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Chronological list of studio models appearing in Star Trek: Voyager.

This list is of all new model designs that first appeared in Voyager. Information on models that represented a single design can be found in the articles linked below. Information on models that were recycled or refurbished to represent different vessels or props from different species in all series will be listed herein.

VOY Season 1Edit


USS Voyager, ventral view

Intrepid-class USS Voyager
"Caretaker", et al.

Caretaker's arrayEdit

Model variations
Caretakers array Suspirias array
Caretaker's array
Suspiria's array
"Cold Fire"

The visual effects model of the array was later sold off by Christie's at the 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection in October 2006 as lot 354. It measures 36 × 19 × 19 inches. [1]

Kazon fighterEdit

Kazon Fighter studio model in original configuration

Studio model at Image G, as originally delivered

Model variations
Kazon fighter (fore) Kazon raider (fore) Bothan starship, type 3
Kazon fighter
Kazon raider
"State of Flux"
Bothan starship, type 3
"Persistence of Vision"

The Kazon fighter was a design by Dan Curry. At the time, the production team of Star Trek was spread thin as several productions were in various stages of development (Star Trek Generations, TNG: "All Good Things...", DS9: "The Jem'Hadar" and VOY: "Caretaker" as well as the documentary Journey's End: The Saga of Star Trek: The Next Generation). The regular design team for Voyager had their hands full hammering out the details for the USS Voyager and the Caretaker's array as was related in the book A Vision of the Future - Star Trek: Voyager. To ease the workload, Curry, whose regular function was that of Effects Producer, pitched in by tackling the Kazon ships, wanting to imbue the ships with that culture's "rough, low-tech retro" look. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 105, p. 59) For the same reason the build of the models, once the design was approved, was subcontracted out to an outside vendor, WonderWorks Inc., who delivered the models as per specification. [2] As one of the most junior employees at WonderWorks, Robert Bonchune was sent to deliver the miniature to the Star Trek motion control stage at Image G. There, he handed the model over to Curry, who wanted to make improvements to it. Curry therefore asked Bonchune to stay behind to help him distress the painting. Bonchune was thrilled to help paint the ship but figured he would likely have no more involvement with Star Trek, though fate intervened to prove him wrong. (Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, issue 44, pp. 14-15)

Kazon Fighter Studio model undergoing modifications by David Stipes

Stipes performing modifications on the studio model

Kazon fighter studio model at auction Kazon raider studio model
The studio model in its fighter configuration...
...and in its Raider configuration

"About six weeks into motion control photography, the producers decided to change the Kazon Fighter design. I mocked up possible design modifications for producers to look at.", David Stipes recalled. [3] Stipes embellished the studio model with various cardboard add-ons, among others the aft and front fins for assessment. Once approved, the modifications were made permanent at Tony Meininger's Brazil-Fabrication & Design. The modifications meant that the footage of the model, shot until that time, had to be re-shot in late October/early November 1994. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 105, p. 59) Part of the modification was the decision to have the model, which was originally conceived as a fighter craft only, to double as the as larger conceived Kazon raider as well. This was achieved by fabricating a cockpit module and a bridge module which were interchangeable on the model, confirmed by Rick Sternbach in private correspondence with Ex Astris Scientia, "I recall the model only vaguely. It was a Dan Curry design and I don't have any details, but essentially you're correct, the model was modified to be either one."

The late decision to have the model design modified was reflected in the release of Galoob's Micro Machines (Set 66128), which showed the fighter in the configuration of the studio model as originally delivered by WonderWorks.
Kazon fighter studio model at image G

Indeterminate Kazon ship class filmed at Image G

Maje Jabin's ship

Jabin's ship

When "Caretaker" was being filmed, neither module was used, either because they were not constructed yet or because they were not yet conceived. Instead, a smooth feature was applied to the area of the model where the bridge or cockpit were supposed to be in later episodes. As such, it can not be ascertained with absolute certainty what class of vessels the Kazon ships were intended to be in the episode, though the visual of Maje Jabin on his bridge suggested the larger class. In this configuration, the model is featured at Image G in the VOY Season 1 DVD special feature, "Red Alert: Visual Effects Season One", in which Curry discusses the filming of the models. [4](X)

As the role of the Kazon as main antagonists was played out early on in the series, no CGI version of the design was ever produced, the few later appearances being either stock footage or LCARS displays.

The physical model, with the cockpit module and measuring 30 × 7 × 14 inches, known as Lot 353 and estimated at US$3,000–$5,000, was sold on 6 October 2006 in the 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection auction, with a winning bid of US$5,000 ($6,000 including buyer's premium).

