A Varon-T disruptor

The effect of a Varon-T disruptor

The Varon-T disruptor was a hand-held directed-energy weapon banned in the Federation due to its vicious nature: the disruptor literally tore the body apart at the molecular level from the inside out, resulting in a relatively slow and excruciating death by disintegration compared to more quick and painless means using phasers and other disruptors.

Only five were ever produced; four of them were owned by Zibalian trader Kivas Fajo and he slept with one of them under his pillow. Fajo used a Varon-T disruptor to kill Varria when she and Data attempted to escape his ship. (TNG: "The Most Toys"). The fifth Varon-T disruptor was kept by the criminal Kelsey who was killed when her scout ship exploded.(TNG: "Starship Mine").

The props used for the Varon-T disruptors were originally seen as the Mariposan phaser-like pistols from TNG: "Up The Long Ladder", they were then reused as the gamma radiation weapon used by Paul Stubbs in TNG: "Evolution", a Rutian Ansata terrorist pistol in TNG: "The High Ground", a pistol of the Ferengi Sovak in TNG: "Captain's Holiday", a pistol of the mercenary Kelsey in TNG: "Starship Mine", phaser pistol used by the mercenaries in TNG: "Gambit, Part I", "Gambit, Part II", a pistol of the Native American colonists of Dorvan V in TNG: "Journey's End", a Maquis pistol in TNG: "Preemptive Strike" and alien weapons in both VOY: "Fair Trade" and VOY: "Darkling".
It is not clear if some of these weapons were intended to be Varon-T disruptors. Only in "Gambit, Part II" the reused prop was identified as a phaser. The type of the pistol was not identified in the other instances. TNG: "The Most Toys" was also the only episode in which this weapon was shown to produce the distinctive painful disintegration effect.

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