Varani was a popular Bajoran musician, who as a young man, played at the Jalanda Forum. Kira Nerys, a fan of Varani's, arranged for him to play a concert in Quark's in 2370, in which he played a sonata on a tivara. He had approached Kira as he hoped she would be able to sway the Provisional Government to rebuild the Jalanda Forum. He later gave Haneek a holographic recording of a performance he gave at the Forum.

Although he sympathized with the Skrreea's plight, Varani hoped that their request for sanctuary on Bajor would be denied as the planet was still "in shambles" after the Occupation. (DS9: "Sanctuary")

Varani was played by actor William Schallert. The younger Varani seen in the recording was played by an unknown actor.
He is one of only a few Bajorans to not wear an earring.
Frederick Rappaport commented that he named Varani after a jinni in The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, although the character in that film was actually named Barani.

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