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Kazon carrier vessel Edit

Kazon carrier vessel, Basics

Kazon carrier vessel
"Caretaker", et al.

Type 8 shuttlecraft Edit

Type 8 shuttle firing phasers

Type 8 shuttlecraft
"Parallax", et al.

VOY Season 2 Edit

Reptohumanoid vessel Edit

This CGI model and its various modifications made a total of five appearances on Star Trek: Voyager and one in Star Trek: Enterprise. The "Reptile Alien Ship" was designed by Rick Sternbach in July 1995. Constructed at Amblin Imaging, the ship was Voyager's first CGI-only starship design.

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Bothan starship Edit

Model variations
Bothan starship, type 2 Serosian vessel
Bothan starship
"Persistence of Vision"
Serosian vessel
  • No information yet

Cravic and Praylor starships Edit

Model variations
Cravic starship Pralor starship
Cravic starship
Pralor starship
  • No information yet

Class 2 shuttle Edit

Cochrane (shuttlecraft)

Class 2 shuttle
"Threshold", et al.

Cardassian ATR-4107 Edit

Dreadnought at warp

Cardassian ATR-4107

Rakosan fighter Edit

Model variations
Rakosan fighters Talaxian ship
Rakosan fighter
Talaxian ship
"Basics, Part I"
  • No information yet

Vidiian warship Edit

Vidiian warships, Resolutions

Vidiian warship

VOY Season 3 Edit

Akritirian patrol ship Edit

Model variations
Akritirian patrol ship Ba'Neth starship Antarian Trans-stellar Rally Starting Line
Akritirian patrol ship
VOY: "The Chute"
Ba'Neth ship
VOY: "Riddles"
Unidentified ship
VOY: "Drive"
(closest to camera)
Lokirrim patrol ship Lokirrim warship Ledosian patrol ship
Lokirrim patrol ship
VOY: "Body and Soul"
Lokirrim warship
VOY: "Body and Soul"
Ledosian patrol ship
VOY: "Natural Law"
Ledosian spaceport vessel 2 Kriosian battlecruiser Alien vessel fought off by the command module of the Horizon
Unidentified ship
VOY: "Natural Law"
Krios Battlecruiser
ENT: "Precious Cargo"
Alien vessel
ENT: "Horizon"

Originally designed for use in Star Trek: Voyager, where it had several appearances as different ships, and later used in Star Trek: Enterprise.

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Akritirian maximum security detention facility Edit

Akritirian prison satellite

Akritirian maximum security detention facility
"The Chute"

Mislenite freighter Edit

Model variations
Mislenite freighter Buck-toothed alien starship
Mislenite freighter
"The Swarm"
Buck-toothed alien starship
  • No information yet

Swarm species vessel Edit

Swarm species vessel

Swarm species vessel
"The Swarm"

Bahrat's space station Edit

Bahrats space station

Bahrats space station
"Fair Trade"

Krenim warship Edit

Krenim warship

Krenim warship
"Before and After"

This studio model was designed by Rick Sternbach.

Voth research vessel Edit

Model variations
Voth research vessel Turei vessel
Voth research vessel
"Distant Origin"
Turei vessel
"Dragon's Teeth"

This studio model was designed by Rick Sternbach.

VOY Season 4 Edit

Caatati vessel (small) Edit

  • No information yet

Caatati vessel (large) Edit

Caatati vessel, type 2

Caatati vessel
"Day of Honor"

  • No information yet

Kradin fighter Edit

Kradin fighter

Kradin fighter

B'omar patrol ship Edit

Model variations
B'omar patrol ship Abaddon's derelict 3
B'omar patrol ship
"The Raven"
Abaddon's derelict
  • No information yet

Krenim patrol ship Edit

Krenim patrol ship

Krenim patrol ship
"Year of Hell"

  • No information yet.

Krenim weapon ship Edit

Krenim weapon ship 2

Krenim weapon ship
"Year of Hell"

  • No information yet.

Mawasi cruiser Edit

Model variations
Mawasi cruiser Abaddon's ship pieces 1
Mawasi cruiser
"Year of Hell, Part II"
Ship component #1
  • No information yet

Nihydron warship Edit

Model variations
Nihydron warship Species 10026 vessel
Nihydron warship
"Year of Hell, Part II"
Species 10026 vessel
"Dark Frontier"
  • Possibly belonging to the same species (Nihydron).

Tau's ship Edit

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Prometheus-class Edit

USS Prometheus, 2374 (fore)

Prometheus class
"Message in a Bottle", et al.

