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Classified as M-class, Vacca VI was the sixth planet in the Vaccan system. The planet was located in the Cabral sector, an isolated region of space.

Planetary data

Vacca VI on a display in stellar cartography

The planet had a rotation of 22.59 hours and one moon. The planet had a water mass of 77.23 TLM and a land mass of 25.63 TLM. Salt water was 88.11 of TWM, while fresh water was 11.89 of TWM. The polar region was 24.68 square kilometers.

The planet's climate was 5-30 degrees. It was home to large roving carnivores. The vegetation was agricultural plant life. Desert was 13.98 of TLM, while forest was 48.97 of TLM. Mountains covered 978 square kilometers. The habitable sector was 23.27 TLM. The natives were a "restless factor".


The previously uninhabited planet was settled in 2370 by a group of Boraalans who had fled their original homeworld of Boraal II, which was devastated by atmospheric dissipation. The move was conducted by Dr. Nikolai Rozhenko and the USS Enterprise-D. Vacca VI was chosen by Commander Data and Dr. Beverly Crusher over Draygo IV. The climate on the planet was slightly less hospitable than Draygo for the Boraalans, but resembled their former homeworld most accurately and was the safest location out of the available choices. (TNG: "Homeward")

According to the script, the pronunciation for Vacca was "VACK-uh". [1]
The graphic "Class M Planet Search – 1126", with information on this planet and Draygo IV, was put up for auction in 2018. Only the lower portion of the graphic actually made it into the episode. [2]

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