"Who is Vaal?"
"Vaal is Vaal. He is – everything."

Vaal was a self-aware computer-machine on Gamma Trianguli VI that was created approximately ten thousand years prior to its discovery by the crew of the USS Enterprise.

By 2267, when the planet was visited by Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise, the planet was inhabited by a primitive culture of humanoids called Vaalians, who were slaves to Vaal and revered it as a god.

Vaal was ultimately destroyed by Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise when it killed several crew members and was on the verge of destroying the Enterprise and all her crew by pulling them into the planet's atmosphere. This action by Kirk may have been in direct violation of the Prime Directive, but Kirk felt justified that the people on the planet needed to be freed from their false god in order to achieve their full potential. (TOS: "The Apple")

Vaal was designed by Matt Jefferies.
According to the DC Comics series, Vaal was created by Sargon's people.

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