Vedala ground vehicle

A Vedala ground vehicle

The Vedala ground vehicle was a type of ground vehicle provided by the Vedala to a team that was assembled for the purpose of recovering the Soul of the Skorr, which had been stolen and was located on the mad planet.

The vehicle was somewhat limited in speed, as it was unable to drive faster than flowing lava, until Spock and Em/3/Green found a way to rewire the power pack for a high-speed run. It was also not suitable for the terrain, as it was unable to drive up a steep hill.

The car ran on a complex power pack. It took the genius of both Em/3/Green and Spock to give the power pack the boost it needed to escape lava flow. It had nine wheels, the front wheel being long and cylindrical. It could hold up to five passengers and also the driver.

Em/3/Green told the team that he could handle the machine, so he chose to be the driver for the group. They were forced to abandon the vehicle however, since it's power pack burnt out trying to drive up a steep hill. They were forced to go the rest of the way on foot. (TAS: "The Jihad")

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