Vadosia was a Bolian ambassador of the United Federation of Planets during the late-24th century. Vadosia had a particular interest in first contact procedures.

In 2369, Vadosia, along with fellow ambassadors Taxco, Lojal, and Lwaxana Troi visited Deep Space 9 on a fact-finding mission to the Bajoran wormhole. During the journey to the space station, he constantly offered his "suggestions" to the captain of their transport on how to better operate his ship. He believed the captain welcomed the suggestions, although Taxco disagreed. Vadosia thought Benjamin Sisko, commander of DS9, might welcome his advice as well, but their liaison, Doctor Bashir, had to stall for time as Sisko did not want to meet with the ambassadors.

A "puppy"-like program temporarily took control of DS9's computers during the visit to the station, causing systems to routinely cease functioning in order to gain attention. An accident trapped Vadosia, Taxco, Lojal and Bashir in a corridor when a fire erupted, but Bashir saved them by helping the ambassadors get into a nearby conduit. Vadosia and his fellow ambassadors gained a newfound respect for Bashir, and Vadosia personally put the doctor in for commendation. (DS9: "The Forsaken")

Vadosia was played by recurring Trek actor Jack Shearer.
His name comes from the script.
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