and Germany and special skills in Flamenco and Spanish Classical dance. [1]

Her film roles include featured roles in the action film Wicked Game (2002, with Xuyen Valdivia), Mia thalassa makria (2004), and as a stand-in for Angie Everhart in the thriller Bare Witness (2002, with Michael Canavan). Hernandez had supporting roles in the television series Sound Off and Madness and was a regular background character and stand-in on V.I.P. and Kate Brasher (2001). [2]

Hernandez was married to actor and director Paul Schrier and has recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Trevor Savage

Trevor Savage was the child actor who filmed a scene as a member of Species 10026 for the Star Trek: Voyager fifth season episode "Dark Frontier" in 1998. He is listed as "Young Alien Victim" on the call sheet of the day of filming, Friday 4 December 1998, on Paramount Stage 16. However, Savage did not appear in the final aired episode. The scene which featured him is scene 51 and he had a set call at 8:00 am.

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