Hirogen warship Edit

Model variations
Hirogen warship Abaddon's derelict 5
Hirogen warship
"Hunters", et al.
Abaddon's derelict

The Hirogen warship was designed by illustrator Rick Sternbach. Visual Effects Supervisor Mitch Suskin noted, "The Hirogen ship design that came from Rick Sternbach was neat, but I don't know if it really looked that good from every angle." (Cinefantastique, Vol. 30, No. 9/10, p. 98)

Steth's ship Edit

  • No information yet

Benthan fighter ship Edit

Benthan Guard ships

Benthan fighter ship
"Vis à Vis"

Daelen's ship Edit

Daelen's ship

Daelen's ship
"Vis à Vis"

Allos' rescue ships Edit

Ramuran vessel Edit

Dauntless-class Edit

USS Dauntless near star

Dauntless class
"Hope and Fear"

VOY Season 5 Edit

Night ship Edit

Night alien starships

Night Ship

Malon export vessel, eleventh gradient Edit

Malon export vessel, eleventh gradient

Malon export vessel, eleventh gradient
"Night", et al

Multi-spatial probe Edit

This CGI model first appeared as the multi-spatial probe from "Extreme Risk", then was used as a class 5 probe in "Blink of an Eye", before being later modified to represent a Quarren space buoy in "Workforce".

Malon shuttle Edit

Malon shuttle, aft view

Malon shuttle
"Extreme Risk"

Monean research vessel Edit

Devore warship Edit

As a new design, the Devore warship made its first appearance in "Counterpoint". The CGI model [5](X) was designed and built at Foundation Imaging by Brandon MacDougall, who commented "The Devore ship was one Mojo asked me to design and model for Voyager season 5 episode "Counterpoint". I made some quick pen and ink designs on paper, Dan C[urry] and David L[ivingston] liked the direction and the rest was history. It was hard to make up my mind what way it would fly and I not sure even Mojo did know. Some of the cool things you do not see is a shuttle bay with yellow internal lighting and hydraulics doors." [6](X)

In later appearances, the model was scaled down to represent several smaller vessels of various alien races. It reappeared, otherwise unmodified, as a derelict in Abaddon's Repository of Lost Treasures, (VOY: "Alice") as one of the contestants in the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally, where it, true to McDougall's comment, flew backwards, (VOY: "Drive") as a stranded alien vessel, (VOY: "The Void") and finally as a Sphere-Builder vessel, type 1 as part of the battle. (ENT: "Azati Prime")

Intruder alien vessel Edit

Model variations
Intruder alien vessel Irinas ship in hangar
Intruder alien vessel
VOY: "Latent Image"
Irina's ship (right)
VOY: "Drive"
  • No information yet.

Qatai's vessel Edit

Model variations
Qatai's vessel, fore Abaddon's ship pieces 2 Salvage Aliens' vessel
Qatai's vessel
VOY: "Bliss"
Ship component #2
VOY: "Alice"
Salvage Aliens' vessel
VOY: "Imperfection"
Antarian Trans-stellar Rally Start Signal Ledosian spaceport vessel 3 Nacona's ship
Unknown starship (right center)
VOY: "Drive"
Unknown starship
VOY: "Natural Law"
Nocona's vessel
VOY: "Homestead"
Unnamed starship landing on Rigel X Xantoras evacuation transport 1 Yridian shuttle, Twilight
Unknown starship
ENT: "Broken Bow"
Xantoras evacuation transports
ENT: "The Breach"
Yridian vessel
ENT: "Twilight"

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Borg Queen's vessel Edit

Borg Queen's vessel

Borg Queen's vessel
"Dark Frontier"

Chaotic space hulk Edit

Chaotic space hulk CGI model

Chaotic space hulk CGI model

Model variations
Chaotic space hulk Ledosian spaceport vessel Romulan drone ship (quarter)
Chaotic space hulk
VOY: "The Fight"
Unknown starship
VOY: "Natural Law"
Romulan drone ship
ENT: "Babel One", "United", "The Aenar"

