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Valeo Beta V was the fifth planet in its star system. This was a class L world outside Federation space, with no traces of civilization. (SNW: "All Those Who Wander")

Astronomical data[]

Valeo Beta V info

Planetary data for Valeo Beta V

Valeo Beta V was located at coordinates 2755.9753. Its rotation and revolution periods were 18.9 hours and 221.4 solar days respectively. Its mass was estimated to be 5.03912 x 1024 kilograms and its age at 4.3 billion solar years.

The surface of the planet was rocky and covered by jagged pinnacles. Conditions were snowy and frigid, with a mean surface temperature of -41 degrees Celsius. The atmosphere was composed of 61% molecular nitrogen, 34% carbon dioxide, 3% molecular oxygen, 0.4% argon, 0.3% nitrous oxide, and trace amounts of methane, carbon monoxide, and neon. The upper atmosphere was rich in charged nitrate ions that produced ionic interference, precluding long-range subspace communications. The planet experienced severe ice storms that could last for hours. (SNW: "All Those Who Wander")


USS Peregrine on Valeo Beta V

The Peregrine derelict on Valeo Beta V

In 2259, the USS Peregrine made an unscheduled emergency landing on Valeo Beta V after Gorn hatched onboard. The ship sent out a distress signal prior to descent, which was cut off as it passed through the atmosphere. The surviving crew were able to lure the Gorn hatchlings outside the ship to protect the civilian passengers, but all succumbed to hypothermia or Gorn attacks in the process.

Starfleet subsequently dispatched the USS Enterprise on a priority one mission to investigate the crash site and locate any survivors. As the ship was already on a priority one mission to deliver vidium power cells to Deep Space Station K-7, a landing party was sent to the planet on the shuttles Cervantes and Galileo. Despite losses, the team was able to neutralize the Gorn threat, rescue the lone survivor Oriana, and reactivate the Peregrine's systems, allowing the Enterprise to tow it off the surface. (SNW: "All Those Who Wander")

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