This article refers to the Bajoran chemist whose given name was never revealed. For his wife, see Vaatrik Pallra.

Vaatrik was a Bajoran chemist who owned the chemist's shop on the Promenade of Terok Nor during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor.

Vaatrik and his wife, Pallra, lived a luxurious life for Bajorans of the time, as they had their own private quarters aboard the station. Their privileges stemmed from Vaatrik's lesser known role, at the time, as a Cardassian collaborator.

In 2365, Vaatrik met a Bajoran woman named Kira Nerys shortly after her arrival at Terok Nor. He had Pyrellian ginger tea, and Kira, who enjoyed ginger tea, got to be friends with Vaatrik.

At the time, however, Kira was a member of the Bajoran underground. She was sent to Terok Nor to search for Vaatrik's list of Bajorans who were selling out the underground, after having been informed that he was the collaborators' direct link to Dukat.

Two weeks later, Vaatrik, who returned to his shop one night after dinner to do some inventory work, stumbled on Kira, who was in his shop looking for his list of collaborators. Not having any other choice, Kira murdered Vaatrik.

His murder investigation was conducted by Odo, his first "assignment" as Constable aboard the station, per Dukat's recommendation. Unknown at the time, Odo was chosen for the job because he was an outsider, and Dukat wanted to stay as far away from this incident as he could, so that he would not endanger his network of Bajoran sympathizers.

Odo ultimately was unable to determine who killed Vaatrik until the case was reopened once again in 2370 after the ship's store, Vaatrik's former chemist's shop, was broken into. Stolen was a hidden box containing the list, which was heisted by Quark, under the direction of Vaatrik's widow, Pallra. Pallra was interested in acquiring the list in effort to blackmail the eight collaborators whose names appeared on the list in order to extort money, a crime for which she was eventually arrested. Odo later discovered that Kira was responsible for the death of Vaatrik. (DS9: "Necessary Evil")

Vaatrik's personal name is given as "Drasa" in the Star Trek: Terok Nor novel Dawn of the Eagles.

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