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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Prodigy, and thus may contain spoilers.

"There is no barrier we cannot overcome, for we are Vau N'Akat."

The Vau N'Akat were a technologically advanced humanoid species native to the planet Solum in the Delta Quadrant. As of 2383, the Diviner and his daughter Gwyn were the last known living members of the species. (PRO: "Kobayashi")

According to, The governing body of the Vau N’Akat was called The Order [1]


Vau N'Akat had gray skin and hair, two furrows on their cheeks, and reddish markings over their noses. They had the ability to activate their technology mentally, during which their pupils and patterns across their skin and hair glowed white. Their minds could not be read by telepaths such as Medusans. (PRO: "Lost and Found")

According to, the Vau N'Akat have a neuroflux, described separately to be a physical attribute and a technology, that allowed them to telekenetically control certain objects (like Gwyn's heirloom). [2][3]