Originally slated to make an appearance in VOY: "Vis à Vis" as a "ship of the week", the "Chaotic space hulk" was designed and built as a CGI model at Digital Muse. "They might say "We're looking for some design where we want to have tentacles, but we don't want it to look like an octopus," or things like that. (...) When the team are called on to help with a design, everyone gets a chance, It's actually a free-for-all. I think with "Vis à Vis" we had to come up with three ship designs, but we probably submitted 10 or 12", John Gross remembered. Initially however, the design was one of the rejected ones, but was utilized in the later episode VOY: "The Fight". As to why it was initially rejected Gross further elaborated, "We ended up using it as the derelict ship in "The Fight". It was very organic, and it was something that didn't fit into the Star Trek universe. The reason it was able to be used in "The Fight" was because of the refracting space; the ship was so broken up you really couldn't see it very clearly. But I know Peter Lauritson likes to avoid having ships that look too much like life forms; Star Trek has a very good reason for having that consistency." (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 1, Issue 10, p. 71)

That reluctance was put aside later, as the model, slightly modified at Eden FX, made additional appearances as the Romulan drone ship in several episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise Season 4. The model was affectionately dubbed "The Flea" by the production team. [7](X)

Hazari vessel Edit

Model variations
Hazari vessel Nygean starship Rigellian scoutship
Hazari vessel
VOY: "Think Tank"
Nygean starship
VOY: "The Void"
Rigellian scoutship
ENT: "Storm Front, Part II", "United"

This CGI model was originally created for use in Star Trek: Voyager.

Hazari shuttle Edit

Model variations
Hazari shuttle Wysanti ship imperfection Aksani starship
Hazari shuttle
"Think Tank"
Wysanti starship
Aksani vessel

This CGI model first appeared in Star Trek: Voyager. A new CGI model of a similar design later appeared as Goroth's starship in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Malon export vessel Edit

Malon export vessel, 2375

Malon export vessel

Nova-class Edit

Model variations
USS Equinox, forward USS Rhode Island intercepts SC-4

VOY Season 6 Edit

Ankari vessel Edit

Ankari vessel

Ankari vessel

Markonian outpost Edit

Alice Edit

Model variations
Alice (ship) Arkonian patrol ship Tellarite shuttle
VOY: "Alice"
Arkonian patrol ship
ENT: "Dawn"
Tellarite shuttle
ENT: "Bounty"

CGI model.

Hierarchy Assault-class Edit

Hierarchy Assault Class design sketches by Rick Sternbach

Rick Sternbach's design sketches

On the origin of the Hierarchy Assault-class Rick Sternbach commented, "I vaguely recall the script saying it was an "alien ship bristling with antennae," since the crew was engaged in massive surveillance operations of everything around them. The two sketches I turned in were pretty different from most other things we'd seen before, maybe the first one more than the second one. Where the design went after that was (...) between Brandon and our VFX guru Dan Curry." [8](X) Starting from some of the details of the two sketches Dan Curry (who remarked, "Brandon carried it further when he made his excellent CG version. He really understood the aesthetic I was after...", [9](X)) and Brandon MacDougall refined the design further at Foundation Imaging into the final design as it finally appeared in VOY: "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy" and VOY: "The Void" as a CGI model rendered in Lightwave.

For the seventh season appearance of the Hierarchy in "Renaissance Man", MacDougall altered the forward hull of the ship by cutting down the number and changing the shape of the portholes and elongating the forward hull for the ship to become the Hierarchy survey vessel. [10](X) The aft section remained largely unchanged. Out of courtesy, MacDougall re-rendered the original configuration for Doug Drexler's blog.

Sternbach's design sketches turned up at Propworx' "The official STAR TREK prop and costume auction" of 8 August 2010 as Lot 408, where they sold for US$180 (including buyers premium), having been estimated at US$100-$200.

Model variations
Hierarchy surveillance ship Abaddon's derelict 8 Hierarchy survey vessel Hierarchy survey vessel (rerendered)
"Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy"
Abaddon's derelict
Hierarchy survey vessel
"The Void"
Hierarchy survey vessel (rerendered)
"Renaissance Man"

MIDAS array Edit

Model variations
MIDAS array Yosemite 3
MIDAS array
VOY: "Pathfinder"
Yosemite 3 research station
ENT: "Zero Hour"

This CGI model was designed by Rick Sternbach and created as the Mutara Interdimensional Deep Space Array System in VOY: "Pathfinder". It was later reused as the Yosemite 3 research station in ENT: "Zero Hour".

Delta Flyer escape pod Edit

Delta Flyer escape pod

Delta Flyer escape pod
"Good Shepherd"

VOY Season 7 Edit

Quarren orbital facility Edit

Quarren orbital facility

Quarren space station

Subspace warhead Edit

Subspace warhead emerges from subspace

Subspace warhead
"Human Error"

Friendship 1 Edit

Friendship 1, profile

Friendship 1
"Friendship One"

SC-4 Edit



  • See main article: SC-4

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