The following is a list of Valo II colonists.

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These twenty-one Bajoran settlers lived on the surface of Valo II with their leader Keeve Falor. They lived in poverty and received blankets and supplies from the Enterprise-D in 2368. (TNG: "Ensign Ro")

Seventeen adult and four child background performers filmed their scenes on Monday 5 August 1991 on location at Bronson Canyon.
Beside Leatrim Stang, the ten female and six male adult Bajorans were played by background performers with the last names Boyen, Cook, Factor, Falerne, E. Falerne, Garverick, Gonzalez, Hall, Houy, Kinsel, McGhee, Menning, Rose, Silver, and Anne Woodberry. The four children were played by Melton (9 years old), Reynolds (10 years old), Simen (6 years old), and Vassili (6 years old